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Make Your Bedroom Cozy with Simple Decoration Ideas – A busy day’s activities do make us feel so tired and want to rest in peace. This is why people are willing to spend money on going to hotels or vacations to make themselves feel relaxed and refreshed. And of course, it will require a lot of budgets.

However, of course, you do not need to spend a lot of budget if the bedroom in your house feels comfortable. That is why making the bedroom look beautiful and comfortable is important.

In making the bedroom beautiful and cozy, of course, you need the decoration. You can choose the simple to complicated decoration.

And this article is suitable for you who want to Make Your Bedroom Cozy with Simple Decoration Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

Use The Pillow More Than Two Make The Bed Look Simple but Beautiful

As the main item in this room, the bed is the first item you must pay attention to. As the main item, the bed has a big effect on the appearance of the bedroom. So, making the bed look beautiful also will add the beauty value to this important room.

simple bedroom decor
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The simple decoration you can apply to the bedroom is to use the pillow more than two. You can use the pillow sheets with different colors or different patterns. But, you also must adjust it with the design of the bedroom.

For those of you who want to have a cheerful bedroom, you can use some bright colors of the pillow sheets. But, if you want to have a simple bedroom, try to choose neutral colors and simple patterns.

Right Wall Decoration Make It Look More Attractive

The decoration is needed in making the room look beautiful, including the bedroom. Wall becomes the right media to decorate. It is because the wall has complete control to the appearance of the room itself.

bedroom wall displays
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So, in making the bedroom look beautiful, the wall decoration is needed. There are some simple wall decorations/displays that you can apply to your bedroom:

  • Pictures

beautiful bedroom decor
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The first simple decoration that is often used is the picture. You just have to give the frame to the picture and then hang it on the wall. To make the bedroom look beautiful, you can adjust it with the design of your bedroom.

For the simple bedroom, try to choose the simple picture. If you like painting, you can also utilize your creativity in making your bedroom look beautiful. It is will be more simple. You can paint anything that you like.

  • Floating Wall Shelf

simple bedroom wall displays
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Some items indeed cannot be placed or hang on the wall. And of course, here you need the item to help you. The floating wall shelf is the right item that can be used to put some beautiful displays in making the bedroom look beautiful.

If you like your bedroom look and feel fresh, bringing the plant into the room is the right decoration. You can put the small plants on the floating wall shelf.

And also, for those of you who are too lazy to hang the picture, you can put the picture on it toom. It will be more simple and will not bother you.

  • Hats

attractive bedroom
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If you are a person who likes to wear a hat, you can utilize this item as a bedroom wall display. Some hats on the wall will make the bedroom look beautiful. You just have to nail the wall and then hang the hat on. It also makes you easy when you are choosing the right hat that you want to wear on that day.

  • Antique Plantes

simple bedroom decor ideas
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For those of you who like to something unique, you can use it to make the bedroom look beautiful. The unique plate usually becomes the item that is fit to be placed on the wall. In addition, this item also will give an attractive look to the bedroom.

Full-Length Mirror Looks Beautiful Placed in The Corner of The Bedroom

The mirror is the item that is should be in the bedroom. People make this item as a make up item. But, the function of the mirror is not only that. Mirror also can be used as a bedroom decoration to make the look of the bedroom look beautiful.

Currently, there are many shapes of the mirror:

  • mirror-shaped circle,
  • mirror-shaped rectangle,
  • mirror-shaped square,
  • mirror-shaped polygon,
  • a full-length mirror, and so on.
full-length mirror for the bedroom decors
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A full-length mirror in the corner of the room looks so beautiful. It also becomes the tricks to make the small bedroom look more spacious. The mirror in the corner of the room will show the bedroom so clearly.

A full-length mirror in the corner of the room near to the window is also the right idea to make the bedroom look brighter. The natural lighting enters the room through the window, will hit the mirror surface and bounce off.

Plants Make The Bedroom Looks Beautiful Also Fresh

The simple decoration sometimes makes the bedroom look stuff and unattractive. So that, need the right decoration to make the simple bedroom look beautiful.

Plants in the bedroom is a great decoration idea to make the bedroom look beautiful also fresh. The green color of the plants also makes the bedroom feel calm and soothing. It is so good for you who want to relax in your bedroom.

beautiful simple bedroom
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There are three sizes of the plant:

  • small-size plant,
  • medium-size plant, and
  • large-size plant.

You can choose the plant of the size you like. For the small-size plant, it looks beautiful when placing on the table-side or floating wall-shelf. The bedroom also looks beautiful by placing the medium-size plant beside the table, cupboard, or the door. And the best spot for the large-size plant is the corner of the room.

By decorating the bedroom with plants, it also makes the air in the bedroom healthy. So, this will be perfect for you who make the bedroom as a place to relax and unwind.

Beautiful Table Side with Simple Decoration

Table-side is the item that is often used in the bedroom. It is a shame to make the table-side empty without any decoration. Whereas, the table-side the right spot that has an effect to the beauty of the bedroom.

attractive bedroom
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Here are some decorations that can be used to make the bedroom look beautiful and simple:

  • Small Night Lamp

simple decoration for attractive bedroom
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To make the bedroom feel cozy at night, the night lamp is the item that is perfect to use. In addition, the small night lamp also can be used to decorate the bedroom so that the bedroom will look more attractive.

The table-side is the best place to put the night lamp. You can turn on or turn off the night lamp without moving from the bed. You can also make this lamp as a reading lamp. It is perfect for you who like reading before sleep.

  • Aromatherapy Candle

simple bedroom decors
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As a room to relax and take a rest, the bedroom should make cozy and soothing. Adding the aromatherapy to the bedroom is the simple decoration you can follow. The light of candles also will make the bedroom look beautiful and calm at night.

Putting the aromatherapy on the table-side will make you feel more relax. The scent from the candle will go straight to the bed and make you calmer. Tired from busy activities will disappear and you will come back fresh in the morning.


The bedroom is the important room at home. Even, some people make this room as the place to take a rest and unwind. So, make the bedroom feel relax and cozy is a must. By applying the simple decoration ideas above, you can have a beautiful bedroom that is perfect to relax. So, what are you waiting for? Happy trying, guys!



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