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Simple Kitchen Tips Decor That Will Beautify Your House – Although the room is not exposed, the kitchen has a big effect on the appearance and the comfort of the house. The kitchen is one of the important rooms at home that you have to pay attention to. The messy and dirty kitchen will make the look of the house unsightly.

Make the kitchen look beautiful is a must. If you do not want to use some items in a kitchen it is okay. The kitchen can be beautiful with a simple design. Precisely the kitchen with simple decor looks more beautiful and sweet. In addition, the nuances of this room are also soothing and calm.

So, for those of you who have a beautiful simple kitchen, here we have provided Simple Kitchen Tips Decor That Will Beautify Your House. So, let’s check it out!

Present The Natural Lighting to The Kitchen to Make It Looks Bright

The simple kitchen indeed looks more beautiful and sweet. Unfortunately, it will happen if you apply the right decoration to the room. A little wrong decoration will be fatal. It will make the simple room look stiff and unsightly. Even, the kitchen will be uncomfortable.

To make the simple kitchen look beautiful and feel soothing, you should present the natural lighting to the kitchen to make it looks bright. The presence of natural lighting will bring natural nuances which will make the atmosphere in the kitchen feel calm and soothing.

simple kitchen
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In presenting the natural lighting to the kitchen, of course, you need the item. And here are the right item you can use for lighting the kitchen with natural lighting:

  • Window

bright kitchen
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The window is the item that is definitely present in all houses. The house without the window will look and feel bad.

To make the kitchen look bright, the window is the right item to be applied to the kitchen. The window becomes an item as a link between the outside and inside the house. By using the window for the kitchen, the natural lighting will enter the kitchen through the window so that the kitchen will look bright.

Placing the window in the right place: a place exposed to the sun.

  • Glass Door

bright kitchen with glass door
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Besides the window, the glass door also the item that you can use in presenting the natural lighting to the kitchen. Usually, this item used if there is a garden beside the kitchen. By using the glass door, your beautiful garden can be seen from the kitchen and make this room look beautiful and feel cozy.

Use White As A Base Color of The Room

If you have decided to apply a simple design to the kitchen, you have to make this room look bright. White is the best color to be applied for the simple kitchen. Use white as a base color of the simple kitchen will make this room feel spacious and clean.

beautiful white kitchen
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The natural lighting also helps white in making the simple kitchen feel comfortable. The natural lighting makes white look bright and makes this simple room feel alive.

soft look of simple kitchen
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If you want to make a simple kitchen look more attractive, you can also add bright colors or pastel colors. Using the pastel colors will make the simple kitchen look very soft and sweet. The use of these colors will be very suitable to be applied to the white kitchen. It is because white will look beautiful when combining with any colors.

Decorate The Kitchen with Aesthetic Kitchen Stuff to Make This Room Look Simple and Beautiful

Every room will need the decoration to make it look beautiful and not stiff, including the kitchen. Unfortunately, using a lot of decoration will make the kitchen look full and far from a simple look.

aesthetic kitchen stuff
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To make the kitchen look beautiful and simple, utilize the kitchen stuff is the right idea. You can decorate your kitchen with aesthetic kitchen stuff to make it look beautiful and simple.

Try to use the kitchen stuff in the same design. So, if you prefer to use the wood kitchen stuff, you can use it from the spoon, cutting board, tray, and so on.

Using The Wall As A Madia to Decoration

When decoration the kitchen, you should decide what is the media you want to decor. Placing some stuff on the cabinet just will make the cabinet look full and the free space will be limited.

beautiful simple kitchen decor
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Wall become the right spot to decor. By utilizing the wall as a media to decor, there will be much space in the cabinet so that you will be comfortable while cooking.

There are two items you can use to decor the kitchen:

  • Floating Wall Shelf

floating wall shelf for kitchen
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When you want to place the kitchen stuff on the wall, certainly you need an item to be a place to placing them. A floating wall shelf is a right item you can use for the kitchen.

In the kitchen will be so many jars. The beautiful jars will be a shame if putting in the cabinet drawer. Whereas, the beautiful jars will add beauty to the kitchen so that the simple kitchen will look more attractive.

So, by hanging the floating wall shelf on the kitchen wall, you can put the beautiful jars or the other aesthetic kitchen stuff on it.

  • Kitchen Hanger

kitchen hanger for kitchen decor
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Some kitchen stuff can be placed and should hang on the wall. So, using a kitchen hanger is the right idea. You can hang the kitchen hanger on the right wall. After that hang the pans neatly to make the look of the kitchen neat and beautiful.

Presenting The Natural Elements in Bringing The Natural Nuances to The Kitchen

Lack of decoration indeed makes the kitchen look beautiful and feel calm. Unfortunately, it might make the kitchen look stiff. And to avoid this, you can add a fresh look and nuances to the kitchen.

So, the next kitchen you can follow is to present the natural elements in bringing the natural nuances to the kitchen.

kitchen with nature nuances
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By using the natural elements of the kitchen, the natural nuances can be felt clearly. In addition, it will make the kitchen in your house feel comfortable. So, here are the natural elements that can be used:

  • Wood Elements

wooden kitchen
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One of the elements that are often used is wood. The presence of wood elements will make you feel calm and soothing when you are in the kitchen.

Usually, the wood applied as a cabinet, floor, ceiling, or some kitchen stuff.

  • Bricks Elements

exposed brick wall for the kitchen
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The next element that can be applied to the kitchen is brick. Usually, these elements are applied to the wall of the kitchen and often called an exposed brick wall.

Applying the exposed brick wall to the simple kitchen is the right decoration. In this way, a simple kitchen will look more attractive. In addition, this room will feel more alive.

  • Natural Stones Elements

fresh natural kitchen
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The next element that will make your simple kitchen look beautiful is the natural stones. Applying the natural stones to the simple kitchen will make this room feel fresh.

You can also combine some natural elements, such as natural stones with wood elements. The natural stones wall and wood cabinet will be very suitable. The natural stones make the simple kitchen look more attractive and feel fresh. The use of a wood cabinet brings a calm and soothing nuance to this simple room.


Currently, the simple design is becoming trendy. It is because the simple room will look soft and sweet. In addition, a simple room also will feel more comfortable and soothing. So, the simple design is very suitable to be applied to the kitchen. Although the kitchen is not an exposed room, the look of this room is very important. By following the simple kitchen tips decor above, you can have a beautiful simple kitchen that you want. So, happy trying!



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