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Aesthetic Kitchen with Modern Minimalist Colorful Inspiration Ideas – The kitchen is not an exposed room. Usually, this room is located at the back. Even so, the kitchen is the right room for you to express yourself here.

Cleanliness and tidiness of the kitchen are the main things that must be considered. This is because a clean kitchen will make the house healthy. However, besides that, the appearance of the kitchen should not be underestimated. The anesthetic kitchen will make you feel happier.

Applying the minimalist kitchen colorful concept is the right idea. The concept of colorful colors will have a good psychological impact on you.

And here, we have provided Aesthetic Kitchen with Modern Minimalist Colorful Inspiration Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Minimalist Modern Kitchen with a Fresh Blue Concept

The concept of a blue room is more likely to look fresh but still calm. The blue color gives calm because it symbolizes the sea and sky. With this, applying the blue concept to a minimalist kitchen is the right idea to make the kitchen look bright and feel comfortable.

A sunny room is more likely to feel pleasant. The bright room can also boost your mood and make you feel happy when you are in this room.

blue modern kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

So, to bring a pleasant atmosphere into the kitchen, you can use bright blues. Here are some interesting ideas that you can apply to the minimalist modern blue kitchen concept:

  • Blue Tiles Wall

If we look at the picture above, the kitchen looks so attractive with the accents on the wall. These accents give a modern look to the minimalist kitchen. The blue tile color makes the kitchen look so fresh. Walls are indeed the main media that have a considerable influence on the appearance of the room. By applying blue to the kitchen walls, the blue color will look more dominant.

  • Skylight Window

It can be seen, the concept carried by the owner of the house is the concept of a bright and fresh kitchen. To maximize the natural lighting that enters the kitchen, homeowners prefer to use skylight windows. The skylight window in the middle of the kitchen makes the kitchen look bright throughout.

  • Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Not only natural lighting, the kitchen also looks evenly bright due to the use of recessed lighting fictures. Recessed lighting fictures are one type of lamp used to decorate the ceiling so that the room looks more attractive.

Modern Minimalist Colorful Kitchen That Looks Calm and Cozy

A room with a colorful concept does not always look crowded. You can also bring a calm and soothing side to the colorful kitchen. With this, the kitchen still looks pleasant but also calm and soothing so that the kitchen will feel cozy and also look attractive.

calm modern kitchen decor
Cc: Pinterest

Here are some ideas that you can apply to a modern minimalist kitchen to make it look colorful but still calm and cozy:

  • The Use of Wood Accents with A Slightly Dark Color

To create a calm impression, bringing natural nuances into the kitchen is the right inspiration. With this, use several natural elements in the kitchen, such as wood.

To give the kitchen a calm side, wood with a slightly dark color is the right choice. If you can see from the picture above, the wooden ceiling kitchen makes the calm side of the kitchen look more dominant. The slightly dim view makes the kitchen feel calm and cozy.

  • Exposed Brick Walls

Not only wood, home owners are also applying exposed brick walls to give a natural accent to the kitchen. A little touch of exposed brick walls on the kitchen walls makes the kitchen look fresh. The brick red color gives a little natural, bright color look to the kitchen.

  • Combining Some Colors

The choice of color is indeed required to be careful. The use of the wrong color can affect the appearance and atmosphere of the kitchen.

In the picture above, the kitchen looks more calm because the colors used tend to be soft. Orange color is applied to several kitchen spots to make the kitchen look colorful throughout. The pastel blue color also makes the kitchen look softer. A little touch of green on some kitchen tools, gives a fresh effect to the minimalist modern kitchen.

Simple Colorful Kitchen

The colorful concept does not always look crowded. By bringing the modern concept into a minimalist colorful kitchen, you can create a simple but attractive appearance.

simple minimalist colorful kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

As seen in the picture above, the use of bright colors is not applied scattered across several kitchen spots, but rather focuses on one kitchen point.

The kitchen bar table is the main point in the kitchen to make it look colorful. Several bright colors make this table look colorful and attractive.

For the other side of the kitchen is made as simple as possible by applying soft and neutral colors such as white, pastel pink, black. With this the minimalist kitchen appearance will look less crowded.

Elegant Modern Minimalist Colorful Kitchen with Wall Mural

The appearance of the colorful concept is not always cheerful. For example on the modern minimalist kitchen in the picture below. The kitchen looks simple and elegant with a colorful concept.

elegant modern minimalist kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Wall murals are indeed an alternative way to present colorful concepts into a simple room. Walls are indeed the most appropriate medium to decorate because walls are the main spots that have a big influence on the appearance and atmosphere of the room. Therefore, applying a wall mural to the simple minimalist kitchen is the right idea.

Wall murals with flower images not only make the kitchen look colorful and attractive, but are also able to bring a fresh and calm nuance to the kitchen. By using white as the base color for the walls, the kitchen will look brighter.

Here are some additional ideas to make the kitchen look elegant and colorful.

  • Marble

So that the kitchen doesn’t look too simple and stiff, adding marble accents to the kitchen cabinet is an interesting idea. Marble will also make the kitchen look bright because it can reflect the light that enters the kitchen. Besides, an elegant and luxury side also appeared in the kitchen.

  • A Little Touch of Gold

To make the kitchen look more elegant and expensive, a little touch of gold in some kitchen spots is the right idea to be applied to a simple modern minimalist kitchen.

Applying the color of gold in a scattered way makes the kitchen not only visible from one side. Gold color can be applied to taps, some kitchen displays, wall lamps, and so on. Try to choose small items because the color gold will make the kitchen look quirky when applied to large items.


The kitchen is not an exposed room. However, the comfort and appearance of the kitchen must also be considered carefully. The kitchen can be used as a room where you can express yourself. With this, applying the colorful concept to a minimalist is the right idea.

Making the kitchen look aesthetic will make you feel comfortable and happy to be in your kitchen. And in this article, we have provided you the Aesthetic Kitchen with Modern Minimalist Colorful Inspiration Ideas that can be your references.



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