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Design & Ideas: Gorgeous Swimming Pool on The Backyard in 2021 – Nothing is happier than spending time off in the pool, especially in the summer. In the summer, having a pool party has become a routine activity. Spending time off in the pool will be even more fun if the swimming pool is privately owned.

The large backyard will be very dear if not used properly. The backyard can be a great place to hang out with family and friends. Making a swimming pool in the backyard is an interesting idea.

And in this article, we have provided the Design and Ideas of Gorgeous Swimming Pool on The Backyard in 2021 that can be your references. So, let’s check it out

Soothing Natural Nuances

Besides being a place to gather and have fun, the backyard can also be used as a place to calm your mind and make yourself relax, and come back fresh.

To make the backyard a relaxing place, presenting natural nuances is key.

nature swimming pool
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Stacked stone slabs make the pool look like a small waterfall. The sounds of the water will make the backyard the perfect place to cool off. Natural stone which is a natural element can enliven the natural atmosphere in the backyard.

Not only that, some trees that are allowed to grow (not cut down) also add a green look to the backyard. Some beautiful flowers are the perfect decoration for a swimming pool backyard with natural nuances.

Planting some flowers is also one way to make the backyard smell good. The fragrance of flowers can be used as aromatherapy to make yourself relax.

Beautiful Swimming Pool with Green and Pretty Flower Colors

The backyard is often used as a place to plant some beautiful greenery and flowers. In creating a swimming pool in the backyard, it does not mean that you can no longer plant the plants you like.

When making a swimming pool in the backyard, try to create a space as a garden. Green plants and flowers with beautiful colors can help the swimming pool backyard look attractive.

beautiful swimming pool
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You can also use greenery and flowers as a barrier pheasant. Apart from making the backyard look colorful and pretty, some flowers can provide a soothing scent. In this way, you can swim while inhaling the fragrance of flowers that can make you relax.

beautiful backyard swimming pool
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One of the flowers that can be used as a hedge plant is lavender. The purple color of lavender flowers is perfect for making a backyard swimming pool look pretty and sweet. Not only that, but the scent of lavender is also good aromatherapy.

Lavender flowers are powerful mosquito repellent plants. Lavender contains linalool and linalyl acetate which mosquitoes do not like.

Fun Garden Party

For you, especially teenagers, you must be familiar with pool parties. Yes, having a party at the pool is a lot of fun. A pool party may be synonymous with the night. However, having a pool party during the day was also not a problem. In fact, during the summer pool parties are more often held during the day. Enjoying fresh water in the hot sun is very refreshing.

garden party
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The plants on the edge of the pool are able to make the pool a little bit shady so you can swim comfortably. Not only that, some coconut trees in the garden present a cool beach atmosphere. Do not forget the place to rest under a tree next to the pool.

To make the party feel fun, also use swimming tires. There are many types and motifs of swimming tires which can be used to decorate the swimming pool to make it look attractive.

Bali Villa Swimming Pool

Bali is one of the beautiful islands in Indonesia. The island of Bali is very famous for its hot climate and beautiful beaches. Not only that, the culture in Bali is still very strong.

Almost all houses in Bali are made of wood and built-in Balinese style. In fact, this is what makes Bali look special.

bali vila swimming pool
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The villas in Bali usually have a swimming pool with a distinctive Balinese style. Bali villa swimming pool is an interesting idea to apply to your backyard.

With teak wood material makes the atmosphere feels warm and calm. Some of the plants planted beside the pond give a refreshing green appearance. One of the plants that are characteristic of Bali is the Cambodian plant. Frangipani plants planted beside the swimming pool make the swimming pool cool.

bali swimming pool
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The existence of a gazebo beside the swimming pool can be a pleasant place to rest. Calm, fresh, and comfortable can make us excited again to carry out the next activity.

Putting a soft mattress in the gazebo and some pillows will make this place even more comfortable. The pillows used can also be used as decorations to enhance the appearance of this place.

Swimming Pool with a Beautiful View

Have a nice view behind the house? It is a pity if it is not used properly. This beautiful view can be used to make the backyard swimming pool a comfortable place.

beautiful swimming pool
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Wood is the right material for use in the backyard swimming pool. Using wood for the floor is a way to make this place less slippery. Wood arranged vertically makes the backyard swimming pool look attractive.

Not only that, the gazebo made of wood gives a calm and sweet impression to the backyard swimming pool.

Its three-sided design is perfect for backyards that have beautiful views. The swimming pool at the edge of the backyard is the right spot to enjoy the view and also the beautiful sunset.

Container Pool

If you want to feel the sensation of swimming in an aquarium, a container pool can be an interesting idea to apply to your backyard. Container pools are also the right way for you who want an elevated platform pool. This will add depth as well as dimension to the pool.

container pool
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Container pools are usually used as an alternative to making a swimming pool on the rooftop. It’s just that, because of its attractive shape, it can also be applied to the backyard to make it look aesthetic and contemporary.

container pool ideas
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For those of you who want to have a swimming pool without having to dig the land in your backyard, a container pool is a right idea to implement. You can make a staircase beside the swimming pool. In this way, the backyard is like having two floors.

And at the bottom, plant some green grass to enhance the look of this place. Also, add some flowers to give a cheerful color to the backyard.

Modern Backyard Swimming Pool

A house with a modern concept is indeed being hit in 2021. The appearance of a modern concept tends to look clean, neat, roomy, attractive, and also contemporary.

In a house with a modern design, usually, the rooms in this house are made with an open concept. Like an open-concept kitchen or open-concept dining room.

modern backyard swimming pool
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The kitchen and dining rooms are usually located at the back of the house so that they will connect to the backyard. By applying an open-concept to these two rooms, sunlight can also enter the house and make the room in the house bright.

Not only that, but the view from the backyard swimming pool with a modern design can also enhance the appearance of the room and make the house look aesthetically pleasing.

modern swimming pool design
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Because the backyard connects with the kitchen so that the kitchen can be used as a place for a barbeque. It is very enjoyable to enjoy the night atmosphere while eating delicious meat. Plus, the bright lighting from the house makes the night atmosphere calm.

You can also add lights to the pool to make it look elegant, modern, and classy. Besides that, this will also really help you if you like swimming at night.


For those of you who have a large backyard, try to take advantage of the use of space in the backyard. Don’t make this large backyard just a garden to make your house green. Building a swimming pool in the backyard is an interesting idea to make the house a pleasant place. Creating a swimming pool in the backyard can also add to the aesthetic value of your home. So, here, we have provided Design & Ideas for Gorgeous Swimming Pool on The Backyard in 2021. Choose a design that you like and suits your home.



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