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How Smart Homes Are Changing the Interior Design Industry

The innovative technology that is present today has raised the bar for all industries, including interior designing. The advent of smart homes brought about changes in how houses are being designed, built, and decorated. The smart interior designer has already thought ahead of the trend, and since it has been shown that there are more than 258 million smart homes throughout the world, you will need to start incorporating it into your designs.

Interior designers are surging into the future with new and exciting opportunities awaiting them. The old school ways of designing an interior are in the past, and the new age of designers are using various programs and platforms to design better built interiors with all the new technology that is now on the market. Let’s look at some of these changes and see how it will affect the interior design industry.

  • Lighting: You may remember the “Clapper” from a few years back. It would allow you to be anywhere in the room and clap your hands to turn the lights on, or off. It was an amazing way to make lives a little easier. That device is low tech compared to the sensors and smart lights that are on the market today. You can have sensors installed that have the lights turn on when someone enters the room, and off when they leave. You can have them set up with an application on your mobile device, as well, that will let you control through from anywhere in the world.
  • Devices: We all have electronic devices that need to be hooked up to the Wi-Fi when we are at home to save data. But now those same mobile devices are being used for everything from turning the lights on to locking the doors. Not to mention the tablets and laptops, and smart televisions and stereos. It more important than ever to have a fast internet that is dependable. Good NBN plans can make the difference between having good connections on all your devices or having constant buffering and failed attempts to load a website or video.
  • Appliances: As a rule, interior designers have always had a challenge when it came to the kitchen. The area needs to be large enough to accommodate multiple people cooking and eating and checking for snacks, while small enough to not take up the entire home. With the advent of smart appliances, it makes things a little bit easier because it is simple to obtain a great eye appeal, full functionality, and roomy enough for the needs of a kitchen. A dishwasher can still not load itself, and the fridge will not stock itself with food (yet), but they can all be programmed and run off the main smart hub. So, if you want coffee first thing when you get out of bed, the coffee will turn on and be ready by the time you are out of the shower.
  • Cleaning: The one aspect of life that many of us do not look forward to is cleaning. New technology has not entirely eliminated this, but it has created many things that help get through it quicker. Automatic floor cleaners, or robots if you prefer, are becoming more popular by the day. As an interior designer you will need to know this and will have to design rooms around them. A cluttered area will make it hard, if not impossible, for them to their tasks. That means that the homeowner will end up having to sweep and vacuum anyway.

There are many other ways in which a smart home effects our lives, and makes things a little more challenging for an interior decorator. That is why it is so important to stay ahead of the new technology that is coming out. You need to be able to design a house to be able to accommodate the new gadgets coming out, and if it has to do with your job you need to start incorporating it into your original designs, instead of leaving it open for the homeowners to add later.



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