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Some Unique and Artistic Industrial Home Design Inspirations

Industrial house design is one of the interior designs that are currently popular. This interior design style takes inspiration from the industrial revolution and the early 20th century, which brought a variety of mechanical devices that looked like they came from the future.

In addition, this interior design is now known for using various recycled materials to produce that nostalgia of the past. You may often see this choice of interior style in coffee shops or cafes. They designed it to attract customers to remember the past, then look at the antique objects around them.

This design emphasizes the material from iron and exposed bricks and then the use of recycled materials. Therefore, many people are happy with the uniqueness of this design. In addition, this design looks like a beautifully designed factory interior. But if you are happy with this design, you don’t need to bother to decorate your home with luxurious furniture. For that, we will provide the best inspiration in the picture below.

Inspirasi Desain Interior Industrial

If you like a unique and beautiful home design. You can also apply the industrial style to the interior design of your home. But you have to plan carefully because this design requires a unique design. This design is different from the minimalist, Scandinavian, traditional design. This design is more inclined to have a thick natural feel and does not use furniture that looks luxurious. For that, let’s discuss one by one the example images below. Hopefully, it can provide additional ideas and inspiration for the exterior and interior of your home.

Reclaimed wood

As you know, not everyone likes luxury furniture designs. If you are happy with a unique industrial design, you can make it happen in your home. We know one of the most important elements in reconstructing an idea for an industrial house is the use of reclaimed wood. Although mainly industrial interior design looks very modern and mechanical, reclaimed wood can be used as a balance and reminder of nature and the feeling of nature.

In addition, historically, reclaimed wood was commonly used in factories and warehouses during the industrial revolution. Therefore, if you want to bring this atmosphere back, a mixture of natural and mechanical is needed.


You can see the interior design of this one industrial house looks cool with antique lamp decoration. The retro impression radiates when you apply this to the industrial interior where you live.

In addition to being unique and attractive, this chandelier is a cool touch, sure to surprise guests who come by the eccentricity of your unconventional lighting installation. Then, if you add a rustic impression to the room you design with a lamp model made of classic steel. Your room will look more antique and fun. Then, you also don’t have to worry about finding this type of lamp because now the rapidly increasing popularity of industrial interiors, many manufacturers are competing to meet market needs with this lamp decoration model.

Industrial glass

The box model mirror design for this one section does seem to require a large enough space to be able to place and arrange it perfectly. However, don’t worry because there are other easier and simpler options, for example, a touch of reclaimed wood for this mirror frame, such as round, square, or rectangular mirrors. But for the design according to the taste you want.

You can also combine the panels on a square mirror, or round glass shaped like gear for a steampunk-style mechanical combination. A style like this will look unique and cool. If you are happy with this unique mirror, you can use it as an additional idea and inspiration for your mirror model.

Industrial unique kitchen design

The appearance of this room does seem messy. But this is the hallmark of industrial design. After we talk about industrial-style house inspiration, especially about living rooms, bedrooms, or bathrooms. So it’s not complete if we don’t talk about industrial kitchen designs as an important part of the house. Then, you can create a kitchen with an industrial design. Then, in this place, you can make a hanging kitchen design. But not all parts of your kitchen are made with a hanging model.

However, the placement of various essential items that are placed hanging, makes this kitchen look unique. Then, make sure to attach it firmly so that you can put various types of cooking necessities. If you are happy with this unique design, you can add this design for your ideas and inspiration.

Choose the right floor

When arranging a room, the first thing you might notice is wall decoration or furniture. This one thing may be forgotten. he is the floor! By designing the floor properly, everything in the dining room will look beautiful.

Even though it’s only at the bottom, the color of the floor will greatly affect the overall appearance of your room. To get the concept of an industrial house, you can choose floors that use stone floors, wooden floors, or use polished concrete. Then, to make it look more attractive, you can complement it with a dining table and chairs, wall paintings, and ornamental plants. With a design like this, the dining room will feel more comfortable. Hopefully, this design can be an inspiration for your dining room.

Design with used pipes

For those of you who are bored with the closet as a place to store books and accessories. You can design with other decorations than others. For that, you can apply the concept of this industrial house. You can use used pipes as supports for your book collection and other items. That way, your artificial shelf will look unique.

But it’s not easy to install because you need to find a suitable pipe. After all, you can’t use just any pipe for this industrial interior decoration. For this reason, you need the best quality material. In addition, you can also use wood as a base or base to make it more sturdy. Then, to look cool, you can arrange books, unique accessories, and photo frames. In this way, your room will look artistic and attract people’s attention. Hopefully, this simple and unique design can be an inspiration for your living room.

Simple carpet design

If you like carpets with bright motifs and colors, you need to give up your intention to decorate a room in an industrial style. To get an industrial look, you should not use carpet at all. However, if you still need a rug, you can use a carpet that has minimal texture with a choice of neutral colors such as gray or beige.

Highlight home materials

Having an antique and unique living room can attract the attention of many people because they rarely see a design like that. Therefore, if you are happy with the interior design of a beautiful and unique room like it. You can imitate this design in this image and make it an additional idea and inspiration for your living room.

We know that some interior design styles will hide the furniture and appliances in your home to make it look clean. But in an industrial-style house, you need to highlight things that are usually hidden, such as details of cables or pipelines visible. To make your living room look more attractive, you can equip a sofa set and table, antique chandeliers, room accessories, and wall decorations. Hopefully, this design can make you and your family cheerful.

Neutral color options

A beautiful home interior is inseparable from the color of the room. With beautiful colors, you will feel comfortable and at home in it. For that, the color palette is more important to building the atmosphere of your ideal home. The color palette can be a guide for you when choosing paint, furniture, and even wall decorations.

The interior design of a room with an industrial theme using neutral colors such as black, gray, cream, or brown can guide you to get the best results. You can use derived colors from the colors mentioned above. But do not get out of the color palette that has been set. Then, to look cool, you can complete your room with a sofa set, ancient wooden sideboard, antique chandelier, and unique room accessories. Then design your floor with a wooden floor to make it look more natural. With a design like this, your workspace will feel comfortable and pleasant. Hopefully, this design can add ideas and inspiration to your workspace.

Glass wall industrial house design

The appearance of industrial house designs will be complete with glass windows. For that, choose a window frame that is wide but simple. Then, the element of light in the design of industrial homes is also an important part. Besides being able to rely on the type of lamp that describes this style, such as a chandelier coated in porcelain colors or an aluminum bulb cage, you can also get additional light by applying a glass wall. With this design, the living room will look bright.

Luxury and elegant design

This industrial living room design looks fun. Luxurious decorations such as leather sofa sets and parquet wood floors can highlight the luxury and elegance of the industrial home. We call wood material such as a substitute for gypsum board on a ceiling with a ceiling height above the average is an obligation for industrial style. The wooden structure on the ceiling must be intentionally exposed, as seen in the image above. However, wood can also be used to strengthen the industrial style with a neater arrangement. With this design, the interior of the house looks cooler. If you want to design a luxurious and elegant industrial living room, this design can be your inspiration.

3. Conclusion

If you want to make your home look beautiful, we present the best home designs. So to make it, you should choose an industrial style so that your interior and exterior appearance is more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, elegant, and aesthetically pleasing.

In this article, we describe some pictures of industrial houses. Then, to make it by home decoration company, you have to spend money. But if you do not have enough money, you can design it according to the drawings we have described. Hopefully, this design can add to your ideas and inspiration. Happy decorating!



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