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Choose a Beautiful Garden for Your Home

simdreamhomes.com – A garden is something man-made in a location area that is planted with beautiful flowers, trees and decorated with rocks, making the location beautiful and attractive.

In general, we can find many parks in homes, offices and on the streets. The presence of a beautiful garden always makes you happy, so the presence of a beautiful garden in your home, makes your home look attractive and makes you feel at home.

In this article, we will discuss the types of gardens for your home. Hope you will be happy with the presence of a garden for your house. But if you want to choose the right garden for your home, you cant choose a beautiful garden as below.  For that, let’s discuss one by one the right garden model for your home.


The Back Garden is Integrated with The Dining Room and Kitchen.

A beautiful garden is everyone’s dream. In this garden below, we can see the garden’s design blends with the family dining room so making the garden look bigger. As you can see, the garden and family room are limited by a glass door and bright curtain fabric can be closed at night. Of course, for the safety of the people in this house.

In the kitchen and dining room, there is a dining table complete with dining chairs. The table is placed in the dining room overlooking the garden. Of course, this design makes you and your family feel comfortable and very pleasant.  In this situation, you feel like eating in the garden and enjoying the beauty of the garden around you.

You can see the garden stones are neatly arranged from the garden to the dining-room door, making your garden seem to blend with the dining room and kitchen.

This design is very good and makes the dining room and kitchen seem inseparable from your garden.

Then you can see the back garden is planted with beautiful flowers and trees, making your garden look beautiful. This design adds to the back of your house looking attractive from the dining room and kitchen.

 Garden Front of the Minimalis House.

The dream house is a house that has a beautiful garden in front of the house. You can see this house planted with beautiful flowers, beautiful trees, and garden grass. This designIn  adds to the location of the garden to be more attractive to look at from outside the house and inside the house.

In this garden below, You can see the placement of iron in front of the garden as a place for hanging flowers to make the atmosphere of your home look beautiful. For the garden to look beautiful, the selection of flowers must be colorful and the trees must be selected to reduce sunlight come to the house.

For the front of this house, you can see a flower holder in front of the window and see a flower holder on the floor so that your house looks beautiful and cool. On the side of the door, you can see the placement of hanging flowers, making your house seem surrounded by trees and making the house feel more comfortable and pleasant.

The installation of natural stone in the front of the house, the placement of the gate, and the surrounding trees make the house not hot from the sun. The advantage of this garden is that the house is spacious and well designed.

Garden Side of the Minimalist House.

In the side garden below, you can see a side garden complete with a fishpond and designed like a small lake. Many people make fishponds in addition to getting rid of boredom because of their daily activities. In this fishpond, you can enjoy many Koi fish for your home entertainment.

In this garden next to this house, you can see this fishpond made with good design and is planted with the small trees and flowers then the walls of the fishpond are made of natural stone, making this fishpond look natural. The water shower has been designed in this fishpond and making a view of this fishpond look beautiful and pleasant, then you feel at home in the garden next to your house.

In this garden next to this house, you can see ceramic seating is designed on the edge of a fish pond, so you can relax with your family while playing with Koi fish. This view is sure to make the side of your house more beautiful and fun.

You can see in this garden next to this house,  you can install an air conditioning machine, so you don’t need to install an air conditioning machine in front of your house or behind your house.

Hopefully, you are interested in the design of this garden next to the house with this fish pond design, and you can make your dreams come true.

Garden Front of Minimalis Wood House.

Most designers make designs for the front garden of the house, depending on the type of house. In this house, you can see the front of a minimalist wooden house with various flowers and trees. For that, let’s discuss one by one the garden design at the house below.

In this house garden below, you can see beautiful flowers planted in the garden in front of your window. Make your front garden house beautiful.

The wooden fence is made too low so that the beautiful garden in front of your house looks from the outside.

You can see the garden at the front door of this house, the flowers are hung neatly in place to make the front garden of the house look beautiful.

At the front door of this house, you can see the road made with ceramics making the front of your house more attractive.

In front of this fence, placed with a nice flower pot and planted with grass, so you look the front garden of this house is more natural and makes the front garden of this house beautiful. You must be interested and want to make your front of the house look like this house.


Garden Behind the House with an Open Concept.

Sunlight is light from the sun that can make you healthy. In this garden behind the house below, the sunlight enters freely. Of course, making the garden behind this house bright and healthy. For that, we will discuss the garden with a concept like the garden behind the house below.

The back garden of this house is not planted with many flowers. As you can see, the flowers place in the garden doesn’t look bad. This garden is more designed with stone floors on blocks so it looks like an open garden and then you can see the chairs and big trees in the back garden are laid out to relax and bask in the sun, make this park-like being in an open field and beautiful.

This back garden is inspired by the design of the glass and black frame and given a wall combination with red bricks. This back garden adds to the impression that it blends with the room in it, so making this garden look big.

In this park, you can see that the garden concept is very simple, because this park is designed to be an open and bright garden and blending between the space in the house and the back of the house.

So the garden behind this house is suitable for those of you who want an open atmosphere, not many flowers, and trees.


If you want to make your garden home look attractive, you must be considered the use of a garden design according to the type of your house.
In this article, we provide some ideas to make your home garden look beautiful, and hopefully, this article can be useful for readers, how to make your home garden like your dream house, then you can make it according to your wishes. Thank you




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