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Choosing An Attractive Windows for Your Home

1. About your home

The definition of a house is a building that functions as a place to live for its residents and makes it as comfortable as possible, and we feel comfortable when occupying it. Home is consists of various material components, including wooden houses, woven bamboo houses, houses made of bricks, and many houses use precast concrete.

The difference in the use of these material components and all depends on several factors of regional/climatic conditions, temperature, etc. But it all depends on economic conditions. But. for a low economy, you can use material and design as an alternative.

For you to know, the house has several levels based on the economy of the homeowner, namely simple houses or often referred to as RSS and luxury homes. Simple houses or modern houses, and luxury homes have different designs.
Therefore, many people want to make a beautiful home. In this article, we want to provide an attractive house window design.

2. Making the perfect design

By designing a house window, we hope that the interior design of our house will look more beautiful. Therefore, you must get inspiration and good ideas to design the interior of your home according to your taste. Then, to get a beautiful and comfortable window design. For that, you have to choose the best model, the best material. We also recommend that the windows must be combined with glass so that sunlight enters your home and makes your interior look bright and beautiful.

To avoid window model errors, you should control the manufacturing process so that after the finish, the results are according to order. As we know, house windows are also widely sold in shops that sell home decorations, you can choose according to the model you want, but the window must adjust to the size of the window in your home.

3. Choosing some material 

As we know, choosing the best window material for the house can make it strong and not easily porous and damaged. For that, of course, you have to select a material that fits your budget. Therefore, you should choose door wood from teak, Kampar wood, or mahogany wood. This type of wood is durable, strong, and not easily porous. This wood is of the highest quality, and when the painting will be more attractive than buying windows made of processed wood or plywood. Then, for window frames, it is better to use aluminum. So it is not eaten by termites that make your windows porous and damaged.

Most importantly, you must choose a window material that fits your design and budget, and don’t select a material that exceeds your budget because it will make it difficult for you. Then, before ordering windows, you must prepare a model or design drawing of the window and give it to the craftsman who makes the window. That way, it can be calculated according to your budget.

4. Some pictures of the best design

In this article, we provide some windows pictures, of course, to make your home attractive. Then, to make a beautiful house, you have to prepare some pictures of house window models for reference before starting the work so that the results are satisfactory. Therefore, we want to provide some pictures of house windows to consider. Of course, the house windows that we describe can make your home an example of a home for those who see it. Therefore, we explain one by one as in the article below. Let’s see the picture right away!

Frosted window model

This home window design can make your home more attractive and characterful. Therefore, do not underestimate this design. You can see the color and model of an elegant minimalist window in this picture. Beautiful house windows are architectural elements that cannot be separated from a house building. In addition to security and air ventilation, window designs with attractive colors also provide an aesthetic appearance to the entire facade of your home. In Indonesia, people always use home window designs with aluminum and glass because they are more durable and simple.

Sliding glass window

This sliding model glass window design is white with a wide model. This design can give uniqueness to the house. If you use this window, you can change the paint of the window frame with the color you like. To add to the beautiful appearance of the window, you can add a flower pot, as in this picture, so that it doesn’t look boring.

Elegant double-wings window

This Double-Wings model window is suitable for minimalist rooms. This double-wings model is simple because you can be open inside. So that your room is fresher, put plants in the corner of the room.

This model looks elegant, and you don’t need to hesitate to use a minimalist home window with this aluminum material, especially if this window is a combination with white wall paint. That way, this color combination will look beautiful and harmonious. If you like bright and soft colors, and this window can be an option. For that, many people use windows like this in their homes.

Pivoted model window

You can check out this unique Pivoted Model Window. The uniqueness of this model is that the shutters can rotate 90 degrees. Then the material and color of the wood make this window model more beautiful and elegant. For that, please use this window for a large room so that air from outside is free to enter. Then, make your room cool and healthy.

If your room is narrow, you can consider using this window model. This model is more practical and does not take up space in your home. Then, this window also gives a classic and unique impression. You can adjust the color of the window frame to your taste to make it appear more pleasing to your heart.

Window with round model

The window with Round Model looks antique and not on the market, so there is no harm in choosing this model to make the interior of your home look beautiful and unique. This model can be an option as an inspiration for your home window. Although the model is round, it still provides good air circulation considering the square-shaped windows.

This window with a wooden design looks attractive from inside a minimalist house. This wooden window design is rarely used in the home. Of course, this design is the best for beautifying your home decor.

Transom window model

The transom window has placed above the door or window frame. This installation technique allows transom windows to have a variety of shapes and suit the design of the house.
This window can be closed and opened to exchange air. Therefore, this transom window is equipped with rods and hinges that can be open from below. The transom model is quite practical and flexible. That way, it is suitable to be placed in various of the house.

Arched window model

The arched window model looks beautiful in the living room. See! This curved window model looks very attractive and fun. The white color applied to a minimalist wooden door can be something cool and become your favorite color. For that, don’t hesitate to apply this bright color to your windows. Then, the condition is that you can combine this wooden window with neutral wall paint to make it pleasing to the eye. Well, please design this color on your door.

Window with double-hung model

The double-hung model is a popular window model used abroad. This window model combines two glass windows in a frame. So that it has a more dynamic appearance. Then, if you want to move this window, you can slide it down or up. You can choose this window model to get a classic look at the house. Moreover, this window is combined with a beautiful minimalist kitchen wall, of course, making this house becomes more attractive and pleasant.

Model picture window

The picture window is a fixed window model because it can’t be opened. If you want to place this window, you can choose the side of the room that does not need air ventilation but has a beautiful outdoor view. Picture windows can be used to give a spacious impression of the room. Not only that, but the use of this window can also reduce the use of electricity at home because natural light can enter in large quantities.

Casement window models

This casement window has a vertical side that is longer than the horizontal side, although it looks the same as windows in general, the shutters on this model have an additional feature in the form of hinges that can hold the window in a certain position. This system of openings with additional hinges has an advantage because it can make the window not easily blown by the wind. This window model is suitable for use in rooms that need fresh air, such as in the kitchen area.

Minimalist window in living room

This minimalist window model is suitable to complement your minimalist home. The window is an important component in the interior of the house because of its function to perfect the space and to get light into the room, and facilitate air circulation. As we know, the appearance of this window is able to enhance the decoration of the room according to its character. Then, to satisfy your imagination. With this design, the interior of your living room will look more attractive.

Window with oval model

An oval-sized window with a small square grid model that is lined up and very suitable to decorate the living room as your talking arena. The arrangement without using curtains gives a bright and clean impression. With this design, the interior of your living room will look beautiful and elegant.

Sliding window for the bedroom

One more idea of ​​​​a house window application for a minimalist house is at the same time making it a sliding door, which you can use for a room that is not too wide. Windows with aluminum frames look beautiful in the bedroom. With this design, the bedroom becomes bright and makes sunlight enter the room, and makes you healthy in your room.

Minimalist wooden window

The minimalist wooden windows look transparent from inside the house. Have you ever seen a door like this? Usually, you can found in accessories stores or flower shops. A window like this is quite beautiful when viewed and combined with a minimalist interior style. With this design, the room looks fashionable. But if you want to use this minimalist window model for your front door, you have to close it with curtains so that the interior of your house is not visible from the outside.

Window with an open space model

Windows with an open space model like this picture, are suitable for homes with guaranteed security systems.
The living room will look wider by using this window model. Now, you can apply the mirror film to keep your privacy from being seen from the outside. This design makes your living room look more beautiful and bright. If you have a big house, you can design like this picture.


Doors in bright colors

If you are bored with the color of wood and aluminum, you can also use Windows with a white paint finish. You can choose bright-colored paint to make your windows more beautiful and bright. However, if you want to use this design, you can choose white for your walls or another pastel color. That way, the color of the door will look harmonious with the color of your walls.

5. Conclusion

Wow, there are also many inspirations for minimalist house window designs with dazzling colors to replace the paint on your window. But if you want to make beautiful the exterior of your home. We present the best house window. Then, to make a beautiful house. You must select a beautiful house window to look more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and An Aesthetic.

In this article, we explained the best pictures of beautiful designs. Then to design it, of course, you will have to spend the money. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the house window maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you make your home look beautiful. Happy decorating!



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