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Some Traditional Kitchen Design Inspirations that are Still Used From the Past Until Now

1. Overview simple traditional kitchen

We always present some traditional kitchen articles as your favorite place to cook. As we know, a kitchen is not only designed for cooking. But also as a place to create and channel hobbies. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with designing a simple traditional kitchen with all the best inspiration as a differentiator from other kitchens. We know that today’s simple kitchen designs have been combined with modern style so that the interior is already different from the traditional kitchens of old. For this reason, we want to share ideas for comparing the types of furniture used.

2. Furniture appearance

Traditional kitchens in the past widely used more brick material, and then they were installed with cement. Then, for the roof ceiling and kitchen table using natural wood. The design is made simple, with not many models and variations. Therefore, the cost is not expensive, and the process is faster. Then not too much use of furniture.
Meanwhile, the modern traditional kitchen design has exposed with brick walls and bright natural stone so that the model looks modern. Then for the upper ceiling and kitchen table using ceramic or process wood. With this design, the traditional kitchen looks more beautiful and neat. The furniture many use models that are more modern and prioritize beautiful variations. But the classic impression is still visible. Now, the people have abandoned classic traditional kitchens, and then they are renovating to a modern style for times adjustment. If you like the classic model, of course, you can design it into a modern traditional kitchen.

3. Some examples of attractive traditional kitchens

In this article, we provide some examples of traditional kitchen images. Therefore, we present the history of the traditional kitchen from ancient times to the present.
However, countryside communities still use a lot of classic designs and cooking utensils. Of course, they don’t have money to renovate their kitchen. While the kitchen equipment still uses the classic model. As for those whose lifestyle is modern, of course, their traditional kitchen has been renovated to a modern traditional design. Then the equipment already uses modern equipment such as gas stove sets, kitchen sets, and refrigerators. For that, we will discuss one by one traditional designs as shown below. Happy following.

Classical design traditional kitchen

In this picture, we see the traditional kitchen design still using the classic model. The cooking equipment is so simple and uses the classic model. Then the wall is made from woven bamboo, and the kitchen window has designed with a simple and then uses natural wood. The kitchen floor has not been tiled and is still using earth. Then they cook not using a gas stove. They are using wood. But for rural people who still use a kitchen like this inside. They say wood is easy to get and does not cost money. If they use gas, they have to spend money. Of course, this design is only for low-income people. Hopefully, they can adapt the design to the times.

Classical design traditional kitchen with natural stones

This traditional kitchen design has begun to see changes. In particular, the kitchen walls have been revamped with white exposed brick. Then there have been changes to the cooking equipment, for example, a kitchen table and a heater made of iron. With the change in design, the kitchen also seems to have experienced cultural progress. However, there are still many villages that use a kitchen like this. Because they still maintain traditional culture and save costs. They say that cooking with firewood is more efficient than using gas. If you are still happy with today’s life, you can design it more neatly and make it looks attractive and antique. Hopefully, this image can give inspiration for you still like antiques.

Minimalist open traditional kitchen

One traditional kitchen has made with an open design. The kitchen is next to the garden behind the house. This design does look good because the smoke from cooking does not enter the house so that the interior is always clean and does not smell of smoke. To add to the modern impression, the walls of this traditional kitchen have used ceramic motifs and a mini kitchen set. Then, the kitchen table is made of ceramic motifs, and the door of the kitchen table from teak wood. The kitchen floor has been installed with illustrated ceramic motifs combined with white tiles. With this design, the traditional kitchen looks more aesthetic. We hope this design can be an inspiration for you.

Minimalist traditional kitchen with natural design

Although many people use ceramic motifs for kitchen walls to make their kitchen look beautiful. However, for one kitchen, it looks different than the other. This traditional kitchen is decorated with exposed brick and unplastered bricks. Then the kitchen equipment also still partially uses classic designs, for example, kitchen tables, gas stoves, and mini kitchen sets. Meanwhile, refrigerators and kitchen cabinets have been adapted to the times. This kitchen looks more natural with a dining table and accessories hanging on the kitchen wall. Then the kitchen window uses glass to make it easier for sunlight to enter the kitchen. With this design, the kitchen interior looks artistic and natural. If you are still happy with semi-traditional designs, of course, you can take this design as your inspiration and combine it with your ideas to make it more perfect. Happy decorating!

Minimalist kitchen with natural design and modern equipped

The kitchen with exposed brick design and modern kitchen equipment looks very harmonious. This kitchen does look different from the previous kitchen design. This traditional kitchen is decorated entirely with exposed bricks and not plastered. Then the kitchen utensils have also used modern designs, for example, a kitchen table, gas stove set, and a smoker. This design emphasizes the exposed brick walls and has been adapted to the times. That way, the kitchen looks more natural. Then the dining table and accessories that hang on the kitchen wall add to the complete kitchen decoration. The window is made rather large and uses glass to make it easier for sunlight to enter the kitchen. With this design, the kitchen interior looks aesthetic and natural. If you are still happy with semi-traditional designs, of course, you can use this design as inspiration for your favorite kitchen.

Traditional simple kitchen with spotlight design

This beautiful small traditional kitchen has indeed changed its design. However, the presence of natural wood as a kitchen table door is still attached. Then the walls of the traditional kitchen and the table have also been designed with bright colored ceramics complete with a gas stove. Then to look modern style, the kitchen ceiling has decorated with beautiful spotlights that can illuminate the kitchen at any time. With a design like this, this simple traditional kitchen looks more attractive. If you to make decor with a flower pot, you can place them on the kitchen wall so that the green nuance can be seen. For those of you who have a narrow kitchen, of course, this design can be an inspiration for your kitchen.

Traditional kitchen with wooden wall

Not all traditional kitchen walls use ceramic and exposed bricks. In this picture, you can see all the kitchen walls are decorated with beautifully profiled wood. Then the kitchen floor is made of wood. So it can match the design of the wooden walls. The narrow traditional kitchen looks more attractive with a wooden model. In addition, the kitchen table and dishwasher decorated with wood look shiny. The presence of a gas stove set next to the kitchen table adds to the beauty of the wooden kitchen. For a kitchen like this, you have to order it from a home decor company. Then, you have to be careful with stove fire because it can cause a fire in the kitchen. Then you have to be diligent in taking care of it. Otherwise, the wood will become blurry and will not look attractive anymore. But. if you are happy with the wooden kitchen design. Then, you can take this picture as an inspiration for your favorite kitchen. Happy decorating!

Traditional wooden kitchen with an open atmosphere

This traditional wooden kitchen with an open design looks attractive and comfortable. It feels like we want to be in this place to enjoy the atmosphere and help with cooking. Artistic decorations such as exposed brick walls, chandeliers, a combination wooden dining table with marble and antique wood dining chairs, and some flower plants make us lulled and complacent and want to make them right away. Then the open kitchen set design looks natural with lacquered wood. Then, to add to the interior of the kitchen more attractive. We hope this design can be an inspiration for those of you who are designing a home kitchen and making your family more cheerful.

Luxurious traditional kitchen

Having a beautiful and luxurious kitchen is everyone’s dream. But to have a luxury kitchen, of course, you have to prepare a lot of money. In this article, we share ideas and display pictures for you. You don’t think that traditional kitchens are old-fashioned because even this kitchen can be designed luxuriously like in this picture.

You can see the appearance of the wooden kitchen floor, a luxurious L-model kitchen set designed with many doors, a wooden kitchen table, a gas stove set, and a beautiful dining table make this kitchen look beautiful and luxurious. Then, the combination of bright kitchen colors and wood colors looks harmonious. If you have enough space in your home, you can take this inspiration as your kitchen design.

Luxurious traditional kitchen with marble design

This kitchen looks very luxurious with the addition of marble table decorations. The kitchen ceiling and kitchen floor are also designed with glossy lacquered wood. Then a beautiful kitchen set with a wardrobe model is mounted on the kitchen wall and is equipped with modern kitchen and cooking equipment.

You can see the decorative chandeliers and spotlights on the ceiling add to the beauty of this luxurious traditional kitchen. The color combination of the kitchen set, kitchen ceiling, kitchen floor, and marble dining table complete with chairs looks very harmonious. It feels like we want to be here and talk with family or friends while enjoying the aroma of delicious food. Hopefully, our dream to have a kitchen like this can be realized. Then, we can take this design inspiration for our home kitchen. Enjoy yourself please with it!.

Modern traditional kitchen with classic design

The appearance of this modern traditional kitchen looks very attractive. However, the classic traditional design is still attached. For that, You can see the wood motifs on the kitchen set, cupboards, dining tables, dining chairs, and exposed bricks on the walls. Then, this kitchen decoration looks artistic with wooden games on the kitchen ceiling and accessories. Then, to look more harmonious, the kitchen floor uses wood-colored ceramics in the kitchen interior. With a design like this, this kitchen looks natural and fun. Hopefully, this design can add to your inspiration to renovate your home kitchen.

Modern traditional kitchen with luxury design

This luxurious modern traditional kitchen looks attractive with a blue and white ceramic wall design. The mirror decoration on the kitchen wall is visible. With the addition of beautiful wooden table decorations, decorative lights hanging on the ceiling add to the appearance of the kitchen looks more beautiful. Then, the kitchen ceiling is painted white, and the kitchen floor has designed with glossy lacquered wood. You can see a beautiful kitchen set with a wardrobe model is installed in the corner of the kitchen wall and is equipped with a refrigerator to make the kitchen feel comfortable.

This modern traditional kitchen prioritizes color play, for example, a dining table, dining chairs, kitchen wall, kitchen table, dressing mirror, and hanging decorative lights. That way, the colors in the kitchen interior look very harmonious and beautiful. If you want to create a modern traditional kitchen, you can adopt the inspiration from this design. Happy decorating!

4. Conclusion

We know that you want to get inspiration for your traditional kitchen to feel comfortable and pleasant. Therefore, we present some of the best traditional kitchen designs. Then to make it, you should choose the best picture in this picture to look more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, Aesthetic, and not cramped.

In this article, we give the best pictures to add your inspiration. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your home has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the kitchen set maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to get inspiration for your traditional kitchen looks beautiful. Happy decorating!



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