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Cozy Modern Japanese Style Living Room Ideas – Japanese style is indeed a trend these days. Japanese style itself does not only focus on the trend and beauty of the room but also on its rich natural nuances. This is because Japanese people are very in love with nature. Besides that, Japanese style design is also rich in culture.

However, currently Japanese style design is modified with modern elements or what is commonly called Modern Japanese Style Design. In this style, every detail of the space in the room will be more attention. This is because modern styles pay attention not only to the appearance of the room but also to the functionality of the room.

As the first room when entering the house, the appearance and comfort of the living room really need to be considered. Applying Modern Japanese Style Design to a living room is indeed the right idea. And here, we have provided Cozy Modern Japanese Style Living Room Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Modern Minimalist Look with Wooden Wall

Japanese style design is thick with natural elements. Therefore, the elements they use come from nature or can be called natural elements.

The dominant natural element they use is wood. However, the wood used is not heavy wood such as teak. On the contrary. In Japanese style design, the wood used is more light wood. Japanese people choose light wood because in Japan there are often earthquakes. So, using light wood will be much safer for them.

japanese living room
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As you can see from the picture above, the Modern Japanese living room style design looks so minimalist but also beautiful. The use of wood as the walls of the room creates a warm and calm atmosphere.

Timber arranged horizontally on the wall looks more attractive. The presence of cavities makes the living room look less rigid. Hanging the TV and mirror is the right way to make this wooden wall look dominant. The black TV provides a bold yet calming look.

Luxury Modern Japanese Living Room Style Design

The original Japanese style design tends to look traditional because it prioritizes tranquility. However, with the development of the times, Japanese style design was modified with the current design concept.

luxury japanese living room
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As can be seen from the picture above, Modern Japanese Style Design is made with the concept of luxury. However, a calm nuance is still being noticed in this room.

  • Marble

The appearance of luxury in the living room is clearly visible with marble elements in the room. Marble on one side of the room wall is enough to give an expensive look to the living room. Plus the LED TV hanging on the marble wall seems to make this side the main side of the living room.

Marble elements also make the living room look bright and shiny when exposed to light, either direct sunlight or light.

  • Low-Profile Furniture

In order to create a calm atmosphere, the living room is made to feel spacious. This can be seen from the use of low-profile furniture, such as sofas and tables. Although the sofa and table used are large, these two items are lowered. The minimalist concept also dominates.

  • Carpet Floor

The floors that are usually used in Japanese houses are wooden floors or tatami flooring. However, in order to create a luxury look in Modern Japanese Style Design, carpet flooring is the right choice.

Elegant Modern Japanese Living Room Style Design

The appearance of the Japanese style looks more simple because the items used are only those that are needed. This aims to make the room feel spacious so that calm can be created.

Even though you only use items as needed, Modern Japanese Living Room Style Design can also be made to look elegant. With one wooden round table and four soft wooden chairs, a minimalist and modern look is present in the living room.

elegant modern japanese living room
Cc: Pinterest

So that the room looks attractive and not stiff, granite floors are the right choice. Granite floors will make the living room look sparkly and bright.

The wall decoration with big painting in black and white gives a beautiful monochrome effect to the elegant modern Japanese living room style design. Black is the right color to give a clear and bold effect to the room. The black wooden walls are equally interesting.

Recessed lighting fixtures are the right choice of lights to light up the room as a whole and evenly. Recessed lighting fixtures also give a sparkling effect to the granite floor so that the elegant modern Japanese living room looks very attractive.

Soft and Calm Look Modern Japanese Living Room

To provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere, a soft and calm appearance is indeed the right choice. To ephasize the Japanese style in Modern Japanese living room, the calm and calm atmosphere must be made more dominant in the room.

To create a warm and comfortable atmosphere, wood is indeed the most appropriate main element to use. Wooden floor and ceiling will provide a warm atmosphere throughout the room. Coupled with some wooden furniture.

calm japanese living room design
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In Japanese style, the wood used for furniture is light wood. It is intended that this furniture can be moved to create a functional room.

Earthy-tone is the right color choice to give a soft and calm look to a modern Japanese living room. Brown and white colors will look very harmonious in a living room. A touch of gray gives a more interesting effect.

Open-Concept Modern Japanese Living Room

The use of natural lighting as the main room lighting is characteristic of the Japanese style. So, applying an open-concept to a modern Japanese living room is the right idea.

In Japanese style, the windows used are made of wood which are then given paper so that the room looks bright without disturbing the privacy of the owner of the house. However, this is inversely proportional to the modern style. In modern Japanese, the windows used in the living room are ceiling to floor windows and are made of iron painted black to give a bold effect to the living room.

open-concept modern japanese living room
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The large window is also the main attraction. In addition to maximizing natural lighting, the view from outside the house will be clearly visible from the inside. It is very suitable for those of you who have a beautiful view. This can also be used to add a beautiful value to the living room.

Besides that, beautiful scenery is also one of the factors that can influence the atmosphere of a living room. As you can see in the picture above, you can see that the big trees are clearly visible from inside the house. Even though it is outside the house, the green color of these trees creates a fresh atmosphere so that the living room will feel comfortable.

Placing the sofa facing the window is the right way to take advantage of natural light and the beautiful scenery outside the house. Chatting while enjoying the view is indeed a very pleasant thing.


As a room to gather with family and friends, a living room must be made beautiful and comfortable. Applying Modern Japanese Style to the living room is the right idea. Minimalist and modern appearance will make the living room look more attractive. Not only that, natural nuances which are characteristic of Japanese style will also give a calm atmosphere to the living room. And, in this article provided Cozy Modern Japanese Style Living Room Ideas for you. So, happy trying!



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