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Attractive and Artistic Living Room Industrial Designs – Industrial design is indeed different from the other designs. The appearance of industrial design is more attractive and artistic. This is the reason why most people like this design.

The impression that produced by industrial style is cool and masculine. Some people use this style for the design of their living room.

For those of you who want to apply this style to your living room, we have some pictures of Attractive and Artistic Living Room Industrial Designs. So, let’s see the pictures above.

big windows for lighting the living room during the day.

using big windows for the living room.

Using big windows is a perfect way for industrial design. In this way, your living room will be lighted by sunlight during the day. So, you do not need to turn on the lamps during the day and it is very good for you to save your electricity.

an open roof is one of the characteristics of industrial style.

concrete wall for industrial theme.

You can design your living room with an exposed ceiling. An exposed ceiling is one of the characteristics of the industrial style. To make it more attractive you can utilize the industrial warehouse ceiling fan.

an exposed wall for the industrial design.

concrete floor is the characteristic of industrial style.

In a way, industrial style is showing a semi-finished but still look cohesive and edgy. This is what makes industrial design is different from the other designs.

An exposed brick wall is a great way to make your living room looks semi-finished. This way is so attractive.

Industrial-style shelves for storing goods.

You can change your living room becomes an industrial design by changing the furniture. If you usually use wooden shelves to store your belongings, you can replace it with industrial-style shelves.

Industrial-style shelves are made of black iron are suitable and artistic to put in your living room. Using furniture are made of iron is one of the characteristics of industrial design.

the wooden furniture is perfect for the industrial theme.

If you do not like the furniture are made of iron, you can also use wooden furniture. But choose the furniture that has a rough texture and not painted at all. So, you could say, the look and texture are really pure wood.

using an industrial lamp for the living room.

use a grey color for the industrial theme.

Using a concrete wall is the best idea too. If you do not want to use an exposed brick wall, you can choose this way. The color that produced by the concrete is grey. So, the impression that produced is cool and very masculine. To make it perfect, choose black furniture for your living room. You can combine with the other colors such as brown, blue, etc. To make it a little bit warm, give a few plants in your living room.

Those are the pictures of Attractive and Artistic Living Room Industrial Designs. If you want the appearance of your living room is artistic and attractive, do not be hesitate to apply the industrial style to your room.



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