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Top Hippie Style for The Bedroom – Hippie styles is no longer foreign to teenagers. Most of them know about this style. Diverse colors, motifs, bustling, and seemingly messy looks are the characteristic of Hippe Style.

Looks messy doesn’t mean it is not pleasing to the eyes. That is the hallmark of hippie style and that is the art. Even though it looks messy, but your bedroom still looks beautiful and attractive.

And here, we have some pictures of Top Hippie Style for The Bedroom.

ivory color for the room

This is the first picture of Top Hippie Style for The Bedroom. If you want to change your room into a hippie style, you can use an ivory color as a base of your room. The ivory color is very suitable to be combined with several colors.

If your room looks simple, to support the hippie style you can hang the dream catcher in your room. The dream catcher is one of the items that is very hippie style. Try to choose a big dream catcher for your room.

color rug for the bedroom.

The second picture of Top Hippie Style for The Bedroom is using a colorful rug. As we know, hippie style uses diverse colors and motifs. So, colorful rug can be used as an item that will support the hippie style for your room. You can choose a large sized rug for those of you who have a small room. A large sized rug will make your room look bigger.

using a warm color as a base.

If your room looks very simple, you can add some items that will support the hippie style. You can hang some displays that attractive and will make your room look nice and cool.

use a damper color.

Hippie style certainly uses diverse colors and motifs. If we see the picture above, there are so many motifs and colors. You can use bright colored items for your room. To make it more attractive, use the hanging lamp for your bedroom.

add some plants to the room.

Hippie style is also related to nature. If you interested and apply this style to your room, you can place some plants in your room. Put the plants in the pot and arrange it behind the windows or on the shelf.

bed cover hippie pattern.

Bed cover also takes effect for the bedroom. If you want your bedroom looks hippie, you can use a hippie patterned bed cover. This is the simple and easiest way.

use a mandala tapesries.

Mandala tapestries can be used as one of the items that will make your room look hippie. Manda tapestries can make the appearance of your room look.

Those are the pictures of Top Hippie Style for The Bedroom. Hippe style is a good idea for the bedroom. With this style, your room will feel comfortable and look attractive.



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