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Cozy Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas – When you hear the word “bohemian” or “boho”, surely what comes to your mind is a free, hippie, vintage, indie, but full of the art look. If you are a fan of things that are full of art, the boho or bohemian style is the most fitting style you can apply in your life.

Boho style is indeed often applied to fashion. However, fashion is not the only thing. Boho style can also be applied to bedroom decorations.

So, wanna have a cozy and also artsy bedroom? Here, we have provided Cozy Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas that can be your references. So, let’s check it out!

Cozy Boho Bedroom with So Warm Wood Shades

Warm shades are indeed a factor that can affect the comfort of the room. Bringing warm shades into the most appropriate idea to make the bedroom into a cozy place.

Wood is one of the elements present in the Boho style. With this, wood can be used to bring a warm and so cozy feel into a Boho-style bedroom.

boho bedroom design
Cc: Pinterest

The selection of wood with slightly bright color makes the bedroom look bright too. Some items made of wood that can be used in the bedroom are:

  • Bed

The bed is the main item in this room. Beds made of wood are the main factor that is able to give a warm feel to the bedroom. The use of ivory white bedsheets will look sweet when blended with the color of the wood from the bed.

  • Brown Roman Shades

Windows that are left open just like that will allow sunlight to enter the bedroom freely. And of course, this will be very dazzling. Especially if your bed is located next to the window.

The right window covering for a boho style bedroom with wooden shades is brown roman shades. The display of wood in the window makes the bedroom look more attractive. Brown roman shades can also be used as bedroom decorations.

  • Rattan Lamp Shade

Not only the bed, but the lamp is also one of the most important items in the bedroom. Rattan lampshade is the most appropriate idea to make a boho style bedroom feel warm and attractive.

  • Rattan Carpet

Carpet is one of the additional items that can be used in the room, including the bedroom. Although as an additional item, the function of the carpet in the bedroom is very important. In bringing warm nuances to the boho-style bedroom, rattan carpet is the most appropriate choice.

Fresh and Cozy Boho Bedroom

As previously explained that Boho style is freer. So, here you can make your bedroom look at the room you want.

Give a fresh feel to the boho style bedroom is the most appropriate idea for you who like the impression of fresh and green. By giving a fresh green nuance to the bedroom, the bedroom will be a very comfortable and relaxed place.

boho bedroom ideas
Cc: Pinterest

There are several plants that can be used to make a boho style bedroom look fresh and attractive:

  • Big-Size Plant

Adding large plants to the boho style bedroom is the most appropriate idea to make this bedroom look fresh and attractive. Big-size plants can be placed in the corners of the bedroom will not take up too much space and make the bedroom become cramped.

  • Medium-size Plant

Providing an attractive touch, the medium-size plant is the right plant to use. Placing a medium-size plant next to a big-size plant makes it look much more attractive.

  • Hanging Plant

If your bedroom is cramped and there is no more space, using a hanging plant is the most appropriate idea. Hanging plants can make the bedroom look attractive and fresh without worrying about making the bedroom look and feel cramped.

Tapestry Make It Looks Attractive and Cozier

The decoration is the main thing that is able to make the room look beautiful and attractive. Likewise with the bedroom. Decoration becomes one of the things that is very important to make the bedroom look attractive. Not only that, but the right decoration can also give a cozy impression to the bedroom.

boho bedroom with tapestry decor
Cc: Pinterest

Tapestry is an item that has become characteristic of the Boho style. Using tapestry as a bedroom decor will emphasize the boho style. In addition, the tapestry is also able to make boho-style bedrooms look so attractive and not stiff.

The tapestry can be used as:

  • Bedding

As the main item, the bed becomes an icon that is very influential on the look of the bedroom. Using tapestry with beautiful patterns and colors can make the bed look attractive. In addition, the tapestry can also provide warmth to the bedroom so that this room will feel cozy.

  • Carpet

Not only to decorate the bed, but the tapestry can also be used as floor decoration so that the boho-style bedroom looks very attractive. With this, the tapestry can be used as floor decoration for the bedroom.

  • Wall Decoration

Wall decoration is very necessary so that the bedroom does not look stiff. The tapestry can be a fitting decoration to make a boho style bedroom look attractive and beautiful.

Cozy Boho Bedroom Style by Using The Right Lighting

In bringing a comfortable feel and look to the bedroom, lighting is an important factor. The selection of the right lighting is able to bring comfort and warm nuances into the bedroom.

LED string light with warm lighting can bring warm nuances into the bedroom and make it a comfortable and relaxed place.

beautiful boho style with led lighting
Cc: Pinterest

To provide comfort in the bedroom, hanging a string of light in the bed area is the right choice.

Here is the right spot for the LED string light so that the bedroom feels comfortable:

  • The Wall Around The Bed

The wall is the main media that is most appropriate for decoration. This is because the wall has a great influence on the appearance of the room itself. Hanging an LED string light on the wall around the bed will give a warm feeling around the bed and make it a cozy place.

  • Bed Frame

In addition to the walls, the bed is also one of the media which has a great influence on the appearance of the bedroom. By providing LED string light on the bed frame can make the bed feel warm and comfortable.


Boho is one of the designs that are in demand by teenagers. This is because a free and artsy look allows teenagers to express their creativity so that the bedroom will feel comfortable, attractive, and artsy. In creating comfortable, attractive, and artsy boho-style bedrooms, ideas are needed that can be used as references. Above are the Cozy Bohemian Bedroom Decor Ideas you can follow.



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