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Types of Minimalist Tables That Will Make A Living Room Look Beautiful – Minimalist homes are often the target of many people. The main thing that makes minimalist houses favored by many people is the more affordable price. Besides that, the minimalist dwelling also makes it easier for us to clean the house. And also, the atmosphere from a minimalist house will feel much warmer. However, of course, this can be created if there are no mistakes in decorating the room in this house.

As the first room when entering the house, the impression of the living room must be made attractive. In decorating a minimalist room, try to use minimalist furniture too. Starting from the main items in this room, namely the table and sofa.

And here, we have provided Types of Minimalist Tables That Will Make A Living Room Look Beautiful. So, let’s check it out!

Fabulous Coffee Tables with Built-In Storage

Too many items in a minimalist room will certainly make the room look messy and dirty. As a result, the room will look unattractive and feel uncomfortable. Therefore, if there are small items in the room, it’s better to put them in a drawer or other storage.

Coffee Tables with Built-In Storage
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If there are no drawers in the room, or the drawers are full, a coffee table with built-in storage is the right choice for a living room table. Here, you can store various kinds of cables or other tools.

because the top can be opened, you can use this as a table to work. With this, you can work while sitting on your comfortable sofa.

Round Coffee Glass Table

A minimalist room does not only have to look as minimal as possible. You can also give an elegant and luxurious look to your minimalist living room.

In creating an elegant and expensive look, it doesn’t mean you can use large items. You still have to pay attention to the area of the room. Use furniture that is small or low-profile furniture.

round coffee glass table
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As the main item, the table is certainly an item that has a big influence on the appearance of the living room. You can choose a round coffee glass as a living room table. Gold colored table edges are the right choice. The gold color is indeed the color that can create a luxurious look in the room.

Glass tables will also appear to glow when exposed to light, both natural lighting and artificial light (lamps). So, put the table in a place exposed to direct light.

Rattan Coffee Table

Rattan is one of the natural materials most often used as a material for making furniture. Its flexible texture makes rattan easy to shape into several items, such as rattan benches, unique plates, vases, and even tables.

A rattan table is indeed the most appropriate choice to fill your minimalist living room. Its simple appearance will make a minimalist living room look cuter.

rattan coffee table
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The use of table rattan is indeed much more practical than using a table made of wood or iron. The rattan coffee table is lighter in weight than a wooden or iron table, making it easy to move it around. With this, you can move the table to the corner of the room when you want to make the living room feel more spacious.

Tiny Coffee Table

Choosing a tiny coffee table is the right choice for a minimalist living room. By using a tiny coffee table, the minimalist living room will not feel cramped. With this, the living room will be a comfortable room.

Choose a tiny white coffee table or show the color of real wood so that the minimalist living room will look bright and also feel much more comfortable.

In addition, the tiny coffee table is much more practical. Just like the rattan coffee table, the tiny coffee table is also easy to move around.

tiny coffee table
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Double Round Coffee Table

Creating a modern minimalist room can indeed make the room feel comfortable and also look attractive. What is meant by modern here is not following the trend. But pay more attention to every detail of the room. The modern concept is more concerned with cleanliness and spacious space but still looks modern and minimalist.

multi level coffee table
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In applying the modern concept to the minimalist living room, choosing a double round coffee table is the most appropriate choice. By using this type of table, you can put more items on it, such as flower vases, drinks, and others.

As in the illustration above, the use of different colors between one table and one table makes the minimalist living room look more attractive. The colored table legs give an elegant look to this room.

Side End Table

With the development of the times, many people create tables by following the needs and trends. One of them is the side end table. This type of table is indeed quite attractive and also practical. Besides that, the table also prioritizes functionality over trends.

side end table
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During the Covid-19 pandemic, people will prioritize working from home. The living room is sometimes used as a room for them to work. Working while relaxing on a soft sofa is fun.

However, if you work on your lap, it will make your legs tired. Therefore, the table becomes an important tool. The side end table is the right choice for use in the living room. This table has C-shaped legs so it can be used when you are on the sofa.

To make the side end table match with the sofa, you can use the same material. Like the picture above, wood with light colors is the material used for sofas and tables so that the sofa and table look harmonious and beautiful.

Rectangle Coffee Table with Drawer

In a minimalist room, increasing storage is the right way to make the room feel spacious and comfortable. With this, choosing a table with drawers is the right choice.

In this drawer, you can put some newspapers or books for you to read when you feel bored. You can also get some blankets when winter arrives.

rectangle coffee table with drawer
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Tables and sofas are the main items in a living room. Thus, tables and sofas have a considerable influence on the appearance of this room.

For a minimalist room, choose sofas and tables that tend to be small. The goal is, of course, to make the room feel spacious so that the living room will feel comfortable. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the shape of the table. Choose a table that is accurate with the design of your minimalist living room. And the points above are about Types of Minimalist Tables That Will Make A Living Room Look Beautiful.



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