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Great Wood Wall Ideas to Beautify Your Room – Apart from being a home protector or room divider, walls are also often used as a decoration medium to make a room look aesthetically pleasing and beautiful. Leaving the walls without any decorations can make a room look clumsy and unattractive. Therefore, the wall is an important spot in the house and should not be underestimated.

To make the room feel comfortable, it is a good idea to bring natural nuances into the house. Therefore, you can add natural elements into the room.

Covering the walls with wood is the right idea to make the room feel comfortable and also aesthetic. However, still pay attention to the installation. Applying wood to the entire wall of the room can make the room look even more cramped and tacky. So here, we have provided Great Wood Wall Ideas to Beautify Your Room. so, let’s check it out!

Wooden Block Wall with Interesting Pattern

wood wall with interesting pattern
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Using wood elements does not always make a house look old or old. Wood can also be used to make the room look modern and attractive. Just paint the wooden walls black to give the room a bold look. Giving an interesting pattern to the wood wall also makes it look more attractive.

Timber Cladding

timber clading
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Timber cladding is the right idea to apply to a minimalist room. Timber that is placed vertically is a great way to make a rigid room appear soft. That way a minimalist room will look more attractive.

Timber that is applied vertically or horizontally is one of the characteristics from Japanese Style. So, apply this wall idea will make the room feel soothing and relax.

Applying wood vertically to the wall and painting the ceiling white can make the room look taller so the room will feel more comfortable.

Wooden Walls with a Natural Look

rough wood wall
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To give a natural, natural impression to the house, you can apply wood to the walls of the room. Leave the wood for its natural appearance. Do not polish wood, let alone paint wood. The natural color of wood will look so beautiful and make the room look attractive.

Rough Gray Wood Wall Looks So Romantic

rough grey wood wall
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Giving a slightly dim appearance but not dark can bring a romantic atmosphere into the room. So, if you like in it, you can apply rough gray wood wall to your room. It would be better to apply to the bedroom. Natural gray color makes the bedroom feel so calm. You can apply rough gray wood to one side of the bedroom wall so that the bedroom doesn’t feel cramped and tacky.

Stripes Horizontal Wood Wall

stripes horizontal wood wall
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Applying wood to the wall does not only have to be applied in a holistic manner. You can also make it look attractive and unique by applying it stripes. Wood and wall horizontal stripes fusion will make the room look more attractive. This one idea is very suitable to be applied to a small room.

Black Wooden Wall

black wooden wall
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Want to make the room appear firm but still look calm and soft? Black wood wall is the right idea to apply to the room. Wood that is installed vertically on the wall and then painted with black will make the walls of the room look more attractive. That way you don’t need wall decorations anymore. Black wood wall is very suitable to be applied to minimalist monochrome rooms.

White Wooden Wall

white wood wall
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If you like the appearance of a bright room, your walls can also be an option. You just need to paint it white. Even though it is covered with paint, the texture of the wood is still visible and makes the room look pretty simple.

Because the walls already have a wood texture, you don’t need to use too many wall decorations. It is suitable for a minimalist or modern room, right?

Shiny Wood Wall

shiny wood wall
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Giving a shiny look to the room makes the room look more elegant. Shiny wood walls can be an idea that you can apply to your room to make it look elegant but still calm.

However, in applying a shiny wood wall to the room in your house, you have to spend a lot of money. This is because the wood used is teak, which is quite expensive.


Bringing natural nuances into the house is very important to make the house look naturally beautiful. Besides that, natural nuances also make the room feel more calm so that the room will feel so comfortable. One way to bring natural nuances into the room is to use natural elements, one of which is wood. Wood is one of the easiest natural elements to find. Besides that, there are many types of you that you can choose according to what you like. So, in this article, we have provided some Great Wood Wall Ideas to Beautify Your Room that can be your references. So, have you decided the wood wall that you want apply to your room?



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