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Green Living Room Ideas – Pretty Ways to Bring Fresh and Contemporary Look

Simdreamhomes.com – Soothing, fresh, and comfortable. Who does not want to have these in the room?

Since there is a minimalist design, the tofu room is often multi-functioned as a family room. Therefore, just making the living room look attractive is not enough. The living room must be given touches in the form of the right decoration to make it an attractive, soothing, fresh, and also comfortable room.

Making green the basic color of a living room is indeed quite anti-mainstream. Living rooms in green can look dark. However, you do not need to worry because the fresh, soothing atmosphere will keep this room comfortable.

And in this article, we have provided Pretty Ways to Bring Fresh and Contemporary Look of Green Living Room Ideas. So, let’s check it out!

Dark, Bold Paint Color

There are many green tones you can choose from, from light green to dark green. In choosing colors for the living room, try to match your taste so that the room can feel pleasant.

For those of you who like a slightly darker look, choosing a dark color is not a problem. With the right decorations, the dark green living room will look aesthetic.

  • Natural Lighting as The Main Lighting

bold green living room
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What if the living room is small? Would not applying dark colors to a small room only make the room look smaller? Okay, to solve this problem, you can use natural lighting as the main lighting. A large glass facade or window can be used so that natural lighting can enter the living room optimally. Try not to cover windows with curtains as this will only block the light from entering.

  • Contemporary Look from A Low-Profile Gray Sofa

bold green living room
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Dark, bold paint colors will indeed look more masculine. It is perfect for those of you who want a slightly more mature appearance. A low-profile gray sofa placed on the sunny side helps to provide a bright look which is great for small spaces. Some pillows with simple motifs present a minimalist side to the room.

The gray carpet looks so attractive in the small dark green living room. Besides that, the use of carpets is also the best way to give a broad illusion to a small living room.

  • Gallery Wall

wall decor
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Wall decoration is very necessary to make the room look stiff. Gallery walls are a great idea and a way to make dark and bold colored living rooms look attractive. Do not forget to give a black frame to the photo you print so that it looks perfect on the wall with dark green paint.

Millenial Green and Pink Furniture

Green and pink are the perfect color combination. This one idea is different from the previous one. If in the previous idea, the appearance of the living room will look masculine, but this one idea is perfect for those of you who want to present a feminine and sweet side to your living room.

green living room
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  • Low-Profile Dark Green Sofa

One idea is more classy. It can be seen from the sofa design that is used to fill the living room. As the main item, the sofa really determines the appearance of this room. The green color chosen for the sofa makes it appear firm but does not eliminate the calm side of this color.

Some pillow decorations in soft colors are perfect for dark green. The sofa in the living room looks iconic and attractive.

  • Herringbone Wood Flooring

The application of the floor affects the appearance of the room too. So, make sure you choose the right floor for the living room design. In the picture above, the appearance of the living room is made to look more crowded, so the herringbone flooring is the right choice.

Adding a rug with a diamond motif makes it look more minimalist and contemporary.

pink velvet sofa
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  • Pink Velvet Sofa 1 Seat

The sweet and feminine look comes from the pink color in the room. A 1 seat pink velvet sofa complements this living room. Here you can see a combination of pink and green that looks so perfect.

  • Gold Touches for Glam Look

Table legs and sofa legs in gold greatly affect the appearance of the living room. Gold is the right color if you want a living room with a glam look.

Not only that but adding a touch of gold to the living room walls is also an interesting way to present a glam look. With a gold photo frame hanging on the wall, it complements the living room decor.

Modern Green Living Room

The modern concept does not mean that it always follows current trends. So, what is meant by the modern concept is a concept that pays more attention to the airy, clean and minimalist impression of the room.

A modern green living room is an interesting idea to apply to the living room in your home. The fresh impression of green and the modern concept makes it look more contemporary.

  • Green L-Shaped Sofa

modern green living room
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As the main item, the sofa has a large enough effect on the appearance of this room. So, if you want to make green the main color of the room, you can apply green to the sofa.

Because modern design prioritizes airy and simple impressions, so the sofa used to fill the living room is only one sofa. L-shaped is the right choice.

The L-shaped sofa which is made of wood and supported by a thick green cushion makes it feel comfortable. The color of wood sweetens the appearance of the room so that it is not stiff, considering that the items used are only those that are needed.

The addition of some green pillows is similar to cushions and also a gray color that can make the sofa appear more attractive in the living room.

  • Large Plants Beside Sofa

modern living room
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Large plant decorations are the right idea to give a fresh impression to the living room. Plants are also a decoration that will suit any design. So, you no longer need to worry about using plants in interior decoration.

Large plants can be placed beside the sofa or also fill an empty corner of the room.

To support the modern concept in the living room, use a black pot to emphasize the appearance of the room.

  • Gray Rug

gray carpet
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Only using the furniture that is needed sometimes makes a room with a modern concept look stiff if it is not decorated properly. Therefore, placing the rug in the middle of the living room is the right idea.

For a mature and bold look, choose a gray rug. Gray and green are the perfect combination for modern living room designs.

One Tone Green Living Room

We’ve come to the final idea of this article, One Tone Green Living Room. Only using one green tone in the room is one way to give the illusion of a large space in the living room. You can paint the walls the same green for the sofa as well as the curtains in the living room.

green living room
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The white sheepskin rug is the savior in this room. Decorating the sofa with white sheepskin white greatly affects the overall appearance of the room. White is indeed an alternative color that can be applied to a room of any color. So, to give a warm and comfortable atmosphere to the living room, you can use a white carpet.

Natural elements in the form of wood and rattan are very suitable for use in this one idea. The wooden coffee table makes the room look softer. Sketchup rattan basket and rattan lamp as decorations that make this room look perfect.


Making green the basic color of the living room may still be unusual or anti-mainstream. However, you don’t need to worry that the room will look weird. In fact, green is able to give a fresh and calm appearance to the living room. In this way, the living room will be a comfortable room to gather with family and friends. Moreover, with the addition of the perfect decoration, the green living room will certainly look attractive and pretty. And in this article, we will help you to make this living room a reality by giving Pretty Ways to Bring Fresh and Contemporary Look of Green Living Room Ideas. Make sure you choose a living room idea that suits your taste and your personality so that you can feel happy when you are in this room.



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