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Christmas Ornaments You Must Have to Welcome Christmas

Simdreamhomes.com -Christmas day is coming soon! The atmosphere of Christmas is one of the most eagerly awaited atmospheres for many people. Cookies, family events, exchange gifts, pray together and decorate the room with Christmas ornaments.

Everyone certainly wants a room with a nice and attractive decoration. The beauty of the room depends on the decorations used in the room itself.

In welcoming Christmas, beautifying the room by decorating with Christmas ornaments is an interesting idea. The room can be made as fun as possible with the Christmas ornaments in the room.

And here is the Christmas Ornaments You Must Have to Welcome Christmas. So, let’s check it out!

Christmas Tree

The atmosphere of Christmas is incomplete if there is no Christmas tree in the house. A Christmas tree in the house can give positive vibes to your home.

Did you know, at first there was no Christmas tree in the house. Ancient people would decorate the trees around their house to welcome Christmas. Germany was the country that first presented a Christmas tree in the house and decorated it as well as possible to make the house look beautiful on Christmas day. And until now, the Christmas tree has been used in homes and has become the main ornament in covering Christmas.

christmas tree
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For the price of the Christmas tree itself is relative, according to the size of the Christmas tree. There are three sizes of Christmas trees that can be used to decorate a room:

  • Small Christmas Tree

small christmas tree
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In decorating a small room, we really have to be smart in choosing the right items so that the room does not feel cramped. Especially when welcoming Christmas. Because there are so many family members who gather, try to provide more free space so that the room can feel comfortable. With this, small Christmas trees can be used as an option for decorating the room when welcoming Christmas.

  • Medium Christmas Tree

medium christmas tree
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A medium Christmas tree can be used as an option in decorating the room to welcome Christmas. The size that is not small but not large fits perfectly in the corner of the room.

  • Large Christmas Tree

large christmas tree
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This one is usually used for large houses. People will choose the large Christmas tree to make it visible and to become the focal point of the room.

The large Christmas tree can be an option for decorating your entryway. So, when people enter your house, they will immediately be greeted with a beautiful large Christmas tree.

Glass Ball Ornaments

Do you know what is fun when welcoming Christmas? Namely decorating the Christmas tree together with the family. For those of you who really like to decorate Christmas trees, of course, you are already familiar with this one ornament. Yes, glass ball ornaments have been used in the past.

glass ball ornaments
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The use of glass ball ornaments will determine the look of the Christmas tree. For a luxurious and elegant look, use a golden glass ball. A red glass ball can be used to give a room a bold Christmas look.

Shaped Glass Ornaments

In decorating a Christmas tree, not only glass ball ornaments can be used. There are several kinds of shaped glass ornaments that are no less interesting than glass ball ornaments.

Some glass ornaments are formed as attractive as possible starting from the shape of the animal and even the adorable symbols.

shaped glass ornament
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And here are the most beautiful shaped glass ornament and it is in great demand by people to decorate their Christmas tree.

  • Icicle Shaped Glass Ornament

icicle shaped glass ornaments
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Christmas day is synonymous with ice or snow because it is celebrated in winter. And icicle shaped glass ornament is an adorable ornament that can bring a winter atmosphere to the room. It looks like ice crystals.

Icicle shaped glass also comes in natural forms, such as birds, deer, acorns, and so on.

The use of this ornament will make the Christmas tree look more attractive and beautiful.

  • Lamp Shaped Glass Ornament

lamp glass shaped ornament

A lamp shaped glass ornament or it can also be called a heart-shaped does look more traditional. However, hanging the lamp shaped glass ornaments on the Christmas tree can give a simpler and more beautiful appearance.

  • Egg Shaped Glass Ornament

egg shaped glass ornament
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Tired of the round shape, egg-shaped glass ornament might be an option for decorating the Christmas tree on Christmas day. There are many variations of an egg-shaped glass ornament, starting from clear, red color, beautiful pattern, and so on.

The egg-shaped glass ornament is also often called elongated ovals.

  • Star Shaped Glass Ornaments

star shaped glass ornaments
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The star shape can provide different variations to the Christmas tree. Hanging several star-shaped glass ornaments can make the Christmas tree look much more attractive and less boring.

Tree Toppers

Still in the stage of decorating the Christmas tree, at the top of the Christmas tree, a star-shaped ornament will usually be given. This ornament is called Tree Toppers.

tree toppers
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There are various forms of tree toppers that are used to decorate the Christmas tree, such as star shapes, capiz angels, snowflakes, glitter starburst, and so on. However, among the many shapes of tree toppers, star shapes and snowflakes are the most preferred.

For tree toppers themselves, there are various kinds of themes offered, such as elegant and expensive themes using gold, there is also a farmhouse theme that uses wood, there is also a cheerful and bright look by giving light to the tree toppers. Choose the tree toppers that you like.

Christmas Light

Christmas light, string light, Tumblr light are the same item. This item is used to provide additional light where the light can produce a beautiful and attractive appearance.

Adding a Christmas light as home decoration can make the house feel more alive. Not only that, string lights with warm light can give a warm feel to the room so that the room will feel so calm and comfortable. Very fitting to gather with family, right?

christmas light
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Unlike the previous ornaments that were only used to decorate the Christmas tree, string lights can be used to decorate anything in the room. You can also use string lights on walls, windows, railings, and so on.

Christmas Wreath

Another Christmas ornament needed to decorate the house when welcoming Christmas is the Christmas wreath. This one decoration is usually used to decorate the front door of the house. Giving a Christmas feel to the outside of the house is also necessary so that the house looks cheerful from the outside.

christmas wreath
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There are many shops and online shops that sell this one ornament. Because this one ornament is quite popular, therefore you will find all kinds of interesting Christmas wreaths.

Not only can the entrance door be decorated with a Christmas wreath, the cool room and stairs can also be beautified by hanging the Christmas wreath there.

To make it look attractive, you could also make your own Christmas wreath. In this way, you can have the Christmas wreath as you want.


If along the road or houses there are garlands, it is certain that Christmas will soon arrive. Just like the Christmas tree, the garland is also the ornament most often used to give Christmas vibes.

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Garland is used to filling the empty space and give a fresh impression to the room. The fireplace is the media most often chosen to be given garland decoration.

The color of garland is also not only green. There are other colors such as white, blue, pink, and so on. Try to choose a color that matches the interior design of your home. Green garland is most often chosen because it is suitable for all kinds of interior design.


Just before Christmas, the atmosphere will be so happy. Happiness is channeled through Christmas decorations that are applied to the house. In welcoming Christmas, of course, there are certain decorations that are definitely really Christmas. In decorating your house to welcome Christmas, make sure you know what Christmas ornaments you will use. And in this article, we have provided Christmas Ornaments You Must Have to Welcome Christmas.



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