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Lighting Decoration for Backyard Garden, Create an Outstanding Outdoor – Backyard garden is one of the most important spots outside the house that really enjoyable for the owner. Backyard usually is the best place to spend time with family, entertain or just take a break after working all day. A backyard garden has a different size, and it will take effect on the decoration that we will choose. That’s why, how we decorate our backyard garden can be a very important thing to do.

Backyard decoration

Decorating a backyard is one of the important activities that should be our consideration. We can apply our creativity to it, and the result will show our tastes and personality. One of the most important items for decorating is lighting. Lighting can make your backyard garden will be alive when the sky already dark. In addition, the backyard can be the best place to enjoy your evening with several enjoy activities like drinking tea or coffee, watching a movie with our family. That’s why set the lighting for the backyard can be really important to do.

To decorate somethings, especially the house’s space, we usually cannot do it by our self. Sometimes we need to see some references and other’s opinions to helping us build the best decoration. That’s why this article presenting you with how to build your dream lighting decoration for your outstanding outdoor. Let’s jump to the explanation!

Color Types

color types LED string light outdoor

Before we apply the lighting, we should consider which item that more suitable for the best backyard appearance that we have. One of the factors that we need to choose is the color types. There are so many different types of lighting colors. There’s a hot and cold color. Hot color is a color that psychologically builds a warm impression because it usually tends to resemble fire and sun color. Then cold color is color that psychologically builds a cold impression because tent to resemble nature and sky color.

To build your backyard feels cozy and warm we have to choose warm colors like orange and yellow. Or if we want to build a fresh and cold impression we can choose blue or green color for our lighting. In choosing the color we can mix the color like choosing either warm or cold color only. On the other hand, it is also possible to mix them together into string light to make it looks more colorful. By choosing a suitable lighting color for our backyard can make it looks gorgeous and enjoyable. It also depends on how we place the lighting.

Lighting Spot

wall lighting decoration

Another factor that really important to do when we apply or decorate lighting items is to consider its position. We need to choose the spot that we want to apply the light. Some example spot that suitable for applying the lighting like on the wall, especially if the wall has artwork or some texture on it, it will show a better view spot.

candle light on the backyard table decoration

The other idea to fill your outdoor space is on the table. If we have some sofas or chairs in our backyard and completed with a short table, we can apply the lighting on the table will be one of the best choices to do cause it will make it looks more gorgeous. Lighting on the table also can be really helpful for us to bright the table up when we have some dinner on it. The lighting on this spot is not always dominated by the lamp. Alternatively, you can choose candlelight to make it perfect.

hanging lamp on the backyard trees

If the backyard has so many trees, grass, or other plant decorations for the decoration. We can complete it with lighting in the tree spot. So many ideas we can apply to spot the light on the plants. for example, we can place the light in the jar then hang it to the tree trunk if the tree is quite tall and big. Or we can just place string light with warm color through the twigs. Place some of it to make it looks like a cozy spot.

Besides its placing at the twigs or other high places, we also can place it on the ground around the big trees or between the grass. In placing the position of lighting, we can mix and match the explanation above. We can place the lighting on the wall and also on the table. In addition, we also can choose the different shapes of lighting that we like to make the final appearance looks more outstanding.


fairy light mushroom

The shape of the lighting decoration also has an impact on the final appearance of the backyard. It can build different impressions to see. So choosing the right shape of lighting can be really important to do. There are so many different shapes that we can use for our lighting. For example, to apply lighting with a lot of grass, we can choose decorative plant shapes and place them between the grass. The shape can imitate mushroom shape, flowers, fruits, or the other decorative plant shapes.

DIY solar garden lighting

Other ideas, you can DIY for your backyard lighting, so you can make the shape it suit with your own taste. One of the ways to do it by creating some shapes from the colorful paper then attaching it to the string light then place it in the high place so the lamp will be hanging well.

backyard lighting torch shaped

We also can choose a torch shape for our lighting decoration. It will build a traditional touch on it. We can place it more than one in one spot or a different spot like in some corner of the backyard. It can be the best choice for everyone who likes traditional and simple stuff. In addition, before placing some lighting decoration, we also need to consider the size of the garden. If we know the initial situation of our backyard well enough, we can choose the best detail while decorating for our backyard.

Size of Backyard Garden

backyard design

The size of the backyard garden has an impact on placing some decorative stuff. different sizes can have can build different best decorations. we should use less stuff to decorate it if we have a minimalist backyard, otherwise, if we have a bigger backyard garden we can use more decorative stuff in many spots. but out of the size of the backyard, we cannot limit our creativity to build ideas for our best decorative backyard garden.



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