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How to Choose A Beautiful Mirror to Make Your Home Look Beautiful and Amazing

Mirrors are magic weapons in decorating and can even make a room feel bigger, brighter, and more stylish. That’s why the appearance of the mirror becomes an important thing and is uses by many people. Therefore, to keep our appearance neat and attractive, one of the uses with many people is a mirror. With the mirror, we can dress up, preen and tidy up the clothes we wear.

In addition to the mirror used for preening, you can also make the mirror as a decorative accent for interior design at home. For example, the mirrors can install in the living room, bedroom, dining room, bathroom, and at the main entrance to the house. However, the mirror must install in a good position. In this way, the function of the mirror as home decoration can make the interior of the house look beautiful, artistic, luxurious, and attractive.

Therefore, in this article, we want to give you ideas to choose the mirror model for your homeroom so that your home becomes beautiful and pleasant. Let’s discuss it one by one.

Bedroom mirror

One of the most using parts of a house is glass. You can use the mirror that is installed in the bedroom to decorate. Even a mirror can make your bedroom look spacious. Besides that, the function of the mirror is as an object for you to decorate. Of course, the mirror in the bedroom can be used for your home decoration and then a reflection of the incoming sunlight so that your room looks beautiful and bright.

For you to know that the types of mirrors are very diverse, depending on the size, thickness, shape, best frames, and coatings as additional materials so that the glass is more durable. For the mirror in the picture above, you must use strong frames so when you install it, it does not break. To get a mirror, you can buy it at a furniture store or specialty store that sells various types of glass for construction.

Large bedroom mirror

There is no doubt that the presence of a mirror in a bedroom will make the room seem spacious. In addition, natural lighting from sunlight and light in the room is more guaranteed. In this way, the room does not feel cramped and will even provide comfort for anyone in this room. Besides that you to know the problems for the mirror installation. You must understand the thickness of the mirror. Then you must use the best frame to the size of the mirror and the thickness of the mirror.

In the picture above, you can see a large mirror mounted on the bedside. That Special thickness mirror uses an aluminum frame and is adjusting to the thickness of the glass. With this kind of installation, the mirror position will be stronger and more durable. In this way, your room will look beautiful and charming.

Dining room mirror

Adding a mirror to the dining area can help the space appear larger. However, it becomes strange for you while sitting down for dinner because our faces are in a large mirror. For this reason, many people do not understand the existence of a mirror in the dining room. Installing a mirror in the dining room can help the room look bigger and brighter.

So instead, we can choose a mirror with window glass then you can use to see the outside view and can also be used as a dining room decoration.
In this way, the mirror in the window aims to deceive the eye and then see the outside view so that the atmosphere in the dining room is more attractive. With a design like this, you can have dinner more casually as if you were eating in a large room.

Luxury dining room mirror

For this one dining room, the design looks beautiful and luxurious. This dining room has installed with a large mirror. In the science of Feng Shui, you must put a mirror in the dining room. According to their beliefs can invite wealth, the abundance of fortune, prosperity for the house owner.

In the picture above, you can see a large mirror installed in front of the dining table. A mirror position like this makes your dining room look spacious. Then the reflection of the decorative lights hanging on the dining table adds to this dining room looking beautiful and bright, and you will feel happy and at home in the dining room while chatting with your family.

Unique mirror for bathroom

For those of you who want to make bathroom decorations more beautiful. You can add a unique mirror to your bathroom. Then you can choose a mirror glass model, for example, from an elongate-shaped mirror and unique shape mirror. Are you curious? Check out the recommendations below, here!
You will feel that the bathroom is too quiet? To make the bathroom look crowded, you add a uniquely designed mirror so that the bathroom looks more attractive. One of them is a mirror with wood accents as above.

In this article, we explain that this mirror made of teak has gone through a coating process then make this wood smooth and beautiful. The natural color of the wood on the mirror also gives a more natural impression. To add to the beauty of the bathroom, you can add indoor plants and make the atmosphere to be fresher. In this way, the presence of a mirror in your bathroom will be more attractive and give a classic impression.

Elongated bathroom mirror

Every bathroom must have a mirror. The function is to look in the mirror and decorate when doing facial and body treatments. The Feng Shui of bathroom mirrors justifies the placement of a mirror in the bathroom. In addition to providing a bright reflection of light, mirrors can also increase the positive energy in a very private area. Then the mirror can also be used as a decoration of your bathroom so you will feel comfortable in the bathroom.

In the picture, you can see a large mirror with a rectangular model has installed above the sink where you wash your hands and wash your face. The appearance of the mirror glass in this bathroom makes the bathroom seem spacious and makes the bathroom bright from the reflection of the light on the glass. In this way, the bathroom looks beautiful and comfortable.

For the installation of mirror glass like this bathroom, you must pay attention to the position of the mirror. Try the mirror position to your height, and it is better to install it far from water sources because water can make the mirror easy to get dirty and dull. If necessary, add a mirror to be installed on the roof of the bathroom. In this way, that sunlight can enter, and it can reduce the humidity in the bathroom.

Mirror in the hallway

The appearance of this one mirror is different from the other mirror. Mirroring in a narrow hallway in this house is a good practice, especially if there is a staircase in one corner of the hallway. In Feng Shui, stairs are synonymous with negative energy, and the solution must neutralize with a mirror. Then the rule that remains does not place the mirror in a position that can reflect the image of the stairs because that is believed that multiply the negative energy. I hope you can trust this myth.

This large mirror is certainly not the same thickness as the thickness of the decorative mirror glass. This large mirror uses a thick black wooden frame to make it stronger. Then to make this mirror look more attractive, a table and flower decorations are placed below of mirror. Then reflection from the lamp makes the room around it bright. With a design like this, this large mirror will look luxurious, beautiful, and charming.

Mirror in the main room

The mirrors near the main door of the house’s main room are good. Besides reflecting a lot of light and create an airy effect are also uses for multiplying positive energy. But does not place it facing the door because the mirror will ‘kick out the positive energy that has entered the house.

There are so many ways to place mirrors that are good and right, and according to Feng Shui, the placement of the mirror is one of the most widely adopted. Besides that, mirror glass should indeed be install at home as a decoration or to reflect. The mirror is a material that is cheap and easy to get, so there’s nothing wrong with installing it into your beautiful to make your home more beautiful.

Living room mirror with carved frame

Not only for self-reflection when preening, but mirrors are also widely used to decorate the house. Actual, more mirrors are placed in the living room to make it look more spacious and airy. The mirrors are also used as home wall decorations to make the interior look beautiful and memorable. The shapes used to decorate also vary, ranging from square to round mirrors. In the living room, the mirror usually hung on the wall.

In the picture above, there is a mirror using a beautifully carved wooden frame. With a frame design like this, the mirror looks very attractive in the living room. This mirror will reflect sunlight in the living room at noon and also light at night. In this way, it makes the living room bright and can save electricity during the day.

Curved mirror in living room

The appearance of this one mirror glass is very different from the previous mirror. This mirror is made slightly curved. But a rectangular mirror can function as a reflection of sunlight entering the living room. We know a mirror with a slight curve will be a suitable place in the artistic living room. In this way, the mirror can be a decoration of the living room.

A unique mirror-like above seems to have a high artistic value. Besides the antique and unique model, this mirror makes the objects around it look unique and attractive. This mirror can reflect light from the lights at night and make the room bright. For mirror glass like this, it is very suitable an artistically designed living room.

Living room teak mirror

The appearance of the mirror in this living room looks classic. All the furniture in this room uses teak wood. This mirror is made with an elongated model and can reflect all the objects in this room. Then for this mirror frame is made of teak that has been processing smooth. With a design like this, the mirror mounted on the wall is strong and more durable. The color harmony between the mirror glass and the furniture in the living room makes this room look like an ornament of ancient objects in a museum. With this style, mirrors and furniture look artistic and attractive.

Kitchen mirror

Of course, you are rarely to find a kitchen complete with mirrors. We think that you only to know that the mirror only installs in the bedroom or bathroom. However, everyone has a different way of giving their impression of their kitchen. Even though glass and mirrors have been installing in the kitchen can make the room wider. Besides that, the mirror can be a backsplash of the mini kitchen set wall or the cabinet door from the kitchen set.

In principle, the mirror can reflect sunlight and light and give the impression backsplash to the kitchen set. In addition, mirrors also include materials that are easy to clean and making them suitable for your mini kitchen set.

According to feng shui, placing a mirror behind the stove or kitchen countertop is good. Logically, this can make people who are cooking are not surprised when someone else comes from behind. Therefore you should make a mirror as a backsplash material. Moreover, mirrors can also make a narrow kitchen look beautiful and spacious.


Several ways to choose the mirror to make your home interior looks luxurious, beautiful, attractive. Therefore, you should choose the mirror with the best model that is appropriate to your home interior.

In this article, we explained some ideas, how to choose a beautiful mirror model. Then make your home look beautiful and perfect. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your mirror has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained then give it to the mirror maker.

Hopefully, in this article, you can choose the beautiful mirror in this picture. Happy decorating!



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