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Ideas & Tips: How to Make Your Minimalist Kitchen Look Elegant

Simdreamhomes.com – The kitchen is one very important roar. The cleanliness and tidiness of this room must be maintained so that cooked food can be served hygienically. Therefore, some people prefer a minimalist concept to create a neat and clean kitchen.

Making a kitchen appear minimalist does not mean emptying the kitchen so that it looks unattractive. Minimalist kitchens can also be made to look elegant to make you feel comfortable in the kitchen. Besides that, an elegant kitchen will also make the house appear more classy.

And in this article, we provide some best ideas and tips about How to Make Your Minimalist Kitchen Look Elegant. So, let’s check it out!

Light and Dark Concept in One Room

Due to the lack of tools or decorations in the kitchen, you don’t have to make the kitchen look bright as a whole. Here, you can give a little dark look to make the minimalist kitchen look calmer. After that, you can give the right touches to make the kitchen look elegant.

calm elegant minimalist kitchen
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The following are tips that you can apply in making your minimalist kitchen look elegant:

  • Gives A Touch of Marbel to The Kitchen

minimalist kitchen
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The appearance of the room that is too simple looks more stiff. Therefore, it takes a few touches of motive to make the minimalist appearance not look too simple or empty.

To make your minimalist kitchen look elegant, you could give a touch of marble to the kitchen. The marble can be applied to the floor and the kitchen cabinet.

For making the appearance of the minimalist kitchen look light and dark, you could use the marble in different color. White and grey is the best color combination.

  • Use The Dark Wood

beautiful minimalist kitchen
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To give a sleek look to the kitchen, try to add natural elements to this room, one of which is wood. Wood is indeed the safest material to use in all room concepts.

Because of the minimalist concept, you have to provide a large enough storage. Kitchen wall wardrobe are the right choice. To close this wardrobe, you can use wood as a door from this kitchen wall wardrobe.

So, in applying light and dark concpet to your minimalist kitchen, try to use the dark wood.

Minimalist Elegant Kitchen by Utilizing The Natural Lighting

To illuminate the room during the day, natural lighting is the most appropriate lighting to use. There are many benefits that you can get from using natural lighting as the main lighting for the kitchen, such as:

  1. Save electrical energy
  2. Save costs for electricity
  3. The room will look more alive
  4. Make the room feel more comfortable
  5. Make the room feel more spacious
  6. The room will feel roomy
bright elegant minimalist kitchen
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To make the minimalist look elegant by utilizing the natural lighting, there are some tips that you can apply to:

  • Using Ceiling to Floor Window

right kitchen window
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In making the kitchen look naturally bright, you have to make sure that the lighting that goes into the kitchen is maximal. Therefore, use a window with a large size. Ceiling to floor window is the right window choice.

  • Add The Skylight Window to The Kitchen

Adding the skylight window to the kitchen is also one of the tips that you can apply to maximize natural lighting. Skylight windows are the most appropriate additional windows to use. With this, natural lighting will instantly illuminate the room well.

Beautiful blue clouds can also make you feel more relaxed when you are in the kitchen. You can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere in your kitchen.

  • Use White As The Base Color of The Kitchen

bright kitchen tips
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So that the minimalist kitchen feels more alive and elegant, use white for the basic color of this room. The white color that is exposed to the sun will make the room look wider and more comfortable.

In addition, the white marble also will look so beautiful when exposed to the sun. It will make the kitchen look bright.

Japanese Elegant Minimalist Kitchen

People prefer interior designs with Japanese concepts. The minimalist and sleek look makes Japanese interior design look so beautiful and comfortable.

Japanese design does use more natural things, such as using natural lighting as the main lighting of the room, applying natural elements to almost parts of the room, and also the colors used tend to be neutral colors.

japanese kitchen design
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Making Japanese kitchen design look elegant is a good idea. A calming atmosphere combined with an elegant look will make the kitchen the most favorite place at home.

And here are some tips you can apply to have a Japanese Elegant Minimalist Kitchen:

  • Use Bright Netral Colors

elegant japanese design
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To create a room that looks bright and comfortable, use bright neutral colors. White is an alternative color that can be applied to the kitchen to create a natural bright appearance.

  • Used Light Wood

minimalist japanese design
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In Japanese design, the wood used is lightwood. Use lightwood for kitchen cabinets and bar chairs so that wood looks dominant in this room. The light wood will also make the minimalist kitchen look bright and sleek.

  • Marble with Subtle Motifs

classy japanese kitchen
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Giving a marble touch to the Japanese minimalist kitchen is able to make the kitchen look elegant and more classy. Try to use marble with subtle motifs so that the Japanese concept still looks more dominant.

  • Install Timber Horizontally and Vertically

japanese kitchen decor
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One of the characteristics of the Japanese-style concept is timber, which is installed horizontally and vertically. You can apply this to the corner of the room. In this way, the minimalist kitchen will not look ordinary or stiff.

Elegant Small Minimalist Kitchen

Small kitchens are indeed more suitable for applying a minimalist concept. In this way, the small kitchen will look more spacious and feel more comfortable.

elegant minimalist kitchen
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However, making a small kitchen look elegant can make the appearance of this room look more attractive.

Here are the tips you can follow:

  • Apply White and Black

A small kitchen has to be made to feel spacious so that the kitchen feels comfortable. To make the kitchen feel spacious, white is the right color to make this room feel and look wider.

Black is the right color to be combined with white. The black color will make the kitchen look more striking and more attractive.

  • Apply Wood to Make It Sleeks

The black and white appearance will make the kitchen look monochrome. You can make the kitchen look sleeks and look warm by adding a touch of wood to the kitchen.

Making a shelf in the kitchen using wood can be an alternative way to decorate the kitchen so that the kitchen looks more attractive. Here you can put some small plants or other displays.


As the most important room in the house, the kitchen must be made clean and tidy. However, that does not mean that the appearance of the kitchen is kept to a minimum and is not even noticed. Cleanliness and tidiness of the kitchen are not the only things that must be considered. You also have to make the kitchen look attractive. Making a minimalist kitchen look elegant is the right idea. And in this article, we have provided some ideas and tips to make the minimalist kitchen look elegant.



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