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How To Choose A Beautiful Open Kitchen To Make You Love Cooking.

Cooking is a daily obligation, and with the cooking, you can enjoy your cooking and save your costs for your daily meals.
Sometimes we are bored to cook because the interior design in the kitchen is not comfortable, especially if we cook in a closed room, and the aroma of cooking does not leave the room and makes us uncomfortable and not feel in the kitchen.

Therefore, we will give you ideas on how to make you happy. Of course, we recommend making a beautiful kitchen room design that is outside the room.
But, if you are not happy with a closed kitchen, for that, you should make an open kitchen with a beautiful interior and beautiful kitchen equipment.

As we know, a kitchen with a beautiful interior design can make you feel in the kitchen room to cook. Moreover, the kitchen has integrated with the open dining table. Of course, make you and your family will be able to enjoy the atmosphere in the kitchen while chatting.

Besides that, in addition to the beautifully designed kitchen room, the selection of equipment for cooking can influence you to cook so you will be happy and feel in this place.
For example, you prepare a beautiful kitchen set, a gas stove set, a cupboard for storing equipment, and other equipment.
Besides that, the selection of cooking accessories can make you emotional about the spirit of cooking. Even to innovate to create a new menu every day.

We hope you can make the beautiful open kitchen design to make you feel at home, and you will be happy to cook.

Making beautiful minimalist open kitchen










As in the previous explanation, we will explain several designs of open kitchen models.
To provide an open kitchen designed idea, of course, is adjusting to the existing area of ​​​​the room.
The goal is that the kitchen space does not look empty with the equipment and that it can make you bored in the kitchen because the kitchen needs are not interest.

For that, in this picture, you can see a kitchen room with a limited area.
In an open kitchen like it, all you need to prepare is furniture that fits the kitchen area and kitchen equipment. That way, your kitchen will be beautiful and fun.

Kitchen set

Kitchen sets are kitchen cabinets that have been designing on the kitchen wall.
Kitchen sets are needed to store kitchen utensils, kitchen accessories, food, and washing tools, so the furniture is not messy.
As we know, kitchen sets are made according to the kitchen area and generally mounted on the kitchen wall.
Kitchen sets are making in various models, and some use triplex wood and real wooden.
The color of the kitchen set is usually following the tastes of the homeowner.

Of course, making a kitchen set is need a lot of costs. Of course, the price depends on the model and the area of ​​the kitchen to be install.
Then you want to get beautiful and satisfying results we recommend that made by a home furniture company.

In this picture, you can see a white kitchen set affixed to the kitchen wall.
Then below, there is a small cupboard with several doors to store heavy kitchen equipment such as gas cylinders and other kitchen utensils.

The kitchen set table with a black motif is made complete with a white gas stove. The combination of white and black makes the kitchen set look beautiful and harmonious.

On top of the kitchen set with a white shelf is made using a small door and is usually used to store kitchen utensils, such as plates, glasses, bowls, and cooking utensils, and the shelf is attached to the kitchen wall.

With a design like this, the appearance of your open kitchen will be beautiful and neat, and you will be happy to cook.

Dining table

The dining table is a table for your family to gather to eat. Then the dining table should place not far from the kitchen, so you easy to serve the food.
In this picture, you can see the model of the dining table and chairs is adjusted to the color of the tiled floor and kitchen set design and located next to the open space. Of course, this atmosphere makes you not bored.

With a room design like this, you will not be bored waiting for food cooking then you can also look out of the room while chatting with your family who are cooking.

In this way, you will enjoy being in an open kitchen. Of course, you also get the atmosphere of the garden in the kitchen.


Having a cozy backyard is everyone’s idol. By having a garden behind the house, you can design it adjacent to your open kitchen.
That way, smoke will not enter the house then can create an uncomfortable atmosphere from the smoke.
For those of you who have an empty backyard, you can use this land to design together with your open kitchen and dining room.
This way, you can enjoy the open air and make your kitchen bright and cool.

In the picture of this house, you can see the garden beside the open kitchen is planted with trees, flowers then garden grass.
Then Garden walls are made high so as not to be disturbed by the environment from outside and make your home and you are safe.

The garden roof is cover with fiberglass, and part is given a wire net for the entry and exit of air. In this way, the cooking smoke will come out of the wire mesh roof, and you will be stuffy in the open kitchen.

With an open kitchen design like this, we hope you can enjoy the atmosphere in this place, of course, making you comfortable and happy to cook in this open kitchen space.
Happy decorating.

Making open kitchen in the garden

The open kitchen design in the garden can be your choice. Of course, you can cook while enjoying the garden view.
Moreover, your open kitchen blends with the dining room, of course, making you happy with your family while enjoying the open-air atmosphere.

Therefore, you have to make attractive your open kitchen and safe for an open kitchen, and you will be happy cooking in this place. Then the design of the kitchen must be made as comfortable as possible and must be equipped with kitchen and cooking utensils.

Of course, making the open kitchen is more fun than the kitchen inside the house because you feel comfortable cooking, and the cooking smoke does not enter the house.
As we know, the lack of an open kitchen in this garden, when the rains have come, you have to move your furniture, so it doesn’t get wet.

With a kitchen design like this, you have to cook during the day, of course, you also have to prepare a microwave in the house, to heat food at dinner.

In this article, we want to explain the open kitchen in the garden. Therefore, we will discuss it in this picture.


This open kitchen building has been making in the garden behind the house.
The building material uses finely processed wood and with profiled motifs.
Then, this open kitchen wall is made of profile wood and attached to the back wall of the house.
This combination of walls and wood makes this open kitchen look beautiful and artistic.
Besides that, the roof of this kitchen building has made with a wooden frame and is covering with fiberglass. Of course, make the open kitchen look beautiful and bright.

If you want to make a wooden building like this, you have to order it at home decoration.
Then to get satisfactory results, you also have to add your ideas so that the results are as your wishes, of course, making you happy to cook in an open kitchen like this.


To make your open kitchen look beautiful and fun, you have to decorate your open kitchen with furniture and wall paintings.
In this picture, the dining table has been made permanent in this open kitchen. But for the chairs can be moved according to taste.
Then combination of a wooden table and a ceramic building in the middle of the table, and washing hands complete with a water faucet, make the table look beautiful and unique.

To add a more attractive open kitchen wall, the back of the kitchen wall is given a sink complete with a water faucet, then a wooden shelf is installed above the water faucet for accessories.

With a design like this, the dining table to be strong and durable. Therefore, you can’t move the dining table to another place.


An open garden kitchen without decoration is, of course, incomplete. With this natural stone decoration, the kitchen will look beautiful and fun.
In this picture, you can see, the kitchen background has decorated with bright natural stone motifs. Then in the middle of natural stones is making a box for the put kitchen accessories such as glasses and plates.

With wooden building models, furniture fittings, and beautiful variations, this open kitchen looks more attractive and makes you happy to cook.

Making attractive open kitchen

Having an open kitchen complete with a beautiful and luxurious dining room is a matter of pride for you. You can relax cooking while enjoying the scenery outside and chatting with your family or friends.

You feel that the open atmosphere makes you feel at home and enjoy cooking. You can breathe outside air, and cooking fumes do not enter your home.

But if you are in a closed kitchen in your home, of course, it makes you uncomfortable and does not feel at home in the kitchen.
All that because the smell of smoke from cooking can stick to your clothes and enter the house.

Therefore, in this article, we share ideas, how you can change your closed kitchen concept into an open kitchen.
Moreover, you have enough budget to make your kitchen look beautiful and luxurious. Of course, you will be happy and enjoy this place.


This open kitchen building is making with a combination of natural stone, ceramics, and wood.
In this picture, you can see the walls of this open kitchen is using brownish natural stone with a ceramic pattern.
Then the walls in the kitchen set are given ceramics combination of black and white.
Making this open kitchen building look strong, you can see the kitchen wall framework and the roof of the building are using mild steel and covered with black fiberglass.
With a design like this, the open kitchen will be shady and comfortable.
Look! On the roof frame of the building is planted with a kind of tree. In this way, making this open kitchen building looks unique and has high artistic value.

Of course, a concept like this can make the building look attractive and artistic, so you can enjoy this place and make this place part of your refreshing program with your family and friends.

Kitchen set

Making your open kitchen look beautiful and neat, you should decorate it with a kitchen set.
As we know, a kitchen set is decorative for a kitchen room and is using to store kitchen utensils, eating utensils, and food. With a kitchen set, your open kitchen is not messy.
In this open kitchen picture, you can see a long shelf with a white lid has mounted on the tiles black and white. Then this shelf is made according to the size of the room.

Then under the black and white tiles, you can see the long cabinet has mounted according to the size of the room are equipped with a faucet and a dishwasher.
These two pieces of furniture that we called a kitchen set.


The dining table and chairs are where you gather with your family to enjoy a meal together. In this way you and your family will be more familiar.
However, the dining table can also be used as a kitchen decoration to look more beautiful and fun.dining table can also be used as a kitchen decoration to look more beautiful and fun.

In this kitchen picture, you can see a dining table complete with several chairs, then a white display cabinet, which is placed next to the dining table as a barrier between the dining table and the kitchen set.
Above the dining table, there is a black iron shelf to place kitchen accessories, and then several lamps hung on a plank of wood.
The combination of all this adds to the beauty of an open kitchen.
Of course, you will be happy to be in this place with your family while enjoying a meal together.


To design your open kitchen behind the house to look elegant, beautiful, attractive, you should choose the best design and accessories that are appropriate to your wooden house decoration is determining.

Therefore, you must put the best furniture, flowers, trees, and then accessories according to the area of ​​your open kitchen.

In this article, we describe ideas, how to make a beautiful open kitchen in your house.
Of course, you will have to spend a lot of money if your open kitchen has to be decorated by a home decoration company. But if you don’t have enough money, you can make it according to the picture we describe.
Therefore, we have given ideas to make your open kitchen look beautiful and make you are happy to cook and together with your family. Happy decorating!





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