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Wall Decorations You Can Use to Make The Room Interesting – Who does not want to have a comfortable house? Of course, everyone wants it. There are many ways that can be chosen to make the room at home feel comfortable, and one of them is bringing a pretty and interesting look into the room.

Deciding the interior design indeed the first step to make the room look interesting. But, there is something important you have to know and should be a concern. That is the decoration of the room itself. The decoration of the room can present the design that you want.

wall decoration ideas
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So many decorations that will make the interior look pretty interesting, such as ceiling decoration, wall decoration, and floor decoration. But here, we will tell you about the Wall Decorations You Can Use to Make The Room Interesting. So, let’s check it out!

Interesting Artsy Wall

The wall has become the most fitting media for decoration. In addition, the decoration on the wall also has a considerable effect on the appearance of the room itself. So, don’t be mistaken in choosing decorations for the walls of the room in your house.

beautiful artsy wall design
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For those of you who like art, it would be amazing if you apply your art results to a room at home, such as photos and paintings. In this way, the room will look artsy.

  • Big B&W Photos

gallery wall photos with b&w effect
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Have a photo full of memories? You can make the walls of your room as a place to display your beautiful memories. Choosing photos with B&W effects will make your room a very fitting place to reminisce. In addition, of course the appearance of the room will look so artsy. B&W photos would be very appropriate to be applied in a monochrome style room.

Attractive wall gallery ideas
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The addition of spotlights that lead to photographs makes it look stand out in the room. The existence of lighting that leads to photographs makes you have your own gallery actor in your house. In this way, your house will be so attractive.

And for photo sizes, you can adjust it to the room in your house. If your room is large, you can use a large photo. However, large photos should not be used for small rooms because this will only make the room look smaller. You can print photos with small or medium size so that the small room looks so beautiful. Give the photos with photos frame will make it look more interesting.

  • Large-Scale Painting

large-scale painting for beautiful room
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The photo is not the only item that can be used to decorate the walls of a room to make it look attractive. For those of you who like an attractive appearance and a bit of elegance and luxury, large-scale painting is the most fitting item as a wall display.

For those of you who like bright looks, you can choose paintings with bright colors too, like white, beige, etc. And if you want to give a colorful look to the room to make it look more fun, the paintings that you can use are paintings that have many colors and are usually abstract paintings. Painting with a dark color, such as more black color is very appropriate if you want a cool and more masculine look.

Wall Mural

Who does not know about the wall mural? An art in which the wall is a media to be used as a canvas. The result of the wall mural itself is very beautiful. One advantage of wall murals is that you no longer need items to decorate the room anymore. Because wall murals are very fitting to provide beautiful value to the room. So, applying a wall mural can be an alternative for those of you who do not want to bother yourself and have a headache when choosing items as a display.

There are many kinds of wall mural that you can apply to the room. You just need to choose the right one for your room.

  • Tropical Leaves Wall Mural

fresh wall decor ideas
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To bring a fresh look into the room, adding green to the room is a very appropriate idea. So, tropical leaves wall murals are the most appropriate choice to be applied to the room.

tropical leaves on the wall mural are also able to bring a warm, soothing feel into the room. In this way, the room not only looks attractive but also feels comfortable.

  • Flower Wall Mural

beautiful kid bedroom with flower wall mural
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In making a comfortable bedroom of a child of course we have to make his room look as attractive as possible. Applying wall murals with flower themes is the most appropriate idea. The existence of a flower wall mural will make the room look colorful. The atmosphere created in the room becomes cheerful. And of course, this is very good for the child’s creativity.

  • Animal Wall Mural

animal wall mural
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Want to bring the feel and look of attractive nature into the room? Animal wall murals can be used as an alternative. The green color on the wall mural makes the room look fresh, some animal pictures on the wall are also able to give an attractive appearance to the room.

Animal wall mural itself will be perfect to apply to the kid bedroom or the living room. Adding some wooden furniture makes the room feel more alive and comfortable.

  • Abstract Wall Mural

abstract mural wall in making the room look interesting and mature
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For those of you who want an attractive and mature look, abstract wall murals are the right choice. This one wall mural you can apply to all rooms in the house, including bathrooms. To create the atmosphere of the room you want, you only need to adjust to the colors you use.


To sweeten the look of the room and refresh the room, flowers have become the most appropriate choice. If the flowers are usually put into a beautiful vase then used to decorate the table in the room. However, not this time anymore. Flowers can also be used to decorate walls to look more beautiful.

sweet wall look with flowers decor
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To make the empty wall in the room look great, you can put flowers on the wall with the help of masking tape. And of course, the flowers used are synthetic flowers. Usually, this decoration is used to make the bedroom look fresh and sweet. But no doubt that this decoration can also be applied to other rooms.

flowers wall decoration
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Sticking synthetic flowers on the walls with the help of masking tape isn’t the only way you can use to. To give it a sweet and pretty appearance, but a little simple, you can hang flowers on a wooden stalk. Then give a rope and hang it on the wall. It will look much more aesthetic.

To keep the flowers looking beautiful, you can clean them once a week by wiping the flowers with a cloth that has been moistened.



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