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Greenery The Dining Room: Here are 20 Best Plants Decoration Ideas – Not only the living room or family room, but the dining room is also often used as a room to gather with friends and family. Enjoying time chatting and eating delicious food becomes a fun thing. However, besides all that, the atmosphere of the dining room must be very supportive.

Presenting a fresh and calm atmosphere is the main thing so that the dining room can feel comfortable. Greenery the dining room is one of the ways to create a dining room that is fresh and also naturally beautiful. Green colors will make this room feel so relaxed and calm.

And here, we have provided 20 Best Plants Decoration Ideas that can be your references in greenery your dining room. So, let’s check it out!

Hanging Plants is Perfect for Small Dining Room

Having a small dining room is not a problem. Indeed, it is necessary to be careful in decorating the small dining room. Due to the limited space, you cannot use too many items in this room, including plants. However, do not worry. By decorating the small dining room properly, this small room can be a comfortable and attractive room.

The room is narrow plus the dining table and chairs take up a lot of space in this room, the free space in this room is increasingly limited. With this, decorating the small dining room with hanging plants is the most appropriate idea.

By hanging the plant on the ceiling, there is still free space in the dining room. In this way, the small dining room will not feel cramped. And you can have a fresh and green dining room as you want.

This hanging plant is recommended for homes with strong ceilings (not made of gypsum). And make sure to cut plant leaves regularly so that the dining room does not look dirty and messy.

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hanging plant
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hanging plant for small dining room
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Greenery The Dining Room Wall

When entering a room, the wall becomes the first focal point we see. So, it can be concluded that the appearance of the walls of the room greatly affects the atmosphere and appearance of the room itself.

Greenery on the dining room wall is a good idea that can be your references. Decorating the walls of the dining room with some fresh green plants can add to the comfort of this room. The green color on the wall can make anyone who sees it relax.

  • The Ladder to Hang The Plants

plant dining room decor
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Hanging plants directly on a wall may not be effective. Small nails stuck into the walls cannot support the weight of the hanging plants. Therefore, additional items are needed so that the plant can hang firmly.

If we look at the picture above, the house owner uses the wood ladder and hangs it on the wall of the dining room. Then, several plants were hung firmly on the wood ladder. This can also be used as an idea to give an attractive and creative appearance to the dining room.

  • Floating Wall shelf to Place The Plants

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green dining room
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A floating wall shelf is a tool to put some items that are used to make the room look more attractive. Greenery the dining room wall by using the floating wall shelf is a great idea. You can place some plants on the floating wall shelf.

You can also utilize it to make the small dining room feel and look more spacious. By hanging the floating wall shelf closer to the ceiling, the small dining room wall will look taller.

Creative and Unique Pendant Lamp with Plants Decor

Every room certainly needs lighting, including the dining room. There are two types of lighting that can be used to illuminate the dining room:

  1. Natural lighting. Source from sunlight. By using the large window for the dining room, natural light can enter the dining room freely.
  2. Artificial lighting. Source from the light that is plugged into electricity.

Currently, there are so many types of lamps that can be used. And for the dining room, the pendant lamp is a perfect lamp to use.

Pendant lamps can not only make the room bright but also can give a fresh green look to the dining room. Because they are always hung in the middle of the table, pendant lamps are the right point to be given green decorations.

  • Wooden Ladder

dining room decor
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To give a unique and attractive appearance, you can pour your creativity here. Making your own pendant lamp is an interesting idea.

When viewed from the picture above, the pendant lamp looks very attractive. The ladder is used as a media to put some plants and also some lamps. The white flowers on the ladder are very helpful in making the dining room look so beautiful.

This idea is perfect for a farmhouse dining room.

  • Tree Branches

green dining room ideas
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Have tree branches? Maybe you can use tree branches to make your own unique and creative pendant lamp.

Hang tree branches from the ceiling. Then hang some small plants and lights on the tree branches. In this way, you will have an attractive and fresh dining room.

  • Farmhouse Chandelier with Olive Garland

beautiful dining room
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This one is perfect for a Christmas atmosphere. The Farmhouse chandelier gives a calm and warm impression to the dining room so that the dining room will be soothing and comfortable. Coupled with the olive garland decoration on the farmhouse chandeliers giving a fresh green look to the dining room.

This one idea is also one of the easiest ideas to apply.

  • Simple Pendant Lamp

greenery dining room
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Giving a green look to the dining room does not have to always use large amounts of plants. As we can see in the picture above, with a few green leaves on the pendant lamp above the dining table, the dining room looks fresh and beautiful. The appearance of the dining room is also very simple so it will feel comfortable. It is perfect for you who prefer a simple and minimalist dining room.

Beautiful Dining Room with Small Plant Decor

In the dining room, the dining table is the main item. Did you know that the main item really affects the appearance of the room itself? As the main item in the dining room, the dining table must of course be decorated as well as possible.

Decorating the dining table with plants can be used as an idea to make this room look fresh and green. Choose a small plant to decorate the dining table so you can eat comfortably.

dining table plant decor
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small plant
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dining room table plant
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In order to make the dining table not look too small, try to use a transparent vase. Fill the vase with water so that the plants do not wither quickly.

For a more attractive look, you can fill the vase with green leaves and water. Then put the candle into the vase. Candlelight will go a long way in bringing out a very calm and warm atmosphere. In this way, the dining room not only looks attractive and fresh but also feel comfortable.

Simple Dining Room with Big Plant Decor

If you are the type of person who prefers a simpler appearance, in greenery your dining room, you do not need to use large amounts of plants. Just use one plant with large size.

A large size plant is great for filling the corner of the room in the dining room. Try to put a large size plant in an area with direct sunlight, such as near a window. That way, plants can receive sufficient light intake for photosynthesis so that plants can survive for a long time.

To give an attractive appearance to the simple dining room, you can choose pots with interesting shapes and motifs.

big plant for dining room
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big palnt decor
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big plant dining room decoration
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big plant for dining room
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Vertical Garden in The Dining Room

The dining room with a modern concept is equally interesting. By prioritizing the impression of being spacious, clean, and also minimalist, the dining room will be the most comfortable and fitting room for gathering with family and friends.

It’s an interesting idea to apply a vertical to a modern dining room. The fresh green appearance makes this room appear even more perfect. The serenity in the dining room can be felt clearly.

vertical garden
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dining room with vertical garden
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The dining room is not only used as a room for eating. Some people make this room a place to hang out with their family and friends. It will be very nice to gather while eating a delicious meal. However, of course, the dining room atmosphere must be supportive. And making the dining room look fresh green is an interesting idea. You can Greenery the dining room with these 20 best plant decoration Ideas. So, happy trying all!



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