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10 Ideas of The Greatest Tumblr Bedroom Ideas – Tumblr certainty is already familiar in this era. Especially for those of you who always up to date and following the trends. Tumblr Ideas always be an interesting topic for the teenager.

And for those of you who want to change your room looks like a Tumblr room, we have 10 Ideas of The Greatest Tumblr Bedroom Ideas.

white color as a base for room.

use white color for Tumblr room.

White color to make your room looks simple.

Use a white furniture for Tumblr room.

White is often used by people who make their rooms look like Tumblr. Usually, Tumblr-look uses colors that are simple and natural. And white is the most popular color. In addition, white is also suitable to be combined with any color. This is the advantage of white.

If you feel like your room looks simple, you give a little touch to your room. You can use a few flowers. Put the flowers into a flowers vase and put it on the table or beside the window.

One of the items that you are not allowed to missed it is a rug. Put the rug that has a soft texture to your room. Besides making your room looks attractive, you will also feel comfortable when sitting or resting there.

Hang some display on the wall.

Tumblr design is not only white color. You can also use another calm color such as cream, grey, etc.

You can hang some displays on the wall of your room. And of course, your wall displays must be Tumblr-looked. Use the color of the displays that match with your room.

Tumblr lamp for Tumblr room.

If you do not want to hang the displays on the wall, you can also stick the pictures on the wall. It is simpler than the one before. All you need is pictures and duct tape.

It feels less if Tumblr room does not use Tumblr lamp. You can use Tumblr lamp for lighting your room at night.

For the other displays, you can hang the dream catcher on the wall of your room. It is very nice and can make your room more attractive.

mandala tapestries for tumblr room.

If you want your room looks more contained but do not eliminate the design that you want, you can use wall tapestries. So easy to have this item. There is a lot of online shops that have sold this item.

Hang mandala tapestries on the wall.

Stick the pictures on the wall.

Combining tapestries and Tumblr lamp is the right idea. It is very nice to make the appearance of your room more attractive. And this is very instagramable.

Those are 10 Ideas of The Greatest Tumblr Bedroom Ideas. Are you interested to apply one of these to your room?



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