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Kitchen Trends and Ideas in 2021 You Must Know! – Change of year is the right time for us to improve the things in our lives, be it attitudes, the outfits, or even the interior of the house. Begin to change something that is near us first.

Presenting a new atmosphere in 2021 might be used as one way to make 2021 even better. The new atmosphere will make you feel better. Besides that, an interior that looks new and nice will also have an impact on your mood and your daily activities at home.

Because COVID-19, which requires us to always be at home, the home must be the most comfortable place to live in. You can do home interior makeovers. Start with the room you use the most, one of which is the kitchen.

In a pandemic like this, the kitchen does not only function as a room for cooking. The kitchen is often multi-functioned as a room for work and also for inspiration. Especially if your kitchen is integrated with the dining room or living room.

For those of you who want to have an attractive kitchen in 2021, here we have provided Kitchen Trends and Ideas in 2021 You Must Know! So, let’s check it out!

1. Attractive Kitchen Design with Minimalist Concept

The minimalist concept is indeed a trend in 2020. It is possible that in 2021, the minimalist concept will continue to be used to make the house feel spacious and comfortable.

minimalist kitchen
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Often used as a room for work and also for inspiration, the kitchen must be made as comfortable as possible. So, a kitchen design with the minimalist concept is included in Kitchen Trends and Ideas in 2021.

There are several ideas that you can apply to the minimalist kitchen concept:

1. Kitchen cabinet to make it looks neat

minimalist kitchen decor
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As we know, in the kitchen there will be a lot of items which, if shown, will make the kitchen look messy and dirty. To overcome this, you can use a wall kitchen cabinet.

Wall kitchen cabinets are the most appropriate items to use. By utilizing the wall, there will still be free space in the kitchen. In this way, the kitchen will not feel cramped so that you can feel comfortable there.

2. Shelves along the wall

kitchen shelves
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For a narrow kitchen with high walls, it is perfect for creating an open space in this room. Making a wall shelf on one side of the kitchen wall will be much better than using a kitchen storage cabinet buffet.

3. Replacing the dining table with a kitchen island table

kitchen island table
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Some people make the kitchen and dining room in one room. This is an interesting way that can be applied to a minimalist house. Making the kitchen and dining room in one room or usually we call it open-plan kitchen and dining room will also be much more practical.

For those of you who still use the dining table in the kitchen, preferably in 2021 you need to replace it. The dining table will make the kitchen feel narrow. To give a roomy and attractive impression, the kitchen island table is much better to use.

At the bottom of the table, you can use it as storage space.

2. Adding Hot Water Taps to the Kitchen

According to Mark Staweczny, designer for Abode, hot water taps will be the go-to item for kitchens by 2021. And according to a survey, searches for hot water on Google will increase by 25% by 2020. So, we can be sure that hot water taps will become an item that many will be searching for and using by 2021.

According to the survey, almost all adults drink coffee and tea. To make these two drinks, hot water is needed. However, considering that in such a sophisticated year, technology has indeed made our lives much easier. Without realizing it, we live in a very practical era. People will want things easily. Therefore, currently, the kettle is rarely used. People replace this item with a dispenser. However, using a dispenser for hot water will consume a lot of electricity. As a result, the electricity bill will increase. Therefore, boiling water tap is in great demand by many people.

kitchen hot water taps
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Here are the benefits you will get by using the boiling water tap for the kitchen:

  1. Will make it easier for you. Boiling water tap will produce hot water instantly. So, you no longer need to boil water in the kettle to get hot water.
  2. Save energy. To get hot water by cooking it first is not only long and troublesome but also takes gas. And for the dispenser will require a large amount of electric power. So, using a boiling water tap will save more energy.
  3. Save to use. Using the boiling water tap you only need to turn the tap. Much safer than boiling water in the kettle.
hot water taps kitchen decor
Cc: Pinterest
hot water tap for 2021 kitchen trend
Cc: Pinterest

By using boiling tap water, there are several activities that you can do easily, such as:

  1. Instant hot drink.
  2. Wash dishes to make them sterile.
  3. Washing the vegetables quickly.
  4. Wash baby bottles so they are sterile and avoid germs.
  5. Thaw froze food.
  6. Cooking instant noodles with ease.

3. Kitchen with a touch of red

Red is indeed a color that is often avoided by people because it is considered too quirky and bold. However, that is where the new atmosphere. Live in 2021 with a different look and atmosphere.

According to Hayley Simmons, Head of Merchandising, colorful kitchens are set to be a big trend in 2021.

red kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

Giving a touch of red to the kitchen can be said to be quite a bold move. However, you do not need to worry. Giving a touch of red to the kitchen right will make the kitchen look more attractive.

calm red kitchen
Cc: Pinterest

As we can see from the image above, a kitchen with a touch of red does not always look bold and quirky. In the picture above the kitchen with a touch of red looks so calm. An attractive appearance and comfort blend in this room.

4. Dark Colors for Kitchen Surfaces

For the 2021 kitchen trend, the surface of the kitchen is given darker colors. This stems from the monochrome concept which uses only two colors. Applying dark colors to interior surfaces gives a more interesting effect. The interior looks more luxurious.

comfortable kitchen
Cc: Pinterest
attractive kitchen red decor
Cc: Pinterest

You can use a black kitchen table. Black is a safe color because it is a neutral color. For a more attractive appearance, add a few colorful touches to the kitchen table. Red becomes an attractive color.

Red and black are the combination that can indeed make the kitchen look bold. However, by combining it with other bright colors such as white, the kitchen can look calm and luxurious.

5. Simple Display That Makes It Comfortable

From the previous year, the interior with a simple design was so popular. And until 2021 kitchens with simple designs are still a trend. Many people like the interior with a simple design. A kitchen with a simple design creates more space so that the kitchen will feel more spacious and comfortable.

Simple designs are great for small spaces to avoid feeling cramped and stuffy. However, there is nothing wrong with applying a simple design to a large kitchen. The large kitchen with a simple design will look modern and classy.

2021 simple kitchen
Cc: Pinterest
cozy simple kitchen decor
Cc: Pinterest

The kitchen with a simple look starts from the furniture chosen for this room. For a simple and also sweet look, try choosing light furniture made of wood and letting the natural color of the wood appear in your kitchen. It is also a great idea to make the kitchen look attractive.

simple kitchen decor
Cc: Pinterest

In filling the kitchen, try to use furniture that is only needed. You can also choose closed storage to put some items so that the kitchen can look more empty and roomy.


The beginning of the year is the right time for us to change everything. Creating a new atmosphere is the most appropriate way to bring a happy start to the year. It can be started from the things that are around us, one of which is the interior of the room. As the room that is most often used, the kitchen is one of the rooms that must be covered to create a new, better atmosphere. In decorating the kitchen to make it look contemporary, more references are needed. And in this article, we have provided Kitchen Trends and Ideas in 2021 You Must Know! So, good luck and Happy new year!



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