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Get Warm Ambiance by Applying Shabby Chic to The Bedroom – Having a comfortable and beautiful bedroom has become the dream of many people. Especially women, usually pay more attention to the beauty of their bedroom, making the bedroom look feminine, sweet, and very comfortable.

Shabby Chic comes as the most fitting design to be applied to a woman’s bedroom. The appearance is very feminine but soft, making the bedroom feel warm.

cozy shabby chic bedroom
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Shabby Chic is the right design to be applied to large bedrooms and small bedrooms. And of course, when applying this design to the bedroom interior of course there are things that need attention. And here we have provided some tips for Getting Warm Ambiance by Applying Shabby Chic to The Bedroom. So, let’s check it out!

Choose a Bright Neutral Color

In bringing warm shades into the bedroom, using bright colors has become a common alternative. Of course, this can be applied to Shabby Chic style bedrooms. Moreover, the appearance of Shabby Chic is bright and soft.

vintage bedroom decor
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As we know that many bright colors that can be applied to the bedroom. But, of course not all colors can present the Shabby Chic design itself. Here are the beautiful colors from Shabby Chic Designs that can be used.

  • White

Shabby Chic Bedroom
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The next tip for getting warm shades in a Shabby Chich style bedroom is to make white as a basic color of the bedroom. White color can make the bedroom look brighter. In addition, by making white as the basic color of the bedroom can make it easier for you when decorating the bedroom. You can use a variety of motifs that you like without worrying it will look eccentric. Not only that, but white is also the easiest color to be combined with other colors.

White color can be applied to bedroom walls, bedding, and some furniture.

  • Beige

soft look shabby chic bedroom
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To present warm shades, beige is one of the color choices that can be applied to Shabby Chic-style bedrooms. The combination of white and beige can make the bedroom look very soft and warm.

Beige can be applied to several spots in the bedroom, such as walls painting, wall decoration, wooden floors, some wooden furniture, and so on.

Presenting Some Pastel Colors

As can be seen in the picture, the appearance of the Shabby Chic Design is very soft and sweet. This is because, in addition to bright neutral colors, Shabby Chic also uses several pastel colors.

shabby chic bedroom colors
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Bringing two to three pastel colors into a Shabby Chic style bedroom makes the bedroom look more colorful but still soft. Here are the pastel colors that can be used for Shabby Chic bedrooms.

pastel colors palette
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  • Blue

Blue Pastel on Shabby Chic Bedroom
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The next color that can be used for Shabby Chic bedrooms is Blue Ocean. By applying Blue Ocean into the bedroom, the bedroom will feel so warm and fresh. The blue color in the bedroom can make us more relaxed.

  • Pink Pastel

beautiful shabby chic bedroom
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It was indeed lacking if you want to present a feminine look but do not use pink. Now, in the Shabby Chic Design, pastel pink is the perfect color choice. Rose motif with pastel pink color which then combined with pastel blue color creates a sweet look. Pink pastel rose motif looks so fresh and very warm the feel of the bedroom.

  • Yellow Pastel

bright shabby chic yellow pastel bedroom
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Want the feel of a bedroom that is so warm? Applying yellow pastel to the Shabby Chic bedroom is the next tip you can follow. The yellow pastel is indeed able to bring the perfect warm feel so that the bedroom will feel so comfortable.

Presenting Natural Lighting into The Bedroom

After choosing the colors to be used, it’s time we choose the right lighting that will be used to light the bedroom. And for the Shabby Chic bedroom to feel warm, bring natural lighting into the bedroom.

Bright neutral colors and beautiful pastel colors will look more alive when exposed to sunlight. Especially for yellow and white, when sunlight hits the surface of the wall, sunlight will bounce off so the room will look brighter and warmer.

bright shabby chic bedroom
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There are some ways to presenting the perfect natural lighting into the bedroom:

  • Use More Windows

shabby chic bedroom lighting
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If there is usually only one window in the bedroom, it would be better if you add several windows in the bedroom. Adjust the number of windows to the size of the bedroom itself. And make sure the bedroom will look bright during the day.

  • Use A Large Window

bright shabby chic bedroom
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If you only want to use one or two windows, make sure the window used is a large window. Because the larger the window is used, the more sunlight will enter the bedroom.

  • Skylight

skylight window shabby chic
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The brighter the room, the warmer the room will feel. Likewise with Shabby Chic-style bedrooms. If you want a Shabby Chic-style bedroom to feel so warm, bring in excessive natural lighting. Skylights are a type of window that can make the bedroom look bright perfectly.

  • No Items That Cover The Window

shabby chic bedroom tips
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To ensure that sunlight can enter the bedroom perfectly, it is important to ensure that none of the items cover the window, such as window decoration, large furniture, etc.

Give A Vintage Look

Shabby Chic will not be presented if there is no vintage look on the interior. To bring the Shabby Chich design into the bedroom, choose furniture that has the look and style of Vintage. Vintage style alone will make us feel alive in the 80s. A warm impression will be felt when entering this Shabby Chic-style bedroom.

shabby chic vintage bedroom
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Here are some vintage-style items that should be in the bedroom:

  • Bed Frame

vintage bedroom furniture
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The main item that must be present in the bedroom is of course bed. To bring a vintage look into a Shabby Chic style bedroom, choose a bed frame with a vintage look. You can choose a bed frame made of wood or iron.

  • Dressing Table

beautiful vintage bedroom items
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The next item that is definitely in the women’s bedroom is the dressing table. Just like a bed, choose a dressing table with a beautiful vintage look. It would be better if you choose a white dressing table because this will make the bedroom feel brighter and warmer.

  • Wardrobe

vintage furniture
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The next item used in the bedroom is a wardrobe. Its large size certainly has a great effect on the appearance of the bedroom itself. Vintage style wardrobe with beautiful pastel colors make it look so prominent in the bedroom and emphasize the Shabby Chic Design.

Use More Fabric Material

In presenting the warm Shabby Chic into the bedroom, make sure you choose the right materials. Expand using fabric material into the bedroom. Add some fabric material to the hard furniture, such as adding the cushion to the wooden chairs on the dressing table, layered bedding, and much more.

shabby chic bedroom bedding
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So that the feminine style looks so thick, use fabrics with floral motifs. Adding a thick blanket with beautiful floral patterns can make the bed look beautiful. Not only that, the bed will also feel softer and much warmer.

You can also increase the use of fabric material by adding some pillows to the bed. Pillow certainly needs pillowcases to look beautiful. The choice of pillowcases with pastel colors can make it look more soft and sweet. In addition, adding some pillows to the bed will also make the bed feel more comfortable. But, also make sure that is still space for you to sleep on the bed.



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