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Beautiful Simple Room Decor Ideas That Will You Love

Simdreamhomes.com – The minimalist and simple appearance tends to be liked and in demand by many people. Simple interior decor and design are indeed very suitable to be applied to small and large rooms. Rooms with a simple appearance tend to look and seem cuter and more comfortable.

However, in decorating a room to make it look and seem simple and minimalist, it is certainly not arbitrary. The wrong decoration will still make the room look bad and can even make the room uncomfortable.

For those of you who want to have a simple room, you do not have to be a worry. Because here we have provided Beautiful Simple Room Decor Ideas That Will You Love. So, let’s check it out!

Choosing The Neutral Colors

Color selection is the main stage that must be considered when decorating a room. In making the room look simple and minimalist, the colors used should not be bright or too quirky.

In creating a simple and minimalist appearance to the room, natural colors are the right choices.

simple dining room
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simple living room
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simple bedroom
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And here are the neutral colors that can be used in making the room look simple:

  • White

White is indeed an alternative color that can be used to present a simple look. Although the decorations and furniture used tend to be minimal, the white color can make a room look full and attractive. The white color can also provide a spacious atmosphere so that a room with a simple decoration can feel comfortable.

  • Beige

A simple room tends to look sweet and warm. And beige is the right color to use in presenting a warm atmosphere. The combination of beige and white creates a soft look.

  • Grey

A mature look that is often felt from a room with a minimalist and simple appearance comes from the use of gray. Usually, gray color is applied to items made of fabric.

  • Black

Black is not a color that can be used too much. Because the use of black can make the room look dim. However, adding a little black touch to the simple room can make the room look a little striking and more attractive.

Attractive Simple Bedroom Decor with The Right Items

The bedroom is often the main room of the homeowner. Because this room is often used as a room to relax and unwind. Therefore, the appearance and the comfort of the bedroom must be considered.

beautiful simple bedroom decor
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Applying simple decorations to the bedroom, the bedroom will look beautiful, cute, and also feel comfortable. Here are some decorations that are suitable to be applied to the bedroom:

  • Using The Furniture Needed

beautiful minimalist bedroom
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In presenting a simple and minimalist look to the bedroom, of course, you have to minimize the use of items. Too many items in the bedroom will only make the bedroom look crowded. In fact, the bedroom can seem cramped and uncomfortable.

So, in decorating a bedroom to make it look simple and minimalist is to only use the furniture that is needed, such as:

  1. Bed
  2. Shelves
  3. Tableside
  4. Mirror
  • Adding Simple Decoration

simple bedroom decors
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Minimizing the use of items is indeed the main thing in making the bedroom look minimalist and simple. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t use some decorations. In fact, adding some decorations to the bedroom is a must. Because a bedroom without decoration will look stiff and unattractive.

There are several decorations that are right for making a bedroom look simple and attractive, such as:

  1. Medium plants and small plants, it is a great item to use in making the simple bedroom look fresh and sweet.
  2. Rug or carpet, although becomes an additional item, the rug or carpet has a big effect on the appearance of the bedroom. This stuff will make the simple bedroom look simple but beautiful.
  3. Mirror, a mirror is an item that must be in the bedroom and can make a simple bedroom look beautiful. The mirror also will make the small bedroom feel more spacious and cozier.
  4. Simple picture, as a wall displays that will make the bedroom look simple and attractive.

Simple Living Room Decors

As the first room when entering the house, the living room is a very important room. The view from the living room can represent the appearance of another room. So it can be said that the living room is the first impression people enter your house.

Making the living room look attractive and feel comfortable is very important. With this, applying a simple design to the living room is the right idea.

beautiful simple living room decors
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Here are decorations that are right for making a living room look simple and beautiful:

  • Change The Big Table with Coffee Table

coffee table for simple living room decor
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Sofa and table have become the right combination for use in living rooms. The choice of a sofa in the living room tends to be ordinary, there is never a problem. However, usually people are wrong in choosing a table to accompany the living room sofa.

To create a simple, attractive appearance, avoid using a table that is too large. You can replace the large table with a coffee table.

In addition, the coffee table will be more practical because it is easy to move around.

  • Choose The Plants to Fill The Empty Space

fresh simple living room
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In decorating the living room to keep it looking simple but attractive, you can take advantage of empty space, such as a corner of the room. Plants are the right items to be used to fill the empty space in the living room.

Beautiful Simple Bathroom with Simple Decoration

Even though it is the smallest room, the bathroom has an important function. In fact, the bathroom is the room that is most often used. This is one of the reasons why we should pay attention to the appearance of the bathroom.

simple bathroom decors
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In creating the bathroom look simple, of course the bathroom decoration is a very determining factos. There are some bathroom decors to make the bathroom look simple:

  • Use Wash Basin Table with Drawer

wash basin table for simple bathroom
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In the bathroom there will be a lot of stuff such as bottles, toothbrushes, towels, tissue, and so on. If left unchecked in the bathroom, of course the bathroom will look full and far from simple words. With this, using a wash basin table with drawer is the right bathroom decoration. In this way, the bathroom stuff can be placed in the drawer so that the bathroom will look clean and also simple.

  • Add Floating Wall Shelves

floating wall shelves for simple bathroom decors
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Even though it is the smallest room in the house, providing some interesting decorations is also very important in making a simple bathroom look beautiful and attractive. Adding a bathroom shelf will only take up space so that the bathroom will feel cramped. With this, the floating wall shelf is the most appropriate item to use to decorate a bathroom. You can put small plants and a few other small displays on the floating wall shelf. In this way, the simple bathroom will look so aesthetic.



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