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Should I Stain or Paint My Deck?

Your deck is a great option to add to your home. You will find that it is fun to sit back and relax on the back deck and watch the kids play or enjoy some fun with others while having a nice meal as well. Whether you spend a lot of time on the deck or just a little, it is important for you to take a look at the deck and decide whether it is time to stain or paint the deck to help give it a new life.

What Signs Should I Look For?

Many homeowners wonder when it is time for them to paint or stain their deck. Some of the signs that you should look for when it is time to take care of your deck includes:

Dry Rot

Homeowners need to take a look for any dry rot that is going on around their home. These can be signs like broken boards, individual boards that are cracking around the deck, or bulging railings. These are signs that the sealant that was on the deck failed and moisture was able to get into the wood and make a mess. When this happens, you may be able to save the deck if you get the professionals over immediately. But it is also possible that you will need to do some repairs first to help save the deck.

Water Stains

Take a look at your deck and see if there are any water stains on the surface. If you see a few of these, then it is time for you to look at refinishing your deck. The dirt and the oil that embed into the wood of the deck are able to create some discoloration of this type. But sealing it back up is going to do wonders for helping to protect your deck as well.

As you are looking for these water stains, you will need to look for some areas of weak or loose boards. These need to be refinished and some work done on them because the boards will cause dangerous falls if you do not get a professional over to take care of them.

Split Railings

The longer your deck is around, the more that it is likely to start splitting. It is tempting for the homeowner to try and fix some of the flaws on their own, but you may want to save that for a professional to make sure that it is done the right way. It is possible that the railings could affect the strength of the entire deck when it is time to refinish. Letting the professionals take over the railings will make a big difference.

A professional will be able to fix it if the railings are starting to split and run into trouble. You can get it refinished as well to make the whole deck stronger and help it last as long as possible.

Cracks and Splits in the Wood

The boards that make up the deck could start to split and crack as the years go on. This is a common type of damage on natural wood, it can also be caused by the weather conditions in your area like extreme temperatures, humidity, and even freezing conditions. The best way for you to deal with this damage is to get the deck refinished. You can also apply top-not UV protection elements to keep it safe as well.

Should I Paint or Resurface My Deck?

When it is time to give your deck a refresher, you will need to choose whether to paint the deck or resurface it. Both of these can be good choices, but each will have a benefit and you need to evaluate the type that is best based on your situation and your deck. Choosing one can be hard, but a professional can step in and give you some suggestions to make it easier.

The first option to use is paint. For most of the wooden decks you will find, painting can be a good choice. It is quick to put on and does not cost a lot of money. You will need to add more than one coat of deck paint to the surface to make it look good again. While it is less expensive than the deck stain, keep in mind that you will need to redo the process every three to five years. You will find that the paint peels off after a few years and can look bad again. You can use both latex and oil-based paint on the deck.

Another option to choose is to resurface the deck. This process is a bit more involved compared to painting. You will need to remove the old worn-out surface, which will help to remove any of the damaged wood, the semi-transparent stains, or anything else that is applied to the wood deck as time goes on. You can then put down a subfloor, either with a thick coating or you can do this in several thin layers. This process takes more time and can cost more, but when it is done right, it has the ability to last for 15 to 20 years, which is much more than the paint can do.

Staining your deck can be a smart decision. It will help you to get a good-looking deck that can last you a long time, without it falling apart or getting ruined in the process. Many homeowners are not certain about the steps that it takes to stain their deck and they need to consider hiring the professionals to step in and make it happen.

When you are ready to stain or paint your deck, let Your Handyman in San Francisco come and make a difference. Our team of professionals are here to provide you with the deck staining and painting that you need, no matter the size of your deck. Whether it is time for an update on your current deck or you are putting in a new deck and would like to make sure it lasts a long time, our professionals are here to help you every step of the way.



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