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Aesthetic Monochrome Ideas for Men and Women Bedroom – Monochrome themes are indeed popular and are widely applied in everyday life, starting from fashion to even interior design. Monochrome is perfect for people who prefer a simple and minimalist look.

As the main room, the bedroom is certainly the most important room in the house. Therefore, the comfort and appearance of the bedroom must be considered carefully. The monochrome design is the most appropriate design for the bedroom so that the bedroom looks aesthetic and comfortable. Besides that, the monochrome design is an alternative design that can be applied to the bedroom for women and men.

And here, we have provided Aesthetic Monochrome Ideas for Men and Women Bedroom that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Soothing Monochrome Bedroom with Dominant Black

Some people avoid using black because they think black can make a room feel cramped and stuffy. In fact, making black the basic color of the room can make the room feel so calming as long as you can decorate your bedroom appropriately.

black monochrome bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

As seen in the image above, black look dominant when black is applied to the wall. There are also several decorations that make this dominant black monochrome bedroom look aesthetically pleasing.

  • Checkered Pattern Bed Sheet

checkered pattern bed sheet
Cc: Pinterest

The monochrome design looks simple and minimalist. In this design, the use of decorative items is indeed reduced in order to create a spacious and spacious appearance. However, this can certainly make the bedroom look stiff. So, so that the monochrome bedroom looks aesthetically pleasing and attractive, use a checkered pattern bed sheet.

This is the easiest way to decorate a minimalist bedroom to make it look attractive because the bed is the main item in this room.

  • Interesting Wall

monochrome bedroom wall
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Walls have a big influence on the appearance of the room. So, to make the room look attractive, you can play on the wall by giving interesting touches. You can create textured walls. Wood walls painted black will make the monochrome bedroom look attractive and minimalist.

Attractive Pictures and Paintings

As previously explained, the walls have a considerable influence on the appearance of the room. This makes some interior designers choose walls as a media to decorate to create the appearance of the room they want.

There are so many wall display that can be used to make the bedroom look interesting. But, for the monochrome bedroom should be made minimalist. So, the best wall display for monochrome bedroom is paintings or pictures.

aesthetic painting and picture
Cc: Pinterest

Aesthetic picture and painting is the right idea to make a bedroom look attractive and aesthetic. B&W picture is the right decoration for a monochrome bedroom to make it look aesthetic.

To make a picture or painting look more attractive and not plain, give a coatingthh546 or picture a frame. Black frames can make a picture or painting look dominant and can look better on white walls.

Aesthetic and Cozy Workspace in Bedroom

In addition to sleeping and relaxing, the bedroom is also often used as a place to work or study by presenting a workdesk in the bedroom. This workdesk can be used as a decoration item so that the bedroom doesn’t look stiff or too empty.

monochrome workspace in bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The white workdesk with a simple design makes the monochrome bedroom look more minimalist. The white color on the workdesk makes the bedroom look brighter, especially if it is placed next to the window. The sunlight hitting the work desk will reflect and make the bedroom appear brighter. Besides that, the work desk beside the window can also make you feel comfortable when working or studying there. You can see the scenery outside the house to make your mind refreshed.

The black study lamp and the black bench emphasize the monochrome design in the bedroom. Black color gives a bold effect to the bedroom.

cozy bedroom workspace
Cc: Pinterest

Adding a floating wall shelf is the right decoration so that the walls are also filled. You can put some items on the floating wall shelf so that the bedroom still looks neat. Some black and white items with interesting shapes will add aesthetic value to the bedroom.

Masculine Monochrome Bedroom

Men really like the appearance of a masculine bedroom more than a cute bedroom. A monochrome design is the most appropriate design to be applied to the bedroom. However, besides that, a masculine look will also appear if the bedroom is decorated properly.

masculine monochrome bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

Making the bedroom appear bright by making white as the basic color of the bedroom is not an obstacle to making the bedroom look masculine. In fact, white can make the bedroom look bright so that the bedroom will feel comfortable, especially the small bedroom.

Items with full black color are the right decoration for the bedroom to appear masculine. Black items will make the bedroom look bold. Items with simple designs give it a masculine side so it is perfect for men. However, this bedroom decoration and design can also be applied to women’s bedrooms.

Romantic Monochrome Bedroom

A bedroom with a romantic atmosphere does feel much more calming. With this, the bedroom becomes the right room for me to time and relax.

A monochrome design bedroom can also be made to look romantic. With the right decoration and color selection, a monochrome bedroom will not only feel soothing and comfortable but will also look more aesthetic.

romantic monochrome bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

White and black are the dominant colors in a monochrome bedroom. However, this does not deny that you use other colors, such as gray. The choice of a black color that is a little bright also makes the bedroom look a little soft and romantic.

The wooden floor used in the bedroom gives a warm feel so that the bedroom doesn’t look too firm. The gray bed is also the right decoration to bring a romantic atmosphere to a monochrome bedroom. The addition of recessed lighting fixtures or spotlights will make this room look more perfect.

Elegant Monochrome Bedroom

A monochrome design does not always provide a simple appearance. However, for those of you who prefer an elegant look and seem a little expensive, you can also make a monochrome bedroom appear according to what you like.

An elegant monochrome bedroom is also a good idea in making a bedroom look aesthetically pleasing. Besides that, this one idea can also be applied to the bedrooms of women and men.

elegant monochrome bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The black color on the walls gives a bold look to the room. However, the room also looks bright with a large window so that natural lighting can enter the bedroom maximally. White and gray bed also makes a monochrome bedroom look bright even though the walls are painted black.

A touch of elegance and a little expensive can be seen from the golden wall decoration. This simple decoration does not eliminate the miniamlist side, which is one of the characteristics of a monochrome design.

elegant and luxurious monochrome bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The use of carpet floors makes the appearance a little softer. Besides that, a warm nuance can also be felt in this room so that an elegant monochrome bedroom will feel comfortable.

We can also see the interesting side of this room from the exposed brick wall that was applied to the bedroom. The exposed brick wall is painted white so that the bedroom looks bright.


As a private room, of course the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible. To make the bedroom feel comfortable, the bedroom must be designed according to what you like. If you are a person who prefers simple and minimalist things, the moncorhome design is the right design to be applied to the bedroom. However, some people will be confused about how to make their bedroom look more mature. And in this article, we have provided Aesthetic Monochrome Ideas for Men and Women Bedroom. So, have you decided the monochrome bedroom that you like?



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