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Some Appropriate Bar Designs for Your Apartment Living Room

1. The bar at a glance

so you will feel the atmosphere like a coffee shop or in a bar. In this place, you can relax and enjoy your rest while enjoying your favorite drink. However, mini bar design also needs to be considered so that the interior of your home looks more attractive and harmonious.

In this article, we would like to give input for you to create a minimalist bar design in the living room. As far as we know, minimalist bar designs are characterized as bright and simple. So you don’t have to overdo the furniture in this place. Besides, this design can save costs.

If you want to make a minibar, you must have a little space, or you can make it close to the living room so that it is easy to provide service to your guests. In addition to the living room, you can make it in the kitchen area for easy processing when making coffee or other drinks. For that, you must consider the best place according to your needs.

2. Some appropriate bar design

After making a careful plan, then, the next, you have to decide what design is best for the bar that you will make. Then how much space do you provide? But if you want to make a bright and simple design, of course, you can choose minimalist designs.

As far as we know, this design can adapt to the minimalist home and Scandinavian house. Then, to make this design, you can consult with a bar or home decor maker. They understand how to choose the best model for your home. Of course, They will a survey and present some sample bar images to you, or you can provide a bar design according to the article below. The most important thing is that the bar you make matches the interior area of ​​your living room, so it doesn’t make your living room cramped, and as a result, your living room will look beautiful and fun. With this design, you can make your family happy.

3. Choosing the best material

The material for the manufacture of the bar can affect the final result. For that, you should choose the best material so that the results match your taste. For that, you can make it with natural stone, wood, or a combination of wood and glass. But it all depends on the budget and the area in your home. Of course, for better results, you should use the best quality wood. With a wooden design, of course, the results will be smoother if painted in Duco. But if you make it with natural stone, the design will look rougher than wood, but the appearance is more natural.

To get your satisfaction, you should choose a material that suits your taste, for example. If you are happy with natural nuances, you can use natural stone decorated in bright colors. Then, if you are interested in the artistic appearance, you can use the best quality wood material because the wood can be profiled and painted with Duco so that the finishing is smooth.

4. Bar benefit

As we know, our lives cannot separate from boredom, stress, and fatigue. By having a bar in your home, of course, you will get a pleasant atmosphere. By having a bar, the advantage you get is you can relax sitting at the bar unwind while enjoying your favorite drink. Then, you can also entertain your guests with drinks like in a coffee shop or at a bar. Then the interior appearance of your living room will look luxurious and elegant and make the bar you have a decoration for your living room. In this way, your guests will be happy to come to your house. Happy decorating.

5. Example of a bar in the living room

In this article, we will provide some pictures of minimalist bar designs. We hope that one of the images in this article can be your choice. For that, let’s discuss one by one the image below. Hopefully, you can select it and then create it.

Kitchen integrated bar design

Having a full kitchen with a bar is great fun. In this image, the bars with bright colors look very attractive. The color combination of the kitchen, white bricks, and lights on the bar is very harmonious. With this design, you can provide services to your guests more quickly. This design gives comfort to the kitchen with bright colors.

Bar in the living room shelf model

If you have a small living room, it’s not an obstacle to making the interior of your home look beautiful and cheerful. You can see these pictures, this small living room has been decorated with a small bar table.

However, you must arrange it properly so that the room does not become cramped and messy. Then you must choose a bright white color as a room decoration because this color can give a spacious impression to your room. Then, please design the bar with wood material to make it look simple and easy to move according to your taste. Of course, this design can give your living room interior as your dreams.

Minimalist bar design with exposed brick

Bar models do not always use wood if you like the uniqueness and artistic appearance. You can design your bar with a beautiful exposed brick. In this way, your bar design looks more attractive and natural. Then, the bar table must adjust to the color of the exposed brick to make it look harmonious in your room. Then, to look more attractive, decorate your bar with beautiful accessories so that your room design doesn’t look monotonous. To look beautiful, please choose a bar stool that matches the exposed brick color and the height of the bar table. With this design, your living room will look pleasant.

Minimalist bar set with drink cupboard

The minimalist appearance of this bar looks beautiful and elegant. The white color of the bar gives the impression of luxury. This bar design is complete with a drink cupboard and glass accessories that hang on the roof of the bar table. With this design, the bar table looks artistic and unique. Then, you must arrange the bar table neatly like in this picture. Then, to make it more interesting, give a little natural stone decoration on the walls to make it look more beautiful. Then give greenery with some flower pots. That way, the interior of your room will feel comfortable and make you feel at home in this room.

Beautiful minimalist bar

The minimalist appearance of this beautiful bar looks like a bar in a hotel. The combination of the white color of the bar with the color of wood gives a luxurious impression. This bar design is complete with a drink rack that hangs from the ceiling. On this shelf, glasses, drinks, and accessories are placed. With this bar table design, it looks more attractive against the background of the kitchen set. Then the bar table is decorated with white, and the walls of the bar table have decorated with black.

For added interest, the bar chairs making with stainless steel, and the height adjust to the bar table and then give a spotlight so that it can illuminate the bar table at night.
That way, the interior of your room will look pleasing to the eye.

Minimalist bar with light decoration

In this picture, you can see a bar with decorative lights. This combination makes the bar seem bright. This bar design is complete with a kitchen set and attached to the kitchen. Then, the color combination of the kitchen set with the bar looks harmonious and makes this room comfortable.

With a kitchen set decoration, drinking utensils and drinks have been stored in this place. Then making a complete, the bar chairs making with of iron and foam, and then the height is adjusted to the bar table. With this design, the bar will look elegant.

Minimalist luxury bar

The appearance of this bar looks beautiful and luxurious. Luxury furniture looks neatly arranged. Then the color combination looks more prestigious and makes you feel comfortable in this place. The color combination of a bright white kitchen set with a dark gray bar table gives a pleasant expression. Then the wall design with television shelves makes this room look luxurious. Then, to add to the impression and elite bar room, bar stools are made unique.

Minimalist bar set with glass design and hanging light

The appearance of this bar is designed with a combination of dark glass. The combination of glass with bright walls, bar tables, natural stones, kitchen set, round bar stools, and several chandeliers on the ceiling make the room more fashionable and comfortable. With this design, your family will feel at home in this room.

Minimalist bar with decorative spotlights

The room looks bright and attractive with the presence of spotlights and a minimalist bar table. The white bar table design, orange bar stools, and spotlights on the ceiling make this room one of the rooms that make your family happy to be in this place.

Minimalist bar with simple design

If you have limited space, but you want to make the interior of your room comfortable with a bar. So don’t worry, you can make a bar with a simple model. So that the simple bar you design looks more attractive, then you must be able to choose a light color. Then decorate your simple bar with accessories such as lamps, antique bar stools, and wall hangings. With a design like this, your simple bar will make your family and guests happy. Happy decorating!

Minimalist bars with unique designs

Beautiful bar set with a wall shelf with unique design and exposed brick

If you want to make the interior of your living room look different from the others. Of course, you can decorate your living room with a bar model that is different from the others. Many people want a model with a different appearance. But not everyone has the inspiration to make all of that happen.

That’s why we want to provide a bar room image model that is different from the others. This bar looks like a European or Latin American design. This design looks antique and unique. To make a design like this, of course, you also have to collect drinks like this picture. Then you have to make shelves to arrange drinks and glasses. Drink racks can be made on the walls of the room or you can make them by hanging the shelves on the ceiling of your room. With this design, your room will look more attractive and unique. We hope you can make it like this.

6. Conclusion

If you want to make the interior of your home looks more attractive, various ways you can design. For that, you can use a bar as decoration in your home. In this way, your home interior will look beautiful, attractive, luxurious, and elegant.

In this article, we provide some examples of bar design images. To make it, of course, you have to spend money. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it like the picture in this article and give it to the bar maker. Hopefully, this article can use for readers on how to make a suitable bar for your home. Then, make your home look beautiful. Happy decorating!



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