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Preparing for Christmas with the Right Decorations -Christmas is the day most people have been waiting for. A warm family atmosphere filled with happiness is the thing that is most eagerly awaited. The warmth with family feels able to fight the cold temperatures that occur on Christmas day.

There is one thing that is the most fun when Christmas is coming, namely decorating the house with Christmas decorations. Long holidays when welcoming Christmas are often filled with decorating the house with the family. Christmas ornaments began to appear in the house.

And to make the house look attractive and beautiful on Christmas day, you certainly have to decorate the house as best you can. And here, we have provided Preparing for Christmas with the Right Decorations you can apply to your house. So, let’s check it out!

Tree Decoration

The Christmas tree is certainly familiar to us. A must-have item for Christmas.

Initially, the Christmas tree was not used indoors. Ancient people would decorate the trees around their house so that the Christmas atmosphere could be felt from outside the house.

Germany is the first country to use the Christmas tree as a decoration for the home interior in welcoming Christmas. And until now, the Christmas tree is used in the house.

christmas tree decoration
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As the main item, the Christmas tree must be decorated as well and as attractive as possible. Decorating a Christmas tree together with your family will be much more fun.

Here are the Christmas tree decorations that you can apply:

  • Applying Christmas Light First

Beautiful christmas tree
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To make the Christmas tree the main focus of the room, provide additional lighting. Therefore, try to decorate the Christmas tree with Christmas lights.

Decorating a Christmas tree with Christmas lights is the main step before hanging other Christmas ornaments.

Make sure you put the Christmas light neatly so that the Christmas tree looks perfectly beautiful.

  • Glass Ball Ornaments

glass ball christmas tree decor
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After putting the Christmas light on the Christmas tree, it is time for you to hang some beautiful Christmas ornaments such as glass ball ornaments.

For a cheerful and very Christmas look, use a red glass ball ornament. Christmas trees can also be made to look expensive and elegant with gold glass ball ornaments hanging from the Christmas tree.

  • Shaped Glass Ornaments

shaped glass ornaments
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To give a more attractive appearance, use glass ornaments with different shapes, such as the shape of a deer, heart, star, and so on. In this way, the Christmas tree will not look boring.

  • Tree Toppers

tree toppers
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The final stage of decorating a Christmas tree is placing ornaments on the top of the tree, or what is commonly called tree toppers.

There are many tree toppers to choose from:

  1. Star,
  2. Finials,
  3. Fairies,
  4. Snowflake,
  5. Capiz angels,
  6. Glitter Starbust, and so on.

Stand-Up Christmas Decoration

Not only the Christmas tree, but there are also many other Christmas stuff that can be used to decorate the room in welcoming Christmas. One of them is stand-up Christmas ornaments.

Stand-up Christmas ornament can not only be used to decorate the interior of the house but also outside the house to give a pleasant Christmas feel.

chsitmas standing decorations
Cc: Pinterest

And here are some stand-up Christmas decorations that can be used to decorate your house:

  • Wooden Christmas Tree for Outdoor

outdoor wooden christmas tree
Cc: Pinterest

To make Christmas decorations, you do not have to buy good Christmas stuff at a high price. You can also use used wood in your house and shape it like a Christmas tree. To give an artistic impression to this decoration, give it white paint. You can also write some Christmas greetings on wood.

  • Christmas Tree-Shaped Self

Christmas tree-shaped shelf
Cc: Pinterest

Used wood can also be made interesting crafts and is useful for displaying several displays that can give a beautiful value to the interior of your home. Make a Christmas tree-shaped shelf like the one in the image above and put some pretty displays on the shelf.

The Christmas tree-shaped shelf can be utilized to fill the corner of the room so that this space will look beautiful.

  • Transparent Lantern

christmas transparent lantern
Cc: Pinterest

Bring a colorful impression to the entrance. Use a transparent lantern and fill it with some baubles and ornaments. Give a little decoration like a Christmas bow at the top to make it look more attractive.

  • Basket Christmas Tree

basket christmas tree
Cc: Pinterest

The basket Christmas tree is also a beautiful stand-up Christmas decoration. Putting a Christmas tree basket on the table-cabinet is an interesting idea to make the room look nicer and full of Christmas nuances.

To make it look more beautiful, you can add the string light on the tree.

  • Stand-up Christmas Candles

stand-up christmas candles
Cc: Pinterest

Bringing a warm atmosphere to the interior of the house on Christmas day is a must. Candles are the perfect decoration to use.

Try to use a stand-up candle container with an attractive shape. Or you can also use a transparent jar which is then decorated with pine fruit for a simpler and more beautiful impression.

Dining Table Christmas Decoration

Eating together has become a mandatory activity to do on Christmas. Therefore, the living room is not the only room that must be decorated with Christmas decorations, but the dining room should also.

To give a thick Christmas atmosphere to the dining room, try decorating the dining table because this is the main item in the dining room.

dining table christmas decorations
Cc: Pinterest

There are several decorations that can be applied to the dining table so that the dining table looks very attractive and beautiful:

  • Garland in The Middle of The Dining Table

Garlan is one of the Christmas ornaments that can be used to decorate the interior and give it a fresh look. To give the dining room a Christmas atmosphere, try to put the garland in the center of the table. Don’t forget to glue the garland with tape so it does not move and can interfere with eating.

  • Glass Ball Ornaments

Adding a glass ball ornament to the top of the garland is the right decoration so that the dining table does not look stiff. Choose the glass ball ornaments with natural colors such as grey or white to make the look of the dining table not too striking.

  • Pine Fruit Decoration

Also, add some pine fruit decorations on the sidelines of the garland to give it a calmer and softer look.

  • Candles

To make the dining room feel comfortable, give this room a warm feel. Putting a few candles on the dining table is the right decoration. The atmosphere will also feel more alive.

Entry Door Christmas Decor

When welcoming Christmas, not only the inside of the house is decorated but the outside of the house too. Make your house look fun even though it looks from the outside.

entry door christmas decoration
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There are several decorations that you can apply to the outside of the house to make it look attractive and feel very pleasant:

  • Christmas Wreath

christmas wreath
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One more Christmas ornament that is always used to decorate the house is the Christmas wreath. Hang the Christmas wreath at the entrance.

Christmas wreath is not always used on the door only. You can also use this Christmas ornament to decorate the walls and banister to make it look pretty and attractive on Christmas day.

  • Garland on Doorways

Garland on doorways
Cc: Pinterest

Apart from the Christmas wreath, also add garland on the door edge. At the top, you can give a red ribbon so it does not look too plain.

If there are lights on the side of the door, make sure that the lights are not covered with a garland so that at night the front of your house remains bright.

Fireplace Christmas Decoration

Christmas day comes in winter. However, it seems like a very fitting mix. The cold temperature in the room will be displaced by the warmth of being with family.

To give a warm and comfortable feel on Christmas day, the fireplace is a very important item. A fire burning in the fireplace can expel cold air entering from outside the house.

christmas fireplace
Cc: Pinterest

As an important item, the fireplace can be used to make the room look attractive by providing some decorations to the fireplace.

One culture that has existed for a long time is hanging socks on the fireplace. Where these socks will be filled with several gifts that will be taken by the children.

Not only that, but the green garland is also the right decoration to make the fireplace look more attractive. You can also add a few candles to give a warmer atmosphere to the room.


One of the cultures in welcoming Christmas is decorating the house, both the inside and the outside of the house, as good and attractive as possible with some Christmas ornaments. There are many Christmas ornaments that can be used so that it often makes it difficult for some people to decorate their homes. And in this article, we help you who Preparing for Christmas with the Right Decorations. You can apply some of these decorations to your house in order to make it look beautiful. So, happy trying!



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