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Reputed Vinyl Gate Manufacturers Take the Durability Factor a Notch Higher

Good gates protect your property and add aesthetic value to the plain facade. A customized gate instantly changes the ambiance and makes the yard more welcoming and serene. However, not all vinyl fencing manufacturers offer quality gates for protecting the yard. All gates are not durable, and some are fragile, lasting only a few years. Therefore, getting in touch with reputed and experienced vinyl gate manufacturers to install high-quality gates is essential. Durability is an essential element that makes vinyl gates unique. The highly durable gates have certain features that make them more robust. However, the manufacturers use their skill and expertise to get you custom-made gates that last for ten years or longer. Let’s find out the key features of quality gates and the manufacturing expertise to make the right choice.

Using thicker vinyl material

Thick gates can last longer than thinner and weaker ones. However, many manufacturers would offer you sleek-looking beautiful gates made from thin vinyl material. Don’t invest your money in low-quality vinyl material. Instead, research and let the vinyl fencing manufacturers know that you need gates made with 100% virgin vinyl and thicker vinyl sheets. In the US, certain reputed manufacturers with years of experience and expertise use thicker vinyl sheets to provide you with customized gate panels. These thick gates don’t warp, sag, break or fall over time. Vinyl is a lightweight material, and thicker sheets would enhance durability and ensure greater strength and resilience. The vinyl gates made with thicker material do not get broken or uprooted even in heavy winds or storms.

Strong routing system

External hardware is a big NO for vinyl gates. External brackets and unsightly screws can make the gates weak. Gates can break after some time as the screws and brackets get loose, develop rust, or even sabotage. Vinyl gates have a strong routing system instead. The vinyl panels of the gate are interlocked, offering exceptional strength and resistance to external factors. As a result, the vinyl gates will not break, crack, or dilapidated. Invisible hardware for vinyl gates makes them stronger, and it’s more pet-friendly and great for families with small kids or animals as they won’t get hurt if they run into the gates or while playing. If you are searching for vinyl gates, try Duramax Fences’s vinyl gates. They are also offering free samples with every purchase for a limited period.

Sun is the enemy of vinyl gates

The vinyl gate manufacturers are aware that the sun is the greatest enemy of the gates. Although the waterproof gates don’t rot and are resistant to heavy rainfall and thunderstorms, weak vinyl gates warp in the heat. High-quality vinyl gates made with DuraResin formulation, titanium dioxide, and UV inhibitors are mixed with the vinyl formulation used to build the gates. So, they have the highest-rated UV stability and don’t get ravaged by the sun. DuraResin gates do not warp in excess heat and can sustain the intense rays of the southwest sun for a long duration without showing signs of dilapidation. The premium quality vinyl gates are resistant to stains and don’t fade. The vinyl gate doesn’t need whitewashing and can maintain its true shade for at least a decade or even longer. To maintain the fade-resistant gates, you need to wash them with a sponge or rinse them off with a garden hose. Unlike wood, vinyl gates don’t attract termites and don’t need intensive treatments for their maintenance.

Final Words

Vinyl gate manufacturers provide custom-made vinyl gates that are durable, waterproof, weather-resistant, and extremely easy to maintain. The gates made with 100% virgin vinyl offer excellent UV resistance and don’t get damaged due to heavy rainfall or strong winds. In addition, the white vinyl gates don’t turn yellow and can maintain their hue for a long time, even with minimal care and maintenance. Are you looking for a non-toxic, lead-free, chemical-resistant customized gate line for your property? Then opt for Duramax Fences. The premium gates have a fully transferable limited lifetime warranty and are recyclable too. Book a free consultation—request Duramax for a no-obligation quote.



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