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Some Inspirations for the Most Aesthetic Open Type 45 Kitchen Model For Your Home

1. Overview minimalist kitchen

We will provide some inspiration for a minimalist open kitchen in a type 45 house that you can apply to your home. We know that the selection of kitchen designs has the best references and has a more important role in home design. The kitchen is not only used for cooking. But the kitchen is also always used to serve the food menu.

The selection of the kitchen is used to arrange the house design. Then, it looks more attractive and fun. Therefore, one of the right choices is to design a minimalist open kitchen model for an aesthetic type 45 house. For that, we provide some inspirational input that you can imitate. However, you should adjust it to the location of the kitchen in the house to make it look beautiful and charming. For that, we continue with the design discussion as below.

2. The best design

Now the kitchen design is widely used by homeowners is minimalist. For this reason, is this design is quite simple but looks elegant, clean, bright, and does not require excessive furniture. A minimalist kitchen design for a type 45 house certainly doesn’t cost a lot, and the process is also faster. To look more beautiful, you can design your kitchen by using a kitchen set or barriers.

The more important thing in arranging the kitchen is not too much furniture. So that it makes your room cramped and messy. Take advantage of attractive wall tiles with bright colors that can be combined with more attractive ceramic motifs. Then the kitchen set design matches the color of the kitchen walls to make it look beautiful and harmonious. Don’t forget to design cooking utensils such as stoves, refrigerators, and microwaves in the kitchen set that you will install. That way, your kitchen will be neatly organized and not cramped. Hopefully, this article can add to your inspiration. Happy designing!

3. Some examples of the minimalist kitchen

In this article, we provide some pictures of the kitchen as a reference for you. This kitchen image, of course, adapted to the type of house and the area of ​​the house. But still not out of the existing design, namely a minimalist design. Some pictures, we hope, can be a guide for you. We hope that one of the designs below can be an inspiration for your minimalist kitchen. For that, let’s discuss one by one the images below.

Combination of white and wood

In this article, we provide an open minimalist kitchen design. A kitchen with an Etter L model can be an attractive choice for you. Choose if you want to maximize the room. Then it’s not just maximizing the layout well. The white and wood colors can also add to the spaciousness of the kitchen. Of course, it can make you feel more comfortable. By choosing elements of both, it is suitable for you. Then, for those of you who want to combine functional and aesthetic aspects in one place. We hope this design can add to your inspiration and make you more comfortable in this place.

Letter L with an industrial theme

If you want to make your kitchen to looks more attractive. You can design your kitchen with an industrial concept for your type 45 minimalist open kitchen model. We know that one of the characteristics of the industrial model is the presence of attractive exposed bricks. With exposed bricks in monochrome colors, it will look more beautiful, and has a high functional aspect.

However, to add to your kitchen design to look beautiful, you can add kitchen accessories, flower pots, and kitchen tables with beautiful ceramic motifs and bright color doors. Then, the kitchen set must adjust to the color of the kitchen walls and kitchen table. Then, add decorative lights on the kitchen shelf to make it looks beautiful and bright. Hopefully, this design can add to your inspiration.

Monochrome in a narrow room

If you have limited kitchen space, don’t be an obstacle. There is nothing wrong with having an open minimalist kitchen type 45 with a simple design. By designing a kitchen set angled to the side, you can arrange it well. Don’t forget you must prioritize the high functionality aspect. Then, the selection of the best room decorations. The placement of a closed compartment with a glossy texture makes your kitchen look more luxurious and elegant, even though it is in a narrow room. To look more beautiful and bright, you can put decorative light on the ceiling. Then design your kitchen table with a color that matches the white on the kitchen set, such as a glossy white color. Then, please layout the refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen. So the kitchen does not become cramped. Hopefully, you can use the design and layout of the equipment in this kitchen as your inspiration.

Monochrome and wood combination

This open minimalist kitchen model can be your choice if you prioritize the aesthetic value in full without reducing the functional value in the kitchen. The selection of details from this kitchen is also very well considered, so it doesn’t look boring from various angles. This kitchen design is not only used for dirty kitchens. But you can also apply this accent for a clean kitchen at home.

The selection of a compartment with a glossy surface, white ceramic walls, and a kitchen table and kitchen table door made of wood, makes this kitchen seem natural and aesthetic. To add to the beauty of your kitchen, you can put kitchen accessories, flower pots, and small dish racks on the kitchen table. That way, your minimalist kitchen will look more attractive and complete. Hopefully, this simple design can be an inspiration for you.

White color with classic concept

The classic concept is still in great demand by many people because this concept has been combined with modern designs. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with applying this concept as an open minimalist kitchen inspiration for your type 45 house.

The classic model can be upgraded to the best design and must display the aesthetic value of a minimalist kitchen in your home. But make it in a different style to make it look different. The combination of white and black produces a touch of luxury and elegance that makes the kitchen look more beautiful. For the kitchen design to look more harmonious, design the color on the kitchen compartment and table with white. Then, please design the gas stove set on the kitchen table to make it look neater. Then place the refrigerator in the corner of the kitchen and decorate the kitchen with kitchen and dining utensils. That way, your classic design kitchen looks beautiful and charming. Hopefully, the inspiration from this design can make you happy and cheerful in the kitchen.

Combination with mini bar

Having a beautiful and comfortable kitchen makes us feel at home in it. You can decorate your favorite kitchen with various designs. For this one kitchen, a minimalist open kitchen model that you can apply with a minimalist mini bar in your home.

This concept seems to blend with modern style. So that it looks more attractive and functional. Then, this design is also suitable for you to apply on limited land. This minimalist kitchen model is suitable if you like practicality. Then, The combination of blue and white makes this kitchen look even more beautiful. The bar table design with pink color and yellow chairs look very harmonious. Then the arrangement of the kitchen table and gas stove set in the corner makes the kitchen more attractive. If you want a bright design and look fashionable, you can make this image inspiration for your kitchen.

Decorative wood touch in open space

You can apply this minimalist kitchen inspiration with an attractive decorative wood model whose surface looks industrial design. The white color blends with the wood accent, so it looks like a natural atmosphere. If you want to design your kitchen to look neater, you must put the gas stove set on the kitchen table. In this way, the kitchen looks more attractive. Then, design the kitchen walls using white natural stone. That way, the simple wooden shelf design for the kitchen looks industrial style. Then, install spotlights on natural stone walls. That way, your industrial kitchen design looks bright and artistic. If you like these designs, you can use this image as your inspiration.

Dominant with a wood design

If you want your kitchen to look natural, you must design your kitchen with a wooden model. We know that wooden designs are timeless. You can apply this design to your minimalist kitchen. Decorative wood elements look more aesthetic with an open atmosphere in the corner of the kitchen especially if a clean and dirty kitchen looks together. For this reason, you can separate the corner of the kitchen to make it easier to cook and when serving food.

Then, to look neater, you can design the kitchen walls with ceramic motifs or natural stones motifs. But do not put too much wood furniture in this place because it can make the kitchen look cramped and messy. To add to the beauty of your kitchen, you can decorate it with beautiful flower pots and kitchen accessories. With this simple design, hopefully, it can add to your inspiration.

Kitchen with big windows

The touch of a shiny kitchen set and white exposed brick is suitable for realizing an aesthetically pleasing type 45 open minimalist kitchen model. The combination of glossy white close to the window produces a good freshness, especially close to the backyard. A kitchen design like this will have good air ventilation, so it looks better for your health.

To look more attractive, please design a kitchen wall with white natural stone. With this design, the white and wooden kitchen table will look more harmonious with the white kitchen walls. Don’t forget to place a black gas stove on the kitchen table to make it look more beautiful and neat. Then if you want the kitchen to look versatile, you can place a dining table. Then, decorate your windows with beautiful flower pots and accessories such as hanging decorative lights. If you like bright color combinations, you can use this design for your inspiration.

Real wood structure kitchen

Having a kitchen with a natural style makes you happy to be in this place because the design of the kitchen with this original wood model can make you feel like you are outside the house. Then, a mini kitchen set and a wooden kitchen table make the kitchen room look more attractive. Moreover, the layout of the refrigerator, gas stove set, and then the ceiling of the kitchen table, make beautifully designed. Of course, it makes you happier to cook.

Besides, the large glass window design makes direct sunlight illuminates the kitchen. With this design, your kitchen equipment will be durable because it is not damp. You can see spotlights on the ceiling makes the kitchen looks beautiful at night. That way, the kitchen looks so beautiful. If you like natural kitchen designs, you can imitate this design for your kitchen. Then this design can be your new inspiration.

4. Conclusion

We know that you want to make your open minimalist kitchen feel comfortable and pleasant. Therefore, we present some of the best minimalist kitchens. Then to make it, you should choose the best picture in this picture to look more attractive, beautiful, luxurious, Aesthetic, and not cramped.

In this article, we give the best pictures to add your inspiration. Then to make it, of course, you will have to spend the money if your home has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we explained and then give it to the kitchen set maker. Hopefully, you can make like this picture. Hopefully, this article can help you to make your kitchen look beautiful. Happy decorating!



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