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Some Examples of Sweet Vintage Kitchen Designs For Your Home

1. About the kitchen

The kitchen is a place to do cooking activities. Having a beautiful, clean, comfortable, neat, and healthy kitchen is everyone’s dream, especially if the cooking area is designed according to your wishes and is equipped with luxurious kitchen utensils and cooking utensils. Of course, it makes your wife always want to cook your family’s favorite dishes. Today, many decorating companies have offered kitchen interior design, and all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, we want to give an example of an attractive kitchen design. For that, we want to explain an example of kitchen design.

The vintage kitchen design style is popular and has characterized by beautiful colors. This design is certainly suitable for you to choose from, and we hope to suit your taste. This kitchen design prioritizes colorful and antique furniture. Then sufficient sunlight, making the appearance of this kitchen look beautiful. With this design, we hope you will be satisfied.

2. What is a vintage style

Before we talk about vintage design, we should first know what vintage design is. In general, vintage means anything is worn and old and comes from last memories. Vintage designs are not just for limited homes. However, this design has developed used in various aspects of life. Compared to other styles, vintage style takes us back in time. In this article, we want to introduce vintage kitchen designs. So they can feel the atmosphere in a kitchen full of memories.

A vintage-style kitchen design is a design style that provides a classic atmosphere and space with additional decorative elements that tend to be antique. These things can be shown by the presence of old items, antique furniture in various eras in the past, to other rare collections.

The vintage concept has great appeal and is proven to last until this day. This design will never go out of, and this design is always timeless and sustainable. For that, if you love art, of course, this design is perfect for your home kitchen. That way, your kitchen will look beautiful and charming so that many people are amazed.

3. Characteristics of the vintage

The most predictable characteristic of vintage designs is their use of color. Vintage designs dominated soft colors, as pastel colors such as salted egg green, light blue, orange, yellow, red, pink, and aquamarine. Therefore, decoration is also another thing that can display a vintage impression. One of the decorations that you can use in vintage designs is the presence of ancient objects such as flower vases with several flowers, decorative lamps, candle holders.

4. Choosing the best furniture

The furniture can be said an antique if tens to hundreds of years old as long as it has an ancient model and appearance. Then, Vintage furniture has divided into two groups. First, original furniture has been popular for a long time, such as Genki tables, chairs, and cabinets are popular 1950s to the 1970s.

Furthermore, there is also furniture with a modern model that looks outdated. But this furniture is deliberately repainted to give the design the paint peeling off in some parts to create a vintage impression. Next, to provide equipment with the characteristics of a vintage kitchen, of course, you have to look for items that have an ancient model. To get that, you can look for these items at the antique market or rummage through your grandparents’ electronic collection. If these items are still available, you can update them.

5. Some example vintage kitchen

In this article, we want to provide some pictures of vintage kitchen interior decorations that are attractive, comfortable, and elegant. We hope this article can help you find examples of vintage kitchen designs that best suit your taste. Next, let’s discuss one by one in the image below. Happy decorating!

Colorful English Farmhouse Vintage Kitchen Design

The appearance of this kitchen looks beautiful and elegant. This design as the name implies Colorful English Farmhouse kitchen. This kitchen is a type of vintage kitchen with bright colors. Then use classic furniture with a choice of bright colors. This design makes this kitchen look old-fashioned but looks very attractive and comfortable. If you like designs like this, we hope you can make them as soon as.

Old vintage kitchen design

The appearance of this vintage kitchen is a combination of bright colors, wood colors, and pastel colors. The appeal of this type of vintage kitchen is the window with black steel material, to the thick iron spindle that covers it. The use of wooden floors is also the main characteristic of this 20s-era vintage kitchen. With a design like this, you will be transported to ancient times. With an appearance like this, this kitchen design looks beautiful and unique.

You can see these pictures, the kitchen equipment and accessories such as dish racks, ancient decorative lights, and other accessories. This equipment model is still using the old model.

Vintage remodeled Kitchen designs

The appearance of this kitchen design is a vintage design that comes with a touch of tile on the walls. The furniture also uses brown wood elements that show its old age. To look vintage design, the touch of colors made little fades to look beautiful and artistic. This design has been combined with modern kitchen equipment such as a gas stove set and a large refrigerator. So that makes the kitchen look more attractive and complete.

Historic beach House vintage kitchen design

This vintage kitchen comes with maximizing a variety of striking colors that adorn the vintage kitchen space. Even though it carries a vintage concept, this style looks modern. But you can still feel the classic feel in this Historic Beach House Renovation kitchen. You can see this kitchen has equipped with a large old-fashioned refrigerator, gas stove set, and an old-style kitchen set. With this design, the vintage kitchen looks modern and comfortable.

Vintage Kitchen with exposed brick design

This Vintage Kitchen Design presents the appearance of a kitchen with classic brick walls and tile tiles. This design to couple with antique furniture and wooden elements to the kitchen set door. Make this vintage kitchen interior look more attractive and natural. A kitchen room design like this will take you back in time.

Vintage kitchen with bright ceramic motifs design

The appearance of this vintage kitchen looks bright. The kitchen walls use white ceramic motifs so that this vintage kitchen looks clean. The combination of wood colors on the shelves and walls looks very harmonious, so this kitchen looks bright and comfortable.
Although this kitchen still looks like a minimalist concept, the vintage impression remains.

Natural vintage kitchen

The appearance of this vintage kitchen looks more natural. The design of the wooden ceiling and exposed bricks looks very harmonious. The furniture such as refrigerators and gas stoves still uses the old model. Then the dining table and chairs are also still using the old model. With these designs and fixtures, vintage kitchens look more artistic and natural.

Vintage kitchen with hanging light design

The kitchen window in this room makes this vintage kitchen look bright. The design of the wooden ceiling and exposed bricks looks very harmonious. Then, coupled with the decorative chandelier mounted on the kitchen ceiling and furniture such as gas stoves and kitchen sets that still use the old model. Then the kitchen table and decorations still use the old model designs. In this way, make this kitchen look artistic and bright.

Vintage kitchen with simple design

Not all vintage kitchens must be designed with attractive colors and old-fashioned fixtures. The appearance of this vintage kitchen looks simple but still attractive. The design of the wooden ceiling and ceramic wall looks very harmonious. Coupled with a kitchen set mounted on the kitchen wall and some accessories that still use the old model. this design
make this kitchen look more comfortable and spacious.

Small vintage kitchen design

Having a small kitchen is not an obstacle for you to be creative in decorating it. Not all vintage kitchens have to be big and wear attractive colors and old-fashioned fixtures.
You can see that this vintage kitchen looks simple but still attractive. This kitchen is full of kitchen utensils that hang on the wall. All of this aims to save storage space. Then this kitchen can also still be equipped with a dining table. Then, this vintage kitchen is decorated with spotlights that make this kitchen crowded with accessories. But this design still looks attractive and fun.

Minimalist vintage kitchen design

This vintage kitchen design is minimalist in style with soft colors. Having a kitchen like this is everyone’s dream. The kitchen looks big, the minimalist kitchen set is beautiful, the dining table has set with the kitchen set, and the chandelier is attractive. This design makes this vintage kitchen looks luxurious and comfortable. Then, the atmosphere of the kitchen makes you feel at home to cook. But don’t forget, you must always clean this model kitchen. If not, dirt will stick to your kitchen set and be difficult to clean.

Vintage open kitchen design with variations of exposed brick

This vintage open kitchen design with variations of exposed brick looks is pleasant. This kitchen has located next to the garden. Then this vintage kitchen design is decorated with decorative lights, a beautiful kitchen set, and a round table complete with chairs for drinking coffee. This design makes you feel at home in it. Here you can enjoy the atmosphere of the kitchen like in a bar and you can relax while drinking coffee. This design makes the kitchen look like a bar in your home.

6. Conclusion

If you want to make beautiful kitchens, we present some of the best vintage kitchen designs. Then to make it, you should choose the best kitchen design to look more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, and not cramped.

In this article, we explained several vintage kitchen pictures to design your kitchen in your home. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your home has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the kitchen set maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture.
Hopefully, this article can help you to make your home look beautiful. Happy decorating!



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