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Effective Ways in Making The Room Feel Alive and Comfortable – Creating a comfortable and lively room has become the desire of many people. Moreover, the house is the most appropriate place to rest and unwind. However, not only that. A comfortable room is certainly able to help us in relieving stress due to crowded activities.

To make the room feel comfortable of course the first thing to consider is the appearance of the room itself. The appearance of the room becomes a very influential factor in the comfort of the room. Therefore, it is not surprising that many people make rooms in their homes as attractive as possible.

There are so many ways you can choose to make the room look beautiful and interesting. And here, we have provided Effective Ways in Making The Room Feel Alive and Comfortable you can follow. So, let’s check it out!

Choosing The Right Couch and Bed Decoration

Sofa or bed has become the right place to relax and rest. To make you feel very comfortable, you can choose a sofa or a soft bed.

In making beds and sofas a comfortable place, the placement of these items is certainly a very decisive factor. To make it a perfect place to relax, you can put a bed or sofa next to the window. With this, you can relax while enjoying the view outside the home.

comfortable bedroom tips
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However, placing the sofa and bed in the right place is not the only way that can make this place comfortable. The decorations used on the sofa and bed are also very important things to consider.

  • Woll Blanket

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Wool blankets are familiar, especially for you who live in cold climates. Adding a wool blanket on the bed or sofa can make this place so warm and comfortable.

A nude wool blanket can make the atmosphere in the room also feel sweeter and softer. You will not only feel warm and comfortable, but the room also looks more aesthetic.

  • Soft Rug

comfortable room decor ideas
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Furthermore, which can be used as a sofa or bed decoration is a rug. Choose a rug with a small size and soft. Nowadays, many stores sell sheepskin rug so it will feel so warm and comfortable.

In addition to decorating a sofa or bed, a rug can also be used to make our feet feel warm. Simply put the rug on the floor where our feet are located.

To add the beauty value into the room, you can choose the color of the rug that matches the room design itself.

  • Cushions

comfortable bedroom with a few cushions
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The cushion is an item that is definitely on the bed and sofa. This one item can indeed make the bed or sofa look more attractive. The selection of cushion with the right colors is also able to provide more beauty value into the room so that the room will feel more alive.

The function of the cushion itself is to make the bed or sofa feel more comfortable. You can lie down to rest yourself by hugging a soft cushion. In this way, you will feel much more relaxed.

Selection The Right Lighting

Next is the selection of lighting that is right for the room. Light itself is indeed very mandatory in every room to make the room look bright even though it is dark. However, the function of lighting is not only that. Selection of the right lighting for the room is able to present a very comfortable feel, besides the appearance of the lighting itself can also make the room look more alive.

right lighting to make the room feel comfortable
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There are many lights that you can choose to make the room feel more comfortable and beautiful:

  • LED String Light

led string light for comfy the room
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Nowadays, LED string light is often used to decorate a room. The existence of LED string light itself is very influential on the appearance of the room. There are many colors of light on the LED string light that you can choose from. However, if you want to make the room feel warm, comfortable, and more alive, you can choose LED string light with warm lighting (yellow lighting).

  • Himalayan Salt Lamp

himalayan salt lamp for room decor
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Currently, the Himalayan salt lamp has become a lamp that many people are interested in. Its simple but unique appearance is able to make the room look so attractive. In addition, the light presented from the Himalayan salt lamp is able to make the atmosphere of the room feel so warm that the room will feel so comfortable.

Besides adding to the beauty of the room, the Himalayan salt lamp also has other benefits:

  1. Can clean the air. The Himalayan salt lamp has content that can absorb harmful substances in the air so the room will be healthy.
  2. Can relieve colds. The Himalayan salt lamp has a salt content which is very good for you who have the flu. This salt content can overcome nasal congestion so you can breathe with relief.
  3. You will sleep much better. Fresh air and minimal lighting can indeed make sleep more relaxed and restful.
  4. Relieve stress. The light presented by the Himalayan salt lamp is believed to be able to increase serotonin and tryptophan in the body.
  • Moon Lamp

moon lamp for bedroom
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Have you ever thought of having a comfortable and beautiful bedroom with just simple items? Yes, all this you can get just by using the moon lamp in the bedroom. The light on the moon lamp can make the bedroom look so sweet that the bedroom will feel more alive and comfortable.

Present The Natural Lighting

A bright room does look much more attractive. In addition, by bringing natural lighting into the room, the room will look more spacious and not cramped so that it will be very comfortable. What is needed is of course a large window.

The advantage of a large window is being able to display the view where this will make the bedroom look beautiful. In addition, the beautiful scenery outside the house can make your home the right place to rest and release stress.

Cozier room with natural lighting
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When deciding to use a large window on the house, make sure there are no decorations that can block sunlight from entering the house.

If you really want to use decorations to make the room look more attractive, you can use a white net curtain. And to protect your privacy at night, you can close the window using curtains.

Adding Some Plants

It feels like it is lacking if there is no natural green color in the room. Adding some plants into the room is the most effective way to make the room feel fresher. In addition, the presence of several plants in the room presents a natural feel that can make the room feel more comfortable and lively.

fresh bedroom tips
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There are two types of plants that you can choose to bring fresh green to the room:

  • Synthetic plants,
  • Living plants.

Not only do the types of plants vary, but each plant also has different size:

  • Small-Size Plants

plants to fresh the room
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To sweeten the room with a minimalist design, plants with a small size becomes the next tip that you can choose. Simply provide a vase or a place with an attractive and beautiful shape then put the plant in a vase and place it on the table.

  • Medium-Size Plant

medium size plants for interior decor
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A medium-sized plant can also be an option for you who want to bring shades of green into the house. Use a beautiful pot and place it next to the sofa or table.

  • Large-Size Plant

large plant ideas
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Plants of this size are the right choice to make a simple room look sweet and fresh. You can put large plants in the corner of the room so the room will feel more alive.



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