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Some Attractive Design Inspirations For Industrial Style Houses

1. Overview of vintage design

The design of the house usually describes the character of the occupants. If you carry the Scandinavian style, the house owner is a group of people who are minimalist and do not like home decorations. Then, If you are the Shabby Chic style. Of course, the residents like the “crowd” with its love of sweet colors.

As far as we know, industrial designs are rarely used by homeowners because this industrial house concept demands the occupants of the house remain consistent with past designs and always maintain them regularly. However, homeowners still use the industrial homes they prefer.

Those who apply industrial homes expect to create a naturally warm atmosphere in their homes. This warmth can be present through materials that are usually always present in industrial homes, namely wood, iron, and walls without paint finishing. For inspiration, let’s take a peek at some industrial house designs.

2. Some pictures from industrial design

Although many people do not understand the term industrial design, its popularity has not diminished. Therefore we would like to introduce industrial home interior design. In this picture, we give some examples of industrial rooms. We hope this design can add to your ideas and inspiration. For that, let’s discuss one by one the images below. Happy following.

Showing a masculine impression

Houses with industrial designs prioritize an artistic appearance. Industrial design is inseparable from the characteristics of exposed iron and bricks. Therefore, industrial house designs are perfect for men. Dark color design with rough materials is a favorite of men. Concepts like this give a masculine impression to a house. For those of you who are happy with the design above, you can implement this industrial inspiration into your home.

Kitchen design with exposed brick

Kitchens with industrial designs look different from other designs such as minimalism and Scandinavian. The hallmark of an industrial house is the unfinished walls that still display the original red brick. This concept often scares homeowners because it can make the house dirty due to debris from untreated materials. However, if designed properly, it is not a problem. Like the kitchen from the industrial house above, one of the walls uses bricks. With a design like this, this industrial design kitchen will look natural.

Then, to look more beautiful, you can decorate your kitchen with a beautiful wooden kitchen table, decorative hanging light, and attractive accessories. If you are happy with the red brick concept in the kitchen, you can use this design for your inspiration.

Industrial design for bedroom

The bedroom is a place to rest after a day of activities. The quality of your sleep will be guaranteed if you can design the best bedroom according to your taste. If you want to give an industrial touch to your bedroom, you can see the picture above. The back wall of the headboard uses cement without any mortar. This is what strengthens the concept of an industrial house the most. Not to forget, a display in the form of a wheel from a machine is attached. Then, other accessories that characterize industrial houses are added, namely wood on the floors and furniture.

As for this other bedroom, the walls has designed with red bricks that are not plastered with cement and used wooden floors. Then to make it more attractive, this bedroom is decorated with a beautiful bed, a ceiling fan, and some artistic wall decorations. This design is perfect for those of you who like artistic bedrooms. Hopefully, this design can add to your ideas and inspiration.

Combination of design with vintage style

As far as we know, the combination of industrial design and vintage style will create a high artistic value. The reason is that the industrial design has a characteristic that displays red brick and iron, while the vintage style features furniture with an ancient model. So if you want to carry an industrial house, you don’t have to use typical industrial materials. You can pair the industrial house concept with other styles, for example, vintage style. The example image above illustrates if you want to combine an industrial house with a vintage style from floor coverings, a sofa set, and a unique wooden table. Then, not to look monotonous, you can decorate the living room with decorative lights, wall paintings, and other attractive accessories. So the living room has become beautiful and comfortable.

While in the second picture, you see an industrial design with red brick walls not plastered with cement. Then equipment such as guest chairs, long bright sofas, decorative lights on the ceiling, and books are displayed on the wall shelves which are vintage style. The combination of these two designs creates an attractive and comfortable atmosphere. Make the living room look beautiful and charming. We hope this design can be an additional idea and inspiration for you.

Artistic dining room design

This industrial dining room design looks simple. It can make the dining room look beautiful and bright like a minimalist design. You can see the wall design with exposed white bricks, a beautiful kitchen table, a hanging lamp using chains, ceiling made of iron frame. Make this room thick with industrial design. Then, to look complete dining room is equipped with a wooden dining table with an iron frame has completed with several chairs. So the dining room feel comfortable.

In the second picture, the dining room with red brick walls that are not plastered with cement. Then, to make it look more attractive, this dining room is decorated with a ceiling fan and some metal decorative lights. In addition, on the kitchen wall has installed a kitchen set and a beautiful shiny kitchen table. Then, to look more fun has placed a dining table complete with chairs and lounge chairs and a table. That way, this design features a very cool industrial house. We think this design is suitable for those of you who crave an artistic dining room. We hope this design can add to your ideas and inspiration.

Industrial house staircase design

Every house’s two floors must have stairs for the means to go up. Many staircase designs you have seen. However, the industrial staircase design looks different from other designs in minimalist and Scandinavian homes. The industrial staircase design displays the characteristics of iron and wood. In the first picture, you see the stair model has made with a hollow iron design and looks neat for stair strength. Then, the stair-step has made of wood that has been finely processed. The ladder model is made with the letter L to make it easier when going down. For safety, the side of the stairs has made of iron handles. Then, the walls of the stairs are decorated with natural stone with rough motifs to make it look beautiful. With a design like this, your stairs will look beautiful and fun. Hopefully, this beautiful staircase design can provide additional ideas and inspiration for you.

Next, you see the design of the stairs in the second industrial house. This design looks unique and artistic. The iron which is the resistance of the stairs has hung on the concrete ceiling of the house. If you imagine if you release the iron grip, you can divorce the owner of the house. As you know, the industrial design pays close attention to safety. So we don’t have to worry about the durability of the stairs made of hollow iron. However, under the steps of the stairs made of refined wood, iron is installed as a ladder resistance. For you to know, the stairs of this house use railing made of pieces of iron. Then the model is made L down to provide convenience when going up and down the floor. This design looks unique and artistic because one of the prisoners on the stairs is a hollo iron that is neatly arranged from the bottom up. Hopefully, this design can provide ideas and inspiration for you.

Living room ceiling design

You need to know that there is something unique about industrial homes. Usually, the roof of an industrial house is no longer covered by roof covering material and is left to appear as it is. Sometimes some are not painted to show the original color of the roofing material.

You can see the first picture, The roof is not covered with asbestos or triplex. The roof is left with wood which is from the second floor. Then to make it look more attractive, it is given a black hollow iron which is a hallmark of industrial design. Then decorated with chandeliers. With this design, the living room roof looks beautiful and natural.

As for the second picture, the roof does not cover with material. Instead, it is left with iron that follows the pattern of the house roof. Then, hollow iron is arranged so neatly to look attractive. Of course, it can make the living room ceiling stronger. Then, please decorate with wall lights. With this design, the living room looks artistic. Hopefully, this review can be an additional idea and inspiration for you.

Bathroom design with hanging neon lights

Another characteristic of industrial houses is the installation of many neon lights. These lights are made to hang with a lot of wires. Like the inspiration above, neon lights hung on a pipe in the bathroom space. This concept is increasingly similar to the interior of industrial factories. To make it look more attractive, you can add a ceramic sink, wood motif tile floor, and a drawer for storing towels in the sink. This design seems to look unique and artistic compared to other designs. We hope this design can add to your inspiration.

3. Conclusion

There are several ways to design a home interior design to make it look beautiful, attractive, aesthetic, and luxurious. Therefore, we want to share ideas to provide some examples of the best industrial designs for your home.

In this article, we describe some of the best industrial design examples Then to make it, of course, you have to spend money if your house has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we describe, then give it to the home decorator.

Hopefully, this article can help you to create and organize your home. Happy decorating!



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