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Decoration & Ideas: Welcome Spring 2021 with Comfortable Bedrooms – Every season the people choose to create a new atmosphere in their home. Gives a new and fresh impression that is much more fitting and comfortable in that season. And as the personal room, the bedroom becomes the first room to get a makeover.

In a moment, the winter will turn into spring. The low temperature will gradually rise to normal. Also, the flowers started to grow back to show their beauty. Therefore, decorations in the spring are usually not far from beautiful colors and floral motifs. The spring vibe tends to feel so fresh and cheerful too as it has some pretty colors popping up.

And here, we have provided Decoration & Ideas of Welcoming Spring 202 with Comfortable Bedroom. So, let’s check it out!

Bright Colors for Cheerful Ambiance

The sunlight had returned, the flowers began to grow, the green grass began to make eyes fresh. You will get beautiful bright colors this season.

So, in decorating the spring bedroom, make sure you choose the right colors, namely bright colors that can give a cheerful ambiance to the bedroom.

bright spring bedroom
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Here are some colors that can be applied to the spring bedroom:

  • White

white spring bedroom
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In decorating the bedroom to appear naturally bright, white can be used as an alternative. The white color will make the atmosphere in the bedroom feel so fresh. Besides that, white will look suitable to be given decoration in any color.

White color is also very suitable to be applied to a small bedroom because it will make the small bedroom feel more spacious so that this small room will feel comfortable.

  • Yellow

yellow spring bedroom
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Furthermore, there is a yellow color that you can choose to decorate the bedroom in welcoming spring in 2021. The yellow color is perfect for giving a feminine and warm impression to the bedroom. Not only that, making yellow the basic color of the bedroom can make the bedroom feel very pleasant.

  • Green

green spring bedroom
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In welcoming spring 2021, you can choose green as the basic color of the bedroom. Decorating the bedroom with green can bring a cheerful and also fresh ambiance to the bedroom. A green bedroom will look calmer and feel so soothing.

  • Peach

peach spring bedroom
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Giving a bright appearance to the bedroom in welcoming spring in 2021, peach color can be used as an option. The peach color is very suitable for application in women’s bedrooms. You will get a feminine, sweet, bright, and cheerful look from decorating a bedroom with peach colors.

No need to decorate the entire bedroom in peach. You can choose one important item, such as a bed for decoration in peach color. The use of duvet covers, bed sheets, and pillow sheets in peach-colored is the right idea.

Presenting Patterns That Can Make a Spring Bedroom Feel Alive

The plain appearance in the bedroom will certainly make the bedroom look monotonous. Not very suitable for the spring bedroom. So, in welcoming spring in 2021, you need to present a busier atmosphere so that the bedroom can feel more alive.

Decorating the bedroom by presenting several motifs is the right idea. Here are some motifs that can be used to decorate a bedroom in a welcoming spring:

  • Flowers Pattern

flower motif for spring bedroom
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Because in spring the flowers have started to grow again, you can use this as inspiration in decorating your bedroom. Decorating the bedroom with a flower pattern can make the room look crowded so that the atmosphere in this room feel more alive. Besides that, the various colors of the flower patterns provide such a pleasant atmosphere that you will feel happy in the bedroom.

  • Plaid Pattern

plaid pattern for spring bedroom
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If you feel like your room is quite crowded and you do not want to make it look so quirky, then the flower pattern is better to avoid. You can use the plaid pattern to decorate the spring bedroom.

The plaid pattern is also perfect for those of you who prefer a simpler look. Besides that, plaid patterns can be applied to the bedrooms of women and men.

  • Fruit Pattern

fruit pattern for spring bedroom
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A bed sheet and pillowcase with fruit motifs can be used as an option for decorating the bedroom. The fruit motif will make the bedroom appear more attractive. The bright colors of the fruit motif are also very fitting to give a fresh atmosphere to the bedroom. In this way, the bedroom will boost your mood in the morning.

Add Plants As A Bedroom Decoration

If in winter the use of plants in the bedroom is avoided because it can make the air in the bedroom humid, in spring, you can return to using these plants as bedroom decorations.

Decorating the bedroom with some plants is indeed the right way to make this room look fresh. Green plants will also make the room feel more alive.

plant for spring bedroom decor
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For those of you who make the bedroom a place to release stress, maybe you can add some plants to the bedroom. The green color of plants can make you feel more relaxed and calm.

Not only that, but some plants also have benefits that are so important for health. Like aloe vera and Sansevieria which can absorb harmful substances in the air. By using plants like this, the air in the bedroom will always be healthy and fresh.

Flower Wall Mural to Make It Looks More Beautiful

Walls are the main focus in a room. Therefore, the appearance of the walls is very important and can affect the appearance and atmosphere of the room itself.

In welcoming spring, of course, you have to present an atmosphere that looks filled in the bedroom. If using some paintings or pictures that are too mainstream, maybe a wall mural can be used as an option.

flower wall mural
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There are various kinds of wall murals to choose from. However, because welcoming spring is synonymous with flowers, try to choose a flower wall mural as a bedroom wall decoration. The flower wall mural will make the bedroom look colorful and make the atmosphere of this room feel more alive.

For those of you who like to paint walls (mural), you can pour your creativity here. That way, the appearance of the bedroom will match what you want.

Tree Stump as Side Table for Natural Concept

In the bedroom, side tables are usually used to put alarms, smartphones, table lamps, and so on. The existence of a side table beside the bed is very helpful and makes it more practical.

In welcoming spring 2021, what if you apply a natural concept to the bedroom? Decorating the bedroom with some natural furniture is very helpful to bring a fresh and alive atmosphere. And the tree stump as a side table can be used as an option.

tree stump side table
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You can buy a tree stump side table at various furniture stores. However, to save costs, you can make your own. All you need is a tress stump. So that the wood looks shiny and beautiful, you can polish it with liquid wood polish.

Beautiful Vase Filled with Flowers Placed on The Side Table

There will be lots of pretty flowers in the spring. You can pick them and use them as decoration. Choose a flower vase with an interesting shape and put the flowers in the vase. For the flowers to last long, fill the vase with fresh water.

spring bedroom decoration
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You can put a vase filled with flowers on the tableside. This will be of great help in bringing the spring vibes into the bedroom. Beautiful natural colors of flowers will make the bedroom feel fresh. Besides that, these flowers will also make the bedroom smell good.


The years have changed, and soon winter will turn into spring. The low temperature will slowly rise and make you feel comfortable leaving the house. The withered flowers have started to grow back. And this is the time for you to change the atmosphere of your bedroom. The atmosphere of winter should be replaced with the atmosphere of spring. And in this article, we have provided the best Decoration & Ideas: Welcome Spring 2021 with Comfortable Bedrooms.



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