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How to Choose A Wall Painting for Your House Room to Look Beautiful and Comfortable

1. About your home

A comfortable home is a house that makes us feel at home and not bored in it and makes our hearts calm then comfortable. Then, to make our homes feel comfortable, room decorations must be as creative as possible according to what we want. Now several ways that we can apply for our wall decorations for that the room looks alive, beautiful, and charming.

In this article, we will share ideas on how to choose the right wall painting for the walls of your home so that the interior of your home looks beautiful and charming. Then make you feel comfortable in your home.

2. Home interior

Your home does look beautiful and fun with the furniture in the house. However, the home interior is not complete if not equipped with natural nuances and something interesting.
Besides that, the interior of the house will look monotonous if the walls of your living room still look plain. That’s why we want to present some paintings for the interior of your home to look beautiful and fun.
One of the decorations that you can do is decorate the walls of your room with paintings.
But don’t forget, you have to decorate it according to the room you think needs to be designed.

3. The right painting for your room

A beautiful painting is a representation of a person’s soul. Then, if you are a romantic soul, of course, you will be happy with the floral and natural nuances. Then, if you are a businessman, you will be pleased with paintings that symbolize challenges and courage horses, tigers, and mountains paintings. Then, for those of you who like art, you will usually be happy with landscape paintings, crowds, and peace.

For that, if you want to beautify the interior of your home with paintings, then you should choose the right picture for your home. That way, your soul will blend with the painted on the walls of your house and make you feel like you are inside the painting.
Well, don’t choose the wrong painting!

4. Paintings that are suitable for your room

Your house must have several rooms, including a living room, bedroom, family room, dining room, and kitchen. Of course, you cannot decorate all rooms with paintings because the painting you will install will represent your soul.
For this reason, we will give some examples of room walls suitable for you to install paintings, and of course, these paintings are appropriate for the room. For that, let’s see some of the pictures below that are appropriate for the interior of your home. Happy decorating

3D painting on the bedroom wall

There are many choices in making mural art for cool decorations in your home, one of which is a 3D painting that makes it feel as if really in our home. Then, Murals can be used as motivation for your children by making paintings on the children’s room walls. In this way, this painting looks beautiful and artistic in the children’s room. Then, To make the beauty of the room, you can put flower pots and accessories in this room to make it look more attractive.

Abstract color on the sidewall

You can see abstract Pictures of the living room walls and the latest wall wallpaper motifs as your inspiration in choosing the best wallpaper for the room next to the narrow stairs.
You can apply an abstract decoration style to be a wall decoration next to the stairs. The function of this room will be different from other rooms that are usually allocated for gathering, receiving guests.

Room design with the latest modern wall wallpapers already designed in an abstract style. In this picture, you can see a beautiful and fun abstract painting of a bedroom wall. In this way, the walls of the room next to the stairs look artistic

Calligraphy painting to decorate the living room

You can see paintings that are suitable for Eid in the living room. Even though the homecoming ban is enforced due to COVID-19, your spirit must not be extinguished to welcome it. For that, you can still celebrate Eid at home with your nuclear family. Cooking Eid specialties and staying in touch via video calls can be a fun alternative. Then you can decorate the walls with calligraphy paintings.

The advantages of calligraphy painting often make our hearts feel at ease and remember the presence of God. For that, try to decorate the walls of your house with beautiful and fun calligraphy painting ideas.

Contemporary style painting in the living room

This one painting looks beautiful and comfortable in your heart, there is a minimalist style of this painting, and there is also a contemporary style. Therefore, this contemporary calligraphy painting has such a deep meaning. The pronunciation of “Allah” appears in the middle. Then, you see to divide the cliffs and the sea.

The advantage of this calligraphy painting is that it reminds us of the greatness of God in our lives. You can put this calligraphy painting in the family room and let it be the background for video calls with relatives. Eid moments at home will feel even more lively and memorable!

Bamboo view on the living room wall

You can see a room full of murals on this living room wall picture. Looks very attractive and pleasant. Especially in a place such as a family room, you can decorate the walls of the exit room. Therefore, some don’t have a bamboo landscape picture like this.
Wallpaper supplying companies create murals to help consumers beautify their place of business or home. Indonesia now has a list of clients who are increasingly enjoying wallpaper painting. For that, murals or wall pictures can be a decoration for your family room. That way, you will get comfortable in your family room while talking with your family.

Landscape painting on the living room wall

Of course, you can decorate the walls in every room of the house. Then you are a selection of themes that suit your wishes or your hobbies. For example, you want a comfortable atmosphere in the living room with wall paintings. Therefore, you can also give a touch of landscape painting or trees on the living room wall. While in the dining room, you can provide the best picture that suits your tradition or appetite.

In the bedroom, you can install wall paintings that match your hobbies or personality, and so on. Hopefully, you install the best picture for your living room, so your living room looks beautiful and fun.
The advantage of a painting like this is that your soul will feel calm, comfortable, and peaceful. So you will feel at home in this room. Therefore, there are a lot of ideas that you can apply to your interior room. The goal is to be able to produce wall paintings that fit and match your room. For that, you only need to determine the theme that suits you and your family’s taste.

Wall painting in the dining room

In making a mural, you can use or choose a wall painting that is complicated, artistic, and fascinating. But you can also use a simple wall painting but still display the extraordinary beauty of the room.

Here we present to you a wall painting in the dining room that you can see from the dining table, and at the same time, this painting can increase your appetite. Make this painting your inspiration in designing your dining room. Then, the advantage of this landscape-themed painting is that you will be calm, comfortable, enjoy and feel like in the open.

World map painting in the bedroom

You can see the wall painting in the form of a world map on the bedroom wall. In addition to adding artistic value to the bedroom, it is also a fun educational tool for children. Whenever they want to find the countries on the map, they can always do it. Then, this map painting makes the bedroom look attractive and unique with a world map painting.
The advantage of this wall painting in this bedroom is that it makes children happy with the location of the countries in the world and can learn where the adjacent foreign countries are, Then the bedroom walls look beautiful and unique.

Natural style landscape painting on the family room wall

The wall painting shows a natural atmosphere present in a family room. Of course, this makes the atmosphere of the room feel fresh and comfortable. This atmosphere is very supportive of comfort in working, gathering with family while chatting. You can also use this room to relax after you are tired of working in a day, especially work that takes time and thought.

At some time, one can lighten a load of his mind by looking at the beautifully painted wall paintings in the room. Then, you can walk far away from the painting wall and then look at the mural from a distance. Of course, you will see a beautiful family room wall.

Then, the advantage of this painting on the family room wall, you feel in the middle of the forest with views of the trees and the water flowing in the river, and your heart will be comfortable and cal

Mural of Nature in the bedroom

The wall painting shows a natural atmosphere present in a family room. Of course, this makes the atmosphere of the room feel fresh, and you can see murals with natural nuances. Yes, the nuances of nature are not only used as mural paintings but many kinds of paintings are adopted from natural beauty or natural events. Aside from being an aesthetic addition to the room, this painting can be a wall decoration for your bedroom

The advantages of this painting make you feel cool and comfortable so that your sleep will feel good. Then with a painting like this natural nuance, your room will look beautiful and natural.

Horse painting on the living room wall

The painting of a group of horses in the living room running in the water is claimed to have the meaning of persistence in achieving fortune. Not only that but horses are also believed to be active animals. Therefore, this painting is very suitable to be placed in your living room. Of course, if you are happy with the horse’s picture, you should pay attention to the position of the horse running in front of the outside of the house. According to feng shui, if you are facing outside you will have good luck.

Then, the advantage of you putting a painting of a horse on your living room wall, your living room will be beautiful and majestic. For those of you who believe in feng shui, this horse painting will increase your luck in business and work.

Painting Flowers in the bedroom

For a softer look in your room, the mural can be cartoon-themed with simple pictures made by your child. Murals can also be a creative way to display photos for your home’s interior decorations.
In this picture, you can see a painting of flowers in pond water. This painting looks beautiful and comfortable when you look at it. The softness of the color of flowers can make our hearts calm, peaceful, and happy.
The advantages of this painting, your room looks beautiful and charming and you can sleep well.

Painting under the sea in the bedroom wall

You can present the atmosphere of underwater life with a mural with the theme of under the sea life in your room. In addition, to make a beautiful impression, the presence of a wall painting with an underwater theme also provides its coolness for those of you who want to feel comfortable resting in your bedroom. To make this, of course, you have to match your soul because otherwise, this painting will not give you soul.

Then, The advantage of this painting, make your room will look more attractive and artistic, and the walls of your room can make you comfortable whenever you look at it.

5. Conclusion

If you want to make a beautiful room in your house, we present the best painting. To make it you should choose the beautiful picture to look your room more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and An Aesthetic

In this article, we explained several of the best pictures for your houses. Then to have it, of course, you will have to spend the money to buy it. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the painting maker.

Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to make your home look beautiful. Happy decorating!



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