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Ideas & Tips: Relaxed Simple Bedroom Decor Ideas – Being a private room and the main room in the house, the bedroom must be made as comfortable as possible. The bedroom is also often used as the main goal to relax and unwind due to busy daily activities. That is why making the bedroom look comfortable is not enough. The bedroom must make look beautiful too.

Make the bedroom look simple is a great idea to make the bedroom look beautiful and feel relax. Unfortunately, in decorating the bedroom in order to make it look simple and beautiful, you need to know the ideas and tips first. It is because the wrong decoration just will make the bedroom unsightly and uncomfortable.

But, you do not have to worry. Because here we have provided ideas and tips for relaxed simple bedroom decor ideas for you. So, let’s check it out!

Make The Bedroom Look Bright by Using White As A Base Color of The Bedroom

In making the bedroom feel comfortable and relaxed, the first thing you have to pay attention to is the appearance of the bedroom itself. To make the bedroom look simple and feel relaxed, the bedroom must look bright.

Applying white to the whole of the bedroom (making white as the base color of this room) is the first tip you can follow. By using white as a base color of the bedroom, the bedroom not only looks bright but also feels more spacious. Therefore, making white as the base color of the small room is a great idea to make the small bedroom feel comfortable and not stuffy.

And here some great spots to apply white to:

  • Wall

simple bedroom
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The wall is a spot that has a big influence on the appearance and atmosphere of the room. Therefore, applying white to the walls is the most appropriate idea. A white wall will create a spacious and bright appearance.

Brick is one of the natural elements that are so suitable to apply to the bedroom.The exposed brick wall also looks attractive when covered with a layer of white paint. The texture of the bricks will look clear and make a simple bedroom look so attractive. The white paint will make the bricks look bright.

In addition, by applying white to the wall it will make you easy in decorating the bedroom wall. Because white will be suitable when combining with the other colors. So you can use the wall decoration that you want.

  • Bedroom Furniture

beautiful simple bedroom
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Besides the wall, some bedroom furniture also will affect the appearance and nuances of the bedroom. As the main item in the bedroom, the bed has a big effect on the appearance of the bedroom. So, using white bedding is the right idea and become the tip you can follow.

Add Neutral Colors to Make The Simple Bedroom Look Attractive

Applying white indeed becomes a great way to make the bedroom look bright. And also the bedroom will be comfortable and relaxed. Unfortunately, using white to the entire room is not the best way. It is only will make the bedroom look stiff. That is why you have to add neutral colors to make the simple bedroom look attractive. And this is the second tip you can follow to have a relaxed simple bedroom.

Here are the neutral colors that you can apply to your room:

  • Beige

neutral color for bedroom
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In making the bedroom look bright, soft, and simple, beige is the best color you can add to your room. Adding beige to some spot in the bedroom makes it look beautiful. You can use some rattan items as room decoration, a beige-colored blanket, beige-colored carpet, and so on.

  • Brown

beautifum neutral colors for bedroom
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To have a simple and relaxed bedroom that looks soft but a little striking, you can add brown to the bedroom. Brown becomes the next neutral color that will be suitable to add to the white bedroom. The nuances of the bedroom will feel soo soothing and cozy.

  • Grey

grey for simple bedroom
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The next neutral colors you can add to your bedroom is grey. Grey becomes a great neutral color to bringing calm nuances. In addition, the appearance of the bedroom also looks cool and mature.

Add grey to the fabric item in the bedroom such as a blanket, bedding, cushion, and so on. It will make the bed feel cozy.

  • Black

relaxed simple bedroom
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Usually black is one of the colors that people avoid for fear of making their room look so sharp and dark. In fact, by applying black correctly, the room will look more attractive. The black color in the bedroom will provide a sharp appearance that is so calm that the bedroom will feel so relaxed and soothing.

You can apply black color to bedroom items made of iron such as bed frames, pendant lamps, and so on.

Presenting Natural Lighting to Make The Bedroom Feel Soothing and Relaxed

One of the important things that you must pay attention to is the lighting of the bedroom. To make the simple bedroom feel relaxed, you should use the right lighting. And natural lighting becomes one of the lightings that is fit to present to the bedroom.

By presenting the natural lighting to the bedroom, the nuances of the bedroom will be so soothing. In addition, the natural lighting that enters to the room through the window will boost your mood in the morning so that you will feel happy in doing your activity in a day.

bright simple bedroom
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Natural lighting that enters the room will hit the white bedroom wall and will make the bedroom look brighter. Enjoying the bedroom atmosphere in the afternoon will be your favorite activity. In addition, natural lighting that bounces off the white walls will also make a small bedroom feel more spacious and comfortable.

Create A Cozy Spot by Placing The Bed Next To The Window

As the main item, the bed certainly becomes the item that is important to the comfort of the bedroom. The lack of the simple bedroom is easy to feel bored. Therefore, you have to know the right tip to make the simple bedroom feel cozy.

Placing the bed next to the window is the next tip you can follow to have a relaxed simple bedroom. Placing the bed next to the window is one of the ways in creating a cozy spot in the bedroom.

cozy simple bedroom decor
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The natural lighting that enters the room will hit to the bed directly. So, it will make you feel cozy in the morning and afternoon. You could sun beating without going out. You can sun beating in your bedroom by laying on your bed. And it will be lovely and becomes your favorite activities at home.

Plants As A Bedroom Decoration

To have a simple bedroom does not mean you do not use the decoration. The simple bedroom also needs decoration to make it look attractive and beautiful.

The plant becomes the right decoration if you want to have a relaxed simple bedroom. The green of the plant brings the natural nuances that are so good to make you feel cozy and relaxed in your room.

fresh simple bedroom
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Using plants as a bedroom decoration is also the best tip you can follow. It is because the presence of the plants will make the air in the bedroom feel fresh and healthy. It is so good for you who have busy activities. Even, there are several plants that are able to absorb harmful substances in your room such as Sansevieria and Aloe Vera. Lavender also kind of plants that is good to make the aroma in the bedroom smell good. The aroma of lavender is also aromatherapy to make you more relaxed.

For those of you who have a small bedroom, the hanging plant is the best tip you can follow. In this way, the small bedroom will look fresh without taking up any space in this room. Or you can also utilize the floating wall shelf and put the small plant on it.

Using Rug or Carpet to The Bedroom

Because the simple bedroom is easier to look stiff and uncomfortable, you need an item that will make the simple bedroom look sweet and attractive. Using a rug or carpet to the bedroom is the next tip you can follow.

sweet appearance of the simple bedroom
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In keeping the simple look, try to choose the rug or carpet that has simple motifs. For the color, the neutral colors it best choice. A white carpet or rug is more practice because it will be fit and will make the bedroom feel brighter.

Choose Full-Length Mirror for Bedroom

The mirror is the item that always present in the bedroom. People make the mirror as the item to make up. But, the function of the mirror is not only for mirroring. Mirror also has an effect on the bedroom interior. By using the mirror, the bedroom will look more spacious. In addition, the light that hits the mirror surface will bounce off and make the room look brighter.

full-lenght mirror for simple bedroom
Cc: Pinterest

The full-length mirror is the best tip you can follow to make the simple room look pretty and attractive. You can also decorate the mirror as well as possible such as putting the Tumblr light (string light) on a mirror. In this way, the full-length mirror will look dominant in the bedroom.

The use of full-length for the simple room also will affect the nuances of the bedroom. The presence of the mirror brings soothing nuances so that the bedroom will be comfortable and relaxed.


Currently, the simple room indeed becomes the most favored by people. It is because the simple room will be easy to feel cozy and soothing. Unfortunately, it will happen if you applying the right decoration to the bedroom. And by applying the tips and ideas above, you will have a relaxed simple bedroom. So, what are you waiting for? Happy trying!



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