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Feel Cozy in Your Bathroom with Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas

Simdreamhomes.com – Day by day, the human population is increasing. In particular, in capital or urban areas. Often urbanization occurs, making cities become a lot of people. Therefore, this makes the architects create minimalist dwellings.

Minimalist house is the choice of many people. The price offered for a minimalist home is also much cheaper. This is also one of the reasons why people prefer minimalist houses.

However, there are some obstacles if you have a minimalist home. In a minimalist home, the rooms in this residence are also minimalist. As the smallest room, the bathroom is the most difficult room to decorate. The wrong decoration will make the bathroom look unattractive and uncomfortable. In fact, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms.

Therefore, this article will discuss “Feel Cozy in Your Bathroom with Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas” which you can make as your reference. So, let’s check it out!

Comfortable and Attractive White Nuance Bathroom

A minimalist room is easier to feel cramped and stuffy so that the room will be uncomfortable. However, this does not mean that there is no way to make a minimalist room feel comfortable and look attractive.

As in the picture below, choosing white as the base color is the most appropriate minimalist bathroom decoration. The white color will give a bright effect to the appearance of the bathroom so that the room won’t feel cramped.

comfortable minimalist bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Painting the walls and ceiling with white color is enough to make a minimalist bathroom with white shades.

A minimalist white bathroom can also be made attractive:

  • Patterned Tile Floor

Some people really avoid using patterned because it can make the minimalist room look tacky. However, even though giving a motif is the right way to make a minimalist room look more attractive.

The patterned tile floor is the right decoration to make the bathroom minimalist become an attractive and comfortable room. In this way, the minimalist bathroom will also not look stiff.

  • Maximizes Lighting

Lighting has an important role in a minimalist bathroom. Maximizing the lighting on a minimalist bathroom can eliminate the cramped and stuffy feeling. You can minimalist bathroom decor with windows on the wall or window skylights.

  • A Touch of Black

Applying white to the entire bathroom will only make the bathroom look stiff and unattractive. Therefore, it takes a little touch of another color. Adding a touch of black will give a white bathroom a monochrome effect.

Soothing Minimalist Bathroom with Wooden and Monochrome Shades

In decorating a minimalist bathroom, giving a bright appearance to the bathroom is not the only way to make a bathroom feel cozy and look attractive. For those of you who prefer serenity, the Moncokorm concept is also the right decoration.

soothing minimalist bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

The combination of white and black on the minimalist bathroom will give a slightly cold atmosphere. The minimalist appearance of the bathroom will also look more mature and cool. With this, you can give a little warm feel by adding wooden shades to the minimalist bathroom.

Timber which is arranged vertically on the walls and floor will give a more attractive look to the minimalist bathroom. The wood used is also water resistant. To carry a dark and calm concept, use wood with a dark color. The presence of wood also will bring the soothing nuances so that the minimalist bathroom will cozy.

Wooden and monochrome shades do have a drawback. The appearance of the bathroom will look dark. Therefore, you have to decorate your bathroom with the right lighting. Use recessed lighting fixtures to completely illuminate your bathroom.

Minimalist Bathroom with Fresh Nature Nuances

Creating natural nuances in a minimalist room is indeed an alternative way to make the room feel cozy. Natural nuances are believed to be able to provide a calm and fresh atmosphere so that it can make us relax. It is perfect for those of you who have tiring daily activities.

nature minimalist bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Minimalist decorating a bathroom so that it creates natural nuances is not that difficult. Try to make a minimalist bathroom feel roomy by using items that are only needed.

To create a natural feel, choose elements that you can find from nature, such as:

  • Wood

Wood is one of the easiest natural elements to find. The use of wood with bright colors can also provide a bright effect on a minimalist bathroom. In addition, wood elements can create a warm and calm feel so that the bathroom will feel cozy.

  • Natural Lighting

To create natural nuances in a minimalist bathroom, try to use natural lighting (natural lighting). You can use a window with a large size. However, if using large windows can interfere with your privacy, skylight windows are the right choice.

  • Plants

In carrying out the natural nuances of the room, it feels less if there are no plants in the room. With this, it can be concluded that plants have a major role in creating the minimalist bathroom nuances. Use some plants in the bathroom. Hanging plants are the right decoration so that the bathroom can look fresh without taking up space.

Modern Minimalist Bathroom

Some people think that modern concepts are more trendy. In fact, the modern concept emphasizes the functionality of the room, the cleanliness and tidiness of the room itself. With this, the room will be much more spacious and more comfortable. Besides that, the appearance of the modern frame is also much simpler by minimizing the use of eccentric motifs and colors.

modern minimalist bathroom
Cc: Pinterest

Applying a modern concept on a minimalist bathroom is a good idea. With this, the minimalist bathroom not only feels cozy, but also looks more attractive.

There are several decorations that can be applied to the minimalist modern bathroom:

  • Big Mirror

It has been explained before that making a minimalist bathroom looks bright is a mandatory thing and the first thing that must be considered. Use the right lighting is not enough to make the bathroom look bright. You can also add some decorations to emphasize the bright look in the minimalist bathroom.

Using a big mirror in the bathroom is the right decoration so that the minimalist bathroom looks bright. Bathroom mirror cabinet is the most appropriate item to use in a minimalist modern bathroom concept. Here, you can put toothbrushes, face wash, toothpaste, and other bathroom items so that the bathroom looks neat and clean.

  • Wall-Shelf

Using a shelf on a minimalist bathroom will only make this room narrower. With this, the wall-shelf becomes the right decoration. Here you can put several bottles of shampoo, soap, and more. Try to organize these bottles neatly.

  • Room Divider

In modern concepts, you are required to minimize the use of patterned. So, if you want to make the appearance of the minimalist bathroom look attractive, you can apply different floors and walls.

As can be seen from the image above, the house chooser wants to set a boundary between wet and dry areas. For wet areas, homeowners use wood. And for dry areas homeowners use gray ceramics. Glass dividers can also be used to prevent water from entering dry areas. With this, the bathroom will look clean.


Decorating a minimalist room is not as easy as decorating a large room. More knowledge is needed in decorating a minimalist room. One of them is the bathroom. As the smallest room in the house, decorating a bathroom is sometimes an obstacle that most people experience. And this article is made special for those of you who want to Feel Cozy in Your Bathroom with Minimalist Bathroom Decor Ideas. So, have you decided which minimalist bathroom idea you are interested in? Happy trying!



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