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Inspiration Ideas to Make The Small Bedroom Looks Masculine – The bedroom is the most important room in the house. As a place to rest, the bedroom should be made as cozy as possible. In order for the bedroom to feel comfortable, you have to make the bedroom look attractive. Make sure you decorate the bedroom according to what you like so that you can feel at home when in the bedroom.

For men, they usually prefer a bedroom with a masculine look. To make a bedroom look masculine, usually, the colors used tend to be dark colors so that some people think that masculine bedrooms are not suitable for small rooms.

In fact, with the right decoration, a bedroom with a masculine look can look minimalist and feel comfortable. The dark colors used in the small bedroom will make this room feel so calming that it is suitable as a place to rest and make yourself refreshed.

However, to get a comfortable masculine small bedroom, you have to get the references first. It aims to avoid mistakes when you decorating your small bedroom. And here, we have provided Inspiration Ideas to Make The Small Bedroom Looks Masculine. So, let’s check it out!

Natural Dark Look with a Touch of Black

If you still don’t have the courage to apply too much black to your small bedroom because you are worried that it will look smaller, you can choose this inspiration, a natural dark look with a touch of black. It is better to give a dark natural look than to make the bedroom look dark with black.

masculine man bedroom
Cc: Pinterest
  • Textured Wooden Wall

To make a small room look masculine, you have to make the room look as minimal as possible. Avoiding wall decorations is the right idea to make this room less cramped.

However, not using wall decorations can make a room look stiff. But don’t worry, you can still make the room look masculine and attractive by applying a textured wooden wall.

  • Wooden Floor

Not only walls but wooden floors are also a good idea to make a natural look more dominant in a small bedroom. Use wood with dark colors on the floors and walls.

  • Black-Colored Furniture

Black is indeed the right color to make a bedroom look masculine. Minimalist black furniture makes the bedroom look dark but still attractive. The combination of black and dark wood will produce a very calming and relaxing atmosphere.

Masculine Small Bedroom with Black Concept

The black color is indeed an alternative color to make the bedroom look masculine. Masculine small bathroom with the black concept is an inspiration that you can make as your reference.

masculine small bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

However, in applying this concept there are a number of things that you should pay attention to:

  • Apply Black Color to The Center of The Room

In the room there are three parts:

  1. The top of the room: the ceiling.
  2. The center of the room: walls and furniture.
  3. the bottom of the room: the floor.

In the bedroom with a black concept, apply black in the middle of the room, those are walls and furniture.

The ceiling is white to make the small bedroom look wider. And for the floor, use a brown or beige carpet to give it a soft appearance so that the room doesn’t look stiff.

  • Present Natural Lighting

Because small bedrooms are easy to feel cramped and stuffy, applying a black concept to a room can make the room uncomfortable. However, of course, this can be overcome by presenting natural lighting into the bedroom. The window in the middle of the wall is the right idea to apply so that the black room still looks bright and comfortable.

Gray Concept Bedroom with Fresh Nuances

Not only black, but gray can also give a mature and masculine look to the room. There are many shades of gray, choose a dark gray color to make the masculine look more dominant. A touch of black on some spots can also give a small bathroom a more attractive appearance.

attractive masculine bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The use of large windows makes the room naturally bright but still does not detract from the masculine appearance of the room itself. Natural lighting actually makes the room feel livelier and calmer. That way, the room will be comfortable.

Some green plants placed in pots are placed on black racks to give a fresh feel to the room. The green color of the plants can make the room more relaxed.

The bricks wall painted in gray makes the walls look more textured. It is very fitting to make this minimalist bedroom look more attractive and cool.

A Small Bedroom with A Warm Gray and Wood Concept

Making a room look dark is not the only way to make a room look masculine. If you are the type of person who prefers a bright room, this inspiration can be chosen and applied to your small bedroom.

A small bedroom with a warm gray and wood concept is a good inspiration idea that not only will make the small bedroom look masculine but also look more attractive and cozy.

masculine and mature bedroom look
Cc: Pinterest

A floating wall shelf is used to make the room look minimalist. Placing items on the floating wall shelf is indeed the best way so that things don’t look scattered and make the bedroom cluttered.

The use of furniture that is only needed makes the bedroom look more minimalist. Furniture made of wood will give a warm feel to the bedroom.

Gray walls look more vibrant when exposed to sunlight. Be the right combination with wooden furniture to make the small bedroom look so cool.

 Industrial Small Bedroom

To give a small bedroom a masculine look, industrial design is also a great idea inspiration. One of the characteristics of this style is the exposed brick wall, which makes the room look attractive. You can also feel a cool look in an industrial design room.

indusrial design
Cc: Pinterest

For furniture, the industrial design uses furniture made of wood and iron. So the warm tones of the wood will combine with the cold tones of the iron. The combination can make the room look attractive.

The simple lamp that is hung right next to the bed is not only used to illuminate the room at night but can also be used as a reading lamp.

A mirror planted on the wall is an interesting idea. With this, the mirror will not fall and break. Choosing a location on a wall that is exposed to sunlight is the right way to make the room look bright. The full-length mirror can also make a small room feel more spacious.


The appearance of a bedroom that looks cute may not be in demand. Nowadays, people prefer minimalist and masculine interior. That way, the room will also look mature. And in this article, we have provided Inspiration Ideas to Make The Small Bedroom Looks Masculine that can you use as your references. So, have you decided a masculine bedroom concept that matches your personality?



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