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Ten Unique Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Set to remodel that bathroom but don’t have anything special in mind? Well, you’re in the right place. Sometimes it takes a little jolt to get those creative juices flowing over your bathroom update. Once your eyes are open to the possibilities, you’ll dream up a bathroom that serves as the perfect place to reset and restore.

Don’t be ashamed if your initial vision lacks pizzazz. After all, from the most lavishly appointed loos in sprawling mansions to the standard setup in modest homes, bathrooms share some basics: sink, shower, toilet. You don’t need a bigtime budget to get creative and funky and fun, turning that formerly boring bathroom into something inspired. Roll up the sleeves in your mind’s eye, so when it’s time to grab that tile cutter, you’re ready to go with a show-stopping vision.

1: Reconfigure the setup.

Just because your shower is in one spot it doesn’t mean it must remain in that spot in your bathroom for perpetuity. Nope, you can move that shower clear across the room. Same goes for the rest of the setup. The realization that you can alter your bathroom layout can be that lightbulb moment that begets a whole array of additional lightbulb moments. That bathroom might be a finite space, but a creative mind can find infinite solutions for your remodel.

2: Get funky with your flooring.

So many old bathrooms have boring tile, a utilitarian presence that serves no purpose beyond your basic flooring duties. That does not have to be the case. Gorgeous, creative tile is right there at your fingertips. Get on with it and let your flooring serve as a testament to your imaginative spark.

3: Make that vanity a double.

That old bathroom vanity probably gets the job done. But a bathroom vanity can do a lot more than merely perform a service role. A fresh vanity can add so much life to your tired bathroom. And it may not even occur to a lot of remodelers that you can use this as an opportunity to turn that single vanity into a double—one of surest and most cost-effective ways to add value during your remodel.

4: Tile, tile, tile.

Not sure what to do with those tired old walls? Well, don’t forget that tile doesn’t have to be relegated to the floor and shower stall. Let some funky tile breathe funky life throughout your bathroom. And don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns. Going with different bohemian tile patterns on different surfaces is a sure way to unleash that boldness lurking within.

5: Recessed shelving is useful.

There’s subtle comfort that comes from proper recessed shelving. It may not be one of the first things that comes to mind for even a remodeler with a naturally creative spirit, but once built-in shelves flicker onto the list of potentialities for your redesign, it’s hard to imagine going on without them. They can serve as perfect little nooks for candles and knickknacks, but they are great for storage, too.

6: A freestanding tub will beckon.

This is just an undeniable bathroom fact: Nothing invites one to luxuriate like a freestanding tub. Indeed, there’s no surer way to add that spa-feel to your bathroom. In so many—in too many—bathrooms, the tub is a mere component of the shower—a place to stand while you clean up. Let the tub regain its role as a place to lie back in warm, sudsy comfort.

7: Let there be proper lighting!

So many outdated bathrooms are lit by a single fixture over that perpetually toothpaste-splattered sink. Or there’s that lone fixture in the middle of the ceiling. It doesn’t have to be that way. It shouldn’t be that way. Creative lighting in the bathroom can go a long way toward providing ambiance and allure that you can’t get any other way.

If you go with that freestanding bathtub, consider letting a chandelier dangle above. Combine recessed lighting on a dimmer with your traditional mirror adjacent lighting. Versatile lighting should be the goal. Sometimes you want it to be bright. Other times, you want anything but.

8: Rethink your shower stall.

From walk-in showers to stalls with arched entryways, for the love of all things creative, move beyond the basic idea of a shower with a rectangular presentation. And if you still have a shower curtain, just—please—don’t. It doesn’t take considerable expense to add modern touches such as a doorless, half-wall approach or a tile bench. Few things rejuvenate like a good hot shower, especially when you’re taking that shower in a spaced conceived with style.

9: Get colorful.

Why are so many bathrooms white or another zestless color? Who deemed bland the go-to palette for the bathroom milieu? Not sure why it’s the norm, but it is time to move beyond a staid approach in the bathroom. From colorful tile to vanities that pop, there’s no easier way to remodel with style than to simply add some bold color.

10. Toilets don’t have to be boring.

From dual-flush, water-saving options to luxury options with automatic lids, toilets have come a long way since your last bathroom update. Toilets don’t have to be bowl-shaped and white. Wall-mounted options offer a space-saving, bold, and modern look while high-tank toilets harken back to the good ol’ days of toiletry. The options are vast. No doubt, you can find a statement toilet that fits with your fresh décor. Who knows? Maybe you’ll choose to pamper yourself with an option that comes replete with a bidet.

Get to It

Now when you set out to remodel your outdated bathroom, you’ll craft a plan that gives your home that cool, funky, elegance-inspired bathroom that you didn’t even know you wanted.



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