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Vintage-Style Living Room Design – Sometimes we miss our childhood. We miss about the atmosphere, models, and more. But, we can get it back by applying the old styles in our infancy. One of them is applying the old styles in our home.

There is one of the old styles that suitable and good to apply to your home. The style is vintage style. You can apply the vintage style to your living room. It would make the appearance of your living room look old but attractive and beautiful.

Here we have some pictures of Vintage-Style Living Room Design.

calm color for vintage design.

Vintage style usually uses the color that dampens, such as white, green, pink, and orange. But, it does not mean you can use those colors at once. You can choose one of the four colors as the base of your living room.

For the furniture, you can choose the furniture that has the old style. You can choose the colors that are a bit striking and make your living room look lit.

hang some pictures on the wall.

Uses the wooden furniture is a great idea for the vintage style. Usually, the results given by wood-based furniture are simple and warm. To make the look more attractive and eccentric, you can put a few pillows on the sofa. Choose pillows with a lively pattern. This is the way to make your living room look vintage.

To fill the empty wall, you can hang some pictures on. Arrange it as neat as possible.

soft color for the living room.

The small cabinet is also great for Vintage-Style Living Room Design. You can use the cabinet made of wood that looks worn. This cabinet will make your living room look old and attractive. In addition, you can put your items there. It will make your room look neat and arranged.

using bright color for the furniture.

Soft colors are good for vintage-style, besides soft colors can make your room feel more comfortable. But if you only use those colors for your living room, the appearance of your room will look simple and ordinary. You should give a few touches to your room by using bright colors, such as red and others.

You can use bright colored furniture in your living room. Not necessarily all bright-colored furniture. You can use a bright color on the main furniture in your room.

worn coffee table for the living room

The coffee table is one of the important items in the living room. The size of the table you use depends on the size of your living room. You can use a small coffee table if your living room is narrow. Coffee tables do not have to big ones.

Try to choose the coffee table made of wood. The look of the wooden table will make your living room look old and interesting.

Those are the pictures of Vintage-Style Living Room Design. So, if you are interested in this style, let’s apply it in your house. Good luck!



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