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Pink Bedroom Wall Paint Ideas Including the Advantage & Decoration

Simdreamhomes.com – We already know that it would be hard to get a nice bedroom for us. Especially if we would like to apply pink bedroom theme. In this article we will talk about the wall paint idea under pink color. We also describe why you have to use it and the easiness while implementing that one.

The Advantage of Pink Bedroom Wall Paint

Sometimes, people wanna know why they have to use something new and what is the benefit? We should ask it whenever we want to do something. It is totally normal. Maybe for some hobbyist they tend to love it and just follow their feeling regarding this one. Meanwhile, for some new comers they wanna know the reason to use this.

Increase Feminine Value

If you are a women who love to live in a feminine way then we recommend this one since to use pink color on your living room it would make you feel younger than before. You can try to compare it when you use white color then you change it with this one. It is totally different since we feel to live on the way we decide.

Eye Catching

Pink color can be categorised as soft color and it is really nice to see or known as eye catching. Have you ever see a stuff under pink color? It should be lighted your view and so do applying pink wall paint to our bedroom.

Easy to Apply

The material would be easy to get. There are many variation we can get once we try to apply this. You should not worry where to get the paint. We recommend you to use flamingo pink as the main concept.

Give More Energy

Wanna get extra energy when you stay or take a rest on your bedroom? Go set your wall paint into pink color. It certainly brings a new scenery to our heart. As the result, we can get more energy while taking a rest to wake up.

Cozy Environment

Many scientist say pink color would fit woman needs. They will feel comfortable when their view dominated by this color. That is why, wall paint is the most important part and the biggest space to see when we stay in any room. Painting it with pink color will bring a cozy atmosphere.

Can Fit Many Types of Furniture

For the rest of all, we might face many problems whenever implementing the other concept such as how can a furniture fit the basic color. However, for the pink wall paint it can fit almost any shape or types of furniture.

Who Should Use this Wall Paint?

There are not limit for someone to use this one, even for men bedroom it can also be applied if you love it. However, our main focus is to girl or woman who wish to redesign their bedroom with a new theme. We can make sure that this one would not be disappointed for you.

The concentrate of the wall paint will give something new to your life. Try to focus on this color and you will know the result. We do not talk about opinion but you might try it. Almost every women tends to enjoy this one.

Decoration Ideas to Follow

After we talk about some facts about pink color idea for wall painting. We will let you know some decorate that is filtered properly. You are free to follow the basic of its design or you can also improve it with your own desire. All you have to make sure is to understand the basic concept first then you may go as free as you want.


Do you love pastel color? If you love it, there are also pastel pink that you can apply to your bedroom. All you need to do is to sort some decoration would you like to set. Do not overuse it since it would take all the space. Just make it simple!

Quick Tips

You can change the coffee table with oak based wood since its gonna increase the aesthetic value. Then, you can also change the rugs with Scandinavian concept.

pastel pink wall paint


We say this as bright pink wall painting style. It is because it would reflect the light from the lamp. It won’t totally reflect it but your room will look like that. Brighter than before you did.

Quick Tips

We suggest you to give some motives with white concept. You can use wallpaper if you wish but do not take all the spot. Just give on several spot to make it more alive.

bright pink wall paint

Dual Mix

We really love the concept between white and pink combination. It looks amazing if you can apply this one. You also see even the indoor plants can be placed there and it looks more beautiful.

Quick Tips

Giving rose motives on the white texture will give better view than before. Do not forget to set the basic color of the motives into ruby.

dual mix pink wall paint


Looking for a fancy pink wall painting? Why do not take a look at the wall color below. It looks like bright pink above but if you can represent the furniture or decoration into something like this. Your bedroom will look more fancy than before. It can also be given to your daughter.

Quick Tips

We recommend you to use flamingo pink on the ceiling. We do not really like the color combination since there looks no gap between wall and ceiling.

fancy pink wall paint


Wanna have a pretty bedroom that you can enjoy every single day? Go use this pink color, it really dominates the bedroom but it still looks solid. We can make sure you will feel a cozy atmosphere when you stay there.

Quick Tips

Actually, this already perfect from our side but we do not really like its simple way. Anyway, you can add indoor plants on the left corner of the bedroom.

pretty pink bedroom wall paint


This concept use some wallpapers on the wall but it does not coverage all the space. So, the painting is still shown. It is really great for women who is around 30 YO right away. This design should be suitable for you since it is really beautiful with the decoration inside it.

Quick Tips

We do not like the flooring. Why do not you use white flooring concept from Scandinavian and make it more glossy. Then, you can also change the sofa color with pastel concept.

rose pink wall paint

Alright, we have shared lots of ideas to you regarding pink bedroom wall painting. We hope you can get the idea in this article. Do not forget to read the advantage of using pink wall paint above in order to explain more why we have to use it. You can also check out our article about simple tips for bedroom.



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