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The Kids Bedding Guide For Parents

Shopping for your children’s bedding can be humorous but also a bit of a challenge. It is vital that the bedding should match the bedroom’s style, in appearance, and accessories. Always remember that the bedroom is a platform for your child’s imagination and hobbies. It is, therefore, crucial that the children have an input in the choice of furnishings, colors, and trends that will be the mainstay of their refurbished and redesigned room. There are some key fundamental areas for consideration as a parent seeking to upgrade their child’s bedding. Ignore these at your peril!


The issue of safety must take priority over anything else. It is particularly important that the bedding fabrics and fills are hypoallergenic for the safety of your children. Some children can be allergic to duck feathers or down so it is not worth the risk of purchasing those options unless you are certain your kids are ok. Pillowcases need to be replaced every few years. This is due to the severe accumulation of dust particles that aren’t easily removed even with regular washing. Opt for fiber-filled duvets or comforters and even pillows. Choose natural or organic fibers. Always check the label and where possible you should select fiber-filled pillows, comforters, and duvets. There should be the option of having natural or organic fibers, both of which are perfectly adequate fillers for your children’s bedding.

Clear Directives

Kids have a pretty good idea of what they like and what they don’t, even at a very young age. This includes favourite colours which can usually be easily coordinated with character-designed or themed bed sheets and duvet covers. Cartoon characters are especially popular in the bed-set department among kids as they love to see them incorporated into their bedroom design. It can give the room a real lift and the characters can be magical to a young child, making them feel welcome and safe.

The downside is that attention spans and fads do not last long with children and kids often outgrow themes and child-like figures. Before investing in too many character-based accessories you may wish to check and check again that it is a genuine long-term interest rather than a passing phase. There are themes that may last longer even through their teens such as like safari or fairies, shells or stars, or even the increasingly popular and educational dinosaur bedding.


Kids are bent to get things dirty including their bedding. Bedsheets and bedspread must be machine washable and durable. It is recommended to choose cotton and other fabrics for strength and durability as children can get anything dirty. Bedsheets are not exempt from this so your bedspread and sheets need to be machine washable and pretty durable to get your money’s worth.

Final Thoughts

Be patient, be cooperative and listen. Don’t rush into anything and make sure you take the above points into consideration when choosing your kid’s bedding or it could turn into an unnecessarily expensive or repetitive trip to the store.



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