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Bright and Comfortable House: Great Ideas of Modern Minimalist House Design with Maximum Lighting

Simdreamhomes.com – If we look at 2020, the modern minimalist house design is in great demand by many people. Yeah… who does not want to have a house with an attractive and charming appearance? The modern house design looks more contemporary. So, it is certain that a modern style house will not be out of date.

Modern house design carries a more minimalist and simple concept. The combination of neutral colors makes it look attractive and cool. It is suitable for those of you who like a simple but attractive appearance.

Modern minimalist house design will give you such calm comfort. Apart from the neutral colors used, minimalist and modern house design also pays attention to the lighting used. Natural lighting is the main lighting of this house.

For those of you who want to have a bright and comfortable house, in this article we have provided Great Ideas of Modern Minimalist House Design with Maximum Lighting. So, let’s check it out!

1. The Glass Facade Gives A Natural Light Look to The Modern House Design

Glass facades are usually applied to tall buildings in urban areas. The goal is to make the building feel comfortable. By utilizing natural light as the main lighting, the room in the building will not feel cramped.

And nowadays, glass facades are not only applied to urban buildings, but also to modern and minimalist houses. By applying the glass facade to the house, natural lighting can enter the house freely. In this way, your house is guaranteed to feel comfortable.

The glass facade is also not only influential for the interior lighting of the house but also for the exterior of the house. The glass facade will make the exterior of the house look classy and charming.

However, behind it all, the glass facade also has weaknesses. Besides consuming a lot of money, cleaning a glass facade is also quite complicated. As we know, rain and dust easily make the glass look dirty. To keep the appearance of a modern house looking attractive and charming, the glass facades must be cleaned regularly. Also, the use of a glass facade will present a view from inside the house. So, your privacy will be very disturbed. To fix this, you need wide curtains to cover the glass at night. And for the daytime, you have to use a net curtain.

  • Glass facades for a large modern two-story house design

A large house is a place to live that is wanted by many people. However, making a large house feel comfortable is not easy. It takes the right decoration and design so that the large house feels comfortable. And one of them is by bringing excess lighting into the house.

In a large house is easy to feel empty so that the house becomes uncomfortable. With a glass facade, a large modern two-story house design will be a comfortable and charming residence.

When seen in the image below, the first and second-floor glass facades are applied so that natural lighting can evenly enter the house.

big modern house
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  • Glass facades for small modern two-story house design

Houses with modern designs are not only for large houses but also for small houses. Modern design is more appropriate to be applied to minimalist houses. That way, the minimalist house will not feel small and cramped.

With two floors, the room in the house becomes more. And the room can also be made wider.

The application of the glass facades on the first and second floors is great for making the house look classy and big from the outside.

modern minimalist house
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small modern house two-story
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  • Glass facades for small modern

The glass facade for a small modern house is great for making this house such a comfortable place to live. The natural lighting that freely enters the house makes a small house feel more spacious. Besides that, maximizing natural lighting can also make the house feel more alive.

modern small house design
Cc: Pinterest
modern small house
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2. Open-concept Garden in The House

In some houses, the garden is considered an unnecessary place. In fact, some people really need the presence of a garden at home. Besides being able to relax, a garden at home is great for the air around the house. Some plants will make the air around your house healthy. In addition, the garden will also affect the appearance and atmosphere of the house.

Architects understand very well how important gardens are in this day and age. Therefore, modern houses have green gardens, be they small or large.

garden in modern house
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An open garden is usually created at the back of the house. However, there are also some houses with open side gardens. This is not a problem because the function is the same.

On the garden, walls are usually only polished with cement so that it displays an attractive gray color. This gray color gives the garden a neutral look.

garden aside
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Between the open garden at home and the room in the house is usually given a barrier in the form of a wall. However, in a house with a minimalist modern design, the wall divider is replaced with glass material. And for doors, sliding glass doors are the right doors for gardens and rooms. The goal is to show a beautiful green color from inside the room so that the room will feel comfortable. Besides that, natural light can also enter the house through this garden so that the house can look bright and feel comfortable.

Cc: Pinterest
Cc: Pinterest

3. The Second Floor Bedroom Leads to The Dry Garden

As a private room and a place to rest, the bedroom is an important room that needs attention. Besides that, the bedroom is also often multi-functioned as a room for watching, playing games, working, playing, and so on.

bright bedroom
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Making the bedroom look naturally bright is very important. And in a modern house, you can get a bedroom with a minimalist, soothing, and attractive look.

In a modern house design, bedrooms are usually made towards the dry garden to give a green look. The towering trees in the dry garden are great for the serenity of your soul as well as the look of your bedroom. By using a large window in the bedroom, the trees in the dry garden can be seen clearly.

large window for bedroom
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Besides that, large windows are also very good for lighting your bedroom. Natural light from the dry garden can enter the bedroom through the window. The bigger the window used, the more light will enter the bedroom.

For a neutral look, a window with a black frame is the right choice.

modern second floor bedroom
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4. Skylight on The Stairs Makes It Looks Bright and Awesome

Maximizing natural lighting into the house, lighting from above is much better than lighting from the side. Sometimes, lighting from the side of the house is not always make the house look bright. Because the earth rotates, sunlight cannot illuminate the house from both sides. However, by providing natural lighting from above, either morning or evening, the rooms in the house are still exposed to natural lighting.

  • Skylights follow the width and location of the stairs

Just like glass facades, the skylight is also only applied to offices and buildings. However, nowadays skylights are used for homes with modern designs to maximize natural lighting.

The skylights on the stairs are very interesting. Natural lighting will directly hit the stairs of the house. Besides that, the skylights on the stairs will also create natural light that will not only illuminate the second floor, but also the first floor.

skylight for stairs
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skylight window
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  • Skylights on the central ceiling of the room

Skylight applications do not have to match the width and location of the stairs. if we look at the picture above, skylights are made in the middle of the room.

If there is a cavity in the middle of the room, you can place the skylight in the middle. That way, natural light from above can directly hit the entire interior of the house: first floor, second floor, and stairs.

skylight window
Cc: Pinterest
big skylight window
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  • Make use of skylights to make the room appear wider

In the use of skylights, it is a shame if they are not used properly. Try painting the walls white. That way, natural lighting that enters through the skylight will directly hit the wall surface and reflect it back into the room. This is the best way to make a room appear brighter and more spacious.

Cc: Pinterest
Cc: Pinterest
  • Recessed lighting to help natural lighting to soften the look of the room

Because the ceiling has been filled with skylights, you cannot use a pendant lamp on the ceiling. Therefore, recessed lighting fixtures are the most appropriate types of lamps to use. Using recessed lighting fixtures with warm lighting is an interesting idea to give the room a calmer and softer look.

Cc: Pinterest


Modern house design is indeed very trendy in 2020. And it is estimated that minimalist modern house design will remain a trend in 2021. One of the highlights of this house design is that it is simpler, more spacious, calming, and also attractive. This is what makes the modern minimalist house design look perfect.

Natural elements such as wood, soothing neutral colors, and also natural lighting that becomes the main light are the keys to the comfort of a modern minimalist house. And those are Great Ideas of Modern Minimalist House Design with Maximum Lighting that can be your references.



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