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How to Created and Organized Narrow Bedroom to Looks Beautiful and Comfortable

About bedroom

The bedroom is one of the rooms that we use the most in everyday life, such as resting, talking with family, working, and studying. Often people assume that a comfortable room is a large room because it can accommodate a lot of furniture and decorations. Of course, a narrow bedroom also can be made comfortable as long as you know how to decorate them.

Therefore, before we discuss the bedroom, let’s talk about the bedroom design first. In a house, the bedroom is one of the most important spaces and has a vital role. In this bedroom, various types of furniture can choose for your family fun. Not only serve as a place to sleep, but the bedroom is now also a space where you and your family members spend time having fun, working, and studying.

For this reason, the bedroom design is deliberately made as beautiful as possible because now the bedroom is needed for the modern lifestyle, making homeowners proud. Therefore, not wonder if the bedroom is everyone’s attention in the house to look beautiful and comfortable. Then, most of the narrow bedrooms also can be made in several designs. Therefore, you also can make a beautiful and comfortable bedroom design for your family

2. Bedroom set

The bedroom furniture set is a design name used to describe a form of bedroom decoration. Then, making to be multifunctional for a place to sleep, work, and study. In general, the function of the bedroom furniture set is to look the bedroom beautiful and fun. Then, the bedroom furniture that you choose has to according to the design of a bedroom. Therefore, you can make like your wishes and then order to the home decoration company.

3. Bedroom set function

One part of the house is most often in the spotlight in the bedroom. The existence of a bedroom furniture set makes the function of the bedroom more perfect. Not only used for sleep and rest, but the bedroom also functions as a gathering for your family. Therefore, The bedroom must be made with the best design and equipped with a beautiful furniture set. The existence of a bedroom furniture set also makes your bedroom always neat and attractive.

4. Bedroom design

There are several bedrooms design that we will explain. Therefore, in this article, we expose the bedroom design to you like, 1. a minimalist bedroom design for a minimalist home.2. vintage bedroom design, 3. Scandinavian bedroom design. For that, we present several designs and equipped for narrow bedrooms in the picture below. Let’s discuss them one by one! Hopefully, you can make it!

Minimalist narrow bedroom design

To get rid of the stiff and cold impression in a minimalist bedroom design of 3×4 size, you can use a painting wall on one side of the wall. But don’t put too much stuff on the wall. Installing several photo frames, knick-knacks, or ornamental plants is enough to make it appear more expressive.

To make your room bright during the day, then you should install bright curtains so that the sun enters your room. But you have to coat the bright curtains with dark curtains so that the night is not visible outside the bedroom.

For light, you can use enough so that it doesn’t bother your eyes at night. The presence of a mirror can also serve to reflect the light of the lamp. Then, The advantage of this bedroom design is that the room is beautiful and bright.

A minimalist design for a unique narrow bedroom

The bedroom is one of the more important rooms in the house. Apart from being a resting room, the bedroom can also be a personal headquarters for its occupants. Currently, the concept of a minimalist bedroom is in demand by many people. Besides being simple, you can apply your imagination to this minimalist narrow bedroom design.

In this one-bedroom design, it looks beautiful and unique. The bedroom decoration consists of rattan and bamboo. For those of you who like art, you can design a bedroom like this picture. That way, your soul will blend with the decorations in this bedroom.
What you need to take care of is, don’t let the unique ideas that you prepare make your bedroom messy because of improper spatial arrangement.

The advantage of this narrow bedroom is can decor with a variety of unique accessories. With this decoration, this minimalist bedroom looks beautiful and unique.

Minimalist design for a narrow bedroom with wallpaper

For those of you who like to experiment with visual arts, you can take advantage of uniquely patterned wallpapers to stick on the walls of your room. For that, choose only one side of the bedroom wall for wallpaper. Then, you can add photo frames or other knick-knacks to beautify your room design.

To look beautiful, you should choose neutral colors that are not too flashy so that the room design is not too crowded. Besides that, you can use a variety of unique motifs for the wallpaper you want to install, for example, classic designs, Elegant, floral, or ethnic style.

To complete your bedroom, you should put a work desk and chair next to the bed. Then, make complete it with a night light next to your bed. That way, your bedroom design will look beautiful and charming. Then, the advantage of this narrow bedroom design looks bright, beautiful and makes you feel comfortable.

Minimalist design for child narrow bedroom

Even though the room is not too big, you can explore a child’s bedroom with attractive ornaments like various colors, toys, and beautiful furniture because children like colors, toys, and beautiful bedroom furniture.

If possible, give a bunk bed or a bed of various motifs. You can choose a bunk bed with the theme of a wooden house, car, or ship for your little one. With a design like this, a child’s bedroom will look beautiful and perfect. Then, make children happy to play in the room so you can control them without having to take them out of the house.

The advantage of this bedroom is that it looks beautiful and clean and is suitable for your child to play in the bedroom.

Minimalist design for practical narrow bedroom

You can make a small bedroom design in your dream minimalist home. Even though you have a small bedroom, you can feel maximum comfort. In general, the bedroom can be according to your wishes and can make you comfortable. Therefore, this small bedroom must design with the best so that you feel at home in your room.

You can see, a narrow bedroom like in this picture looks simple. The bed has designed with a folding bed model. This design is practical, and if you want to leave the room or sit back, you can fold your bed. That way, your narrow bedroom will always be neat, and you are free to move in your bedroom. Then, the advantage of a bedroom design with a folding bed is that you will feel comfortable in the bedroom because you can use the room according to your wishes.

Beautiful vintage design for narrow bedroom

If you often receive heritage items, whether, in the form of furniture such as rattan chairs, or antique decorations such as ancient paintings, you should take good care of them. For that, you better make these items as elements of vintage design in your room. With this design, the room looks more comfortable and full of nostalgia.

To make your room into a vintage design, you only need to prepare the antiques and arrange them neatly in your room. In this way, your room will look beautiful and antique.
The advantage of a vintage design room is that your room will look like an ancient bedroom because already decorated with antiques.

Luxurious vintage design for narrow bedroom

You can use a bed with carved wood material or an iron frame to become a vintage-style bedroom. For this reason, of course, the bed frame can be combined with soft pastel colors such as blue or light brown. Then, to add a strong vintage impression, you can choose a white iron frame with a slightly classic and iconic model and shape.
Then to add to the beauty of your bedroom, you can decorate it with used items from wood, used lamps, and mirrors. With a design like this picture, your bedroom will look beautiful and luxurious.

The advantage of this bedroom is, although the bedroom is not big enough, its appearance makes this bedroom look big and attractive.

A Vintage design for child narrow bedroom

Almost everyone has the dream of owning their own home. For that, you have to prepare a design for your home, especially your child’s room.
To make your child’s room fun, of course, you have to prepare a design for your child’s room.
In this article, we want to share ideas for a vintage design. It can trigger for your child to get to know old things. Besides, you can also put your legacy from childhood, and this item can be a story about you to them. Then, the advantage of this design is, even though the room looks narrow, the design and bright colors in the bedroom can make the room look spacious.

Simple Scandinavian design for narrow bedroom

Each house has a different and varied bedroom size. Everyone has characteristics and needs to design their bedroom. Therefore, If you have a small bedroom size, don’t worry about your bedroom design. Of course, if you have a bedroom that is not too big or even small, you have to design carefully.

Therefore, Scandinavian bedroom design is according for your bedroom and synonymous with its simple, bright, and clean appearance. As we know, this design style often uses a neutral color scheme; White. White color always manages to give the impression of spacious and airy into the room. In addition, white is also the most appropriate and appropriate choice to display the atmosphere of bright, clean, and sleek space. Then, the advantage of this design is that the light color and combination with wooden furniture makes your bedroom look beautiful and bright.

Bright Scandinavia design for narrow bedroom

For this Scandinavian small bedroom design, it looks beautiful and bright.
The first step that can apply the Scandinavian design style is to use white color. As we know, the white color is one of the hallmarks of Scandinavian design. Therefore, you can apply this color to all of your bedroom walls because white can give a clean and airy impression to a small room. In addition, the neutral color makes it easy for you to combine it with other colors.

The advantage of this bedroom looks like a luxurious design. Then, if you want to look more beautiful, the bedroom must be equipped with a bedroom furniture set. In this way, the bedroom looks beautiful and charming.

Scandinavian minimalist design for narrow bedroom room

Scandinavian-style rooms give the impression of calm and comfort. The minimalist concept with soft and elegant colors makes rooms with this style much loved by people. For that, we provide some design inspiration from Scandinavian-style rooms that you can decorate.
1. Natural lighting is a component of this style. Then, monochrome colors such as black will be suitable for frames, pillows, and blankets.
2. For more privacy, you can add curtains next to the bed. Decorative lights side of the bed will add to the aesthetics of the room. Then install paintings on the walls of the room and some beautiful furniture.

The advantage of this design is, with white color, the bedroom will look spacious, bright during the day and night. Then, the bedroom space will look beautiful and charming.

5. Conclusion

If you want to make a beautiful bedroom in your house, we present the best design. To make a beautiful bedroom, you should choose the beautiful design to look your bedroom more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and An Aesthetic

In this article, we explained several of the best pictures for the bedroom. Then to have it, of course, you will have to spend the money to make it. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the home decoration company. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to make your bedroom look beautiful. Happy decorating!



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