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Tips Make The Bedroom Looks Great by Presenting The Right Lighting

Simdreamhomes.com – The right decoration is indeed something that can make the bedroom look attractive and feel comfortable. However, the decoration is not the only important thing to note. There are still many things you need to know and pay attention to making the bedroom look attractive and comfortable.

Lighting is one of the most important things that can affect the appearance as well as the atmosphere in the bedroom. The selection of lighting in the bedroom is certainly not haphazard. In order for the bedroom to be a comfortable room, of course, the lighting used must be appropriate.

Here we have provided Tips Make The Bedroom Looks Great by Presenting The Right Lighting. So, let’s check it out!

1. Choose The Right Size of Lamp

Lighting is very important for all rooms in the house, including the bedroom. When the bedroom is no longer getting natural lighting, the lamp is the only item that can make the bedroom look bright. However, the selection of lights is not easy. There are a number of things to consider before you buy a lamp for your bedroom.

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The first thing to note is the size of the lamp that must be used. Make sure you don’t use the wrong light. The lamp used must be in accordance with the size of the bedroom. A large bedroom certainly requires a large lamp. And a small lamp for a small bedroom.

And here are the sizes of the lamp:

  • Large-size Lamp

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In order for a large bedroom to look beautiful, of course the lamp used must be large. With this, bedroom and lights will look harmonious. In addition, the large bedroom of course needs more lighting to make it looks bright. So that why the large lamp is important for the large bedroom.

The large bedroom also can be made looks luxurious and elegant. You just need to hang the crystal chandelier in the middle of the room.

  • Medium-size Lamp

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If you use a large lamp for a medium-sized room it will certainly make the room look small and narrow. And of course, this will make the bedroom uncomfortable. In addition, using a large lamp in the bedroom is making the bedroom too bright and uncomfortable to look at. Therefore, you have to choose a medium size lamp to make the bedroom feel comfortable and beautiful.

Choosing the small-size lamp for medium bedroom is also not good. The small-size lamp for the medium bedroom only makes the bedroom look stiff.

  • Small-size Lamp

small bedroom lighting decor
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One of the ways to make the small bedroom looks great and feel comfortable, we have to make the bedroom feel more spacious. By using the small lamp is an appropriate way to make the small bedroom beautiful and comfortable.

Choose the small lamp with simple design to make the small bedroom look sweet and not looks overdone. Hang the lamp in the middle of the room in order for the lighting will spread evenly.

2. Center The Lamp in The Place That Needs Light

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Sometimes, there is a spot in the bedroom that looks dark even during the day. The second tip we have to do is to center the lamp in a place that needs light. There are some spots in the bedroom that really need more lighting:

  • Place to reading

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If you are the type of person who really likes reading, of course you have to make the place for reading is comfortable. It will be greater if the place for reading is bright. So that you have to add a lamp in the place when we like to read.

You can add the reading lamp and put it on the table bedside or hang it on the wall. Hang the lamp on the wall is an appropriate way if there are some items that have been placed in the table.

  • Playing Laptop

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When you play a laptop for a long time, of course more lighting is needed to keep your eyes from being damaged. Adding a table lamp to the bedroom table is the most appropriate way to make your laptop playing place comfortably.

3. Make Sure The Lamp in The Right Place

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In order to make the bedroom feel comfortable, make sure the lamp in the right place. If you use a lamp on the bed, make sure the lamp is in the right position, not too close and not too far away. Lights that are too close will make you feel dizzy and difficult to fall asleep. While the lights are too far away will make the edge of the bedroom dark.

Likewise for reading lamps and study lights. Make sure you place the lights in the right place and at the right distance so that your bedroom becomes a comfortable place.

4. Do Not Use Too Many or Too Little Lamps

A room that is too bright or too dark certainly makes the room itself uncomfortable. Therefore, when you buy a lamp for the bedroom, make sure you buy it in the right amount. Such as pendant lamps amounted to one and of course with the right size for your bedroom, as well as reading lamps or lamps not with the right amount as well.

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The above can apply to large and medium-sized bedrooms. Then what about the small bedroom?

The small bedroom only uses one bright lamp to make it look bright. You do not need the other lamp because it just makes the bedroom looks too bright so that the bedroom will be uncomfortable. If you want to add some light in order to make the appearance of the bedroom looks great, you can add the light with warm lightings, such as yellow LED string light. Indeed LED string light is the item that used to decor the teenage bedroom, but did not rule out the possibility to use this one item for bedrooms of any design.

5. Presenting The Ambiance You Want By Using The Lamp

In addition to lighting up the room, another function of the lights is as a bedroom decoration to bring the feel of the room you want. There are several nuances of the room that can be presented from using lights:

  • Elegant

elegant bedroom decor
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By using lights, your bedroom can be made elegant and luxurious. Just use a long pendant lamp and hang it on the side of the bed. Then to make the bedroom look bright, recessed lighting fixtures are the most appropriate lights to use.

  • Soft and Warm

soft and warm bedroom look
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By using the light, you can also make the bedroom feel warm and soft at the same time. The LED string light is an appropriate lamp you can choose to make it happen to your bedroom. You can hang the string light on the wall near the bed to make the bed feel comfortable so you can sleep well.



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