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A Quick Guide to Saunas on Sale

If you are a regular fitness buff, you would most often find yourself in a gym a few times each week. You might have a leg day, arm day, or what have you, but what most people would look forward to after a hard day’s worth of work or exercise session, is a trip to the sauna.

You can pay to be inside one, or if you like to have one at home, some stores have a sauna for sale. Although you might ask, are there any benefits of actually using one? We will go through the process of using one, and any types you need to be aware of before deciding to purchase one for your home.

Whether you will be using a public or private sauna, there is proper etiquette that you would need to follow whenever you are using a sauna or any place that requires you to share a space with someone.

Proper Usage of a Sauna

Clean before you come in

Think about the dirt and grime that you may have on you after working or exercising. You would not want those to stick on you or anybody with you when you get into the sauna.

Stay decent

A towel or anything that will cover your unmentionables, so you are not in the nude, is essential in a sauna. Not to mention it is sanitary, especially if it is a public one.

Keep mum

This is applicable in a public sauna, and that is keeping a code of silence unless you know the other person inside the sauna. Being inside one is relaxing for most people, so the last thing that they will need is to hear people chattering.

Keep the electronics out.

Think about the steam that may be inside a sauna. Now imagine that steam getting into your electronics. It will not be a pretty sight, I assure you. Even if you keep them protected, it will annoy the other individuals inside the room.

Keep it short and simple.

We all know this quote, especially on events that we are asked to present in front of a whole crowd. The usual time spent inside a sauna is at most 20 minutes, and make sure that you close the door as soon as you get out because, like an air-conditioned room, you would not want too much steam escaping the sauna.

Different Types of Saunas

If you are planning to have one installed in your home, it is best to know the different types of saunas that you can find in stores that have a line of sauna for sale.

Traditional Finnish Sauna

Considering how cold it can be in Finland, where this type of sauna came from, saunas are a welcome respite as it can give temporary relief from the cold. You would most often find a bucket of water that you can use to pour over the rocks to increase the steam inside the room.

Dry Sauna

As the name suggests, a dry sauna is different from a traditional Finnish sauna in terms of what is needed to create steam inside. There is an option to pour water on the stones inside a dry sauna, but you would have to be considerate about the people inside, especially if they were expecting a dry one.

Steam Bath

For a steam bath, humidity is vital when it comes to keeping the sauna hot, but the temperature is more relaxed compared to a traditional Finnish sauna or a dry sauna.

Infrared Sauna

In this type of sauna, you will not need rocks or steam to keep you warm but a panel of infrared lights that will keep you warm without actually increasing the temperature around you.

Benefits of Using a Sauna

When you use the sauna after a hard day’s work or a particularly grueling gym session, your overworked muscles will recover quicker than having someone massage you. Besides, you can use a sauna more often than you are allowed to get a massage.

When you sweat, the toxins inside your body get released. So when you sweat more in a sauna after a workout session, you are doubling the benefits of having to sweat out all the negative things inside your body. You will get to feel more relaxed and a little lighter, as a short stint in the sauna can boost every aspect of your body and decrease the amount of fat in your body.

Just remember to stay hydrated after your workout and your sauna session, so you will not have any problems with your body.

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