For those of you who like to keep fish, there is nothing more fun to you, except you are watching the fish swim in the fish pond.

To get pleasure like that you should make your fish pond and you can relax every time watching and enjoying your favorite fish swimming in the fish pond.

You need to know that enjoying your fish in the fish pond can relieve your stress after working at the office in one day or one week. Of course, you are looking for peace after tired of working. But if you like to play with your fish and feed them, you will be happy and not stress.

In this article, we will explain how to choose a beautiful fish pond model in your home so that you feel happy at home and enjoying your free time with your favorite fish.

If you want to make a beautiful fish pond in your home,  you can choose the fish pond model in the picture below.

The minimalist fish pond

If you have a yard beside your houses,  it will be better you make the fish pond as you wish.

The minimalist fish ponds are very popular with many people because the fish pond uses natural ceramic models,  and the model does not need to be multi-level using natural stone.

In this picture, you can see a beautiful minimalist fish pond design in a box style. On the edge of the fish pond are given flowers so that this fish pond looks natural and beautiful. You can see, the selection of colorful ceramics makes this fish pond look attractive and fun.

In this picture, you can put chairs and a small table on the edge of the fish pond while relaxing, and then you can see the color combination of some koi fish with the color of the ceramic fish pond is very harmonious.

Of course, this makes you happy to relax by the pool while feeding your favorite fish. If you like a fish pond like in this picture, please make it!

The garden fish pond

Fish ponds in home gardens are liked by many people, besides the atmosphere makes you feel like you are in a garden fish pond outside of the houses. You can also take advantage of the garden atmosphere for you to relax with your family while enjoying fish in the fish pond.

Having a beautiful garden fish pond is your idol. Usually, the gardens are made behind the house then to look beautiful.
But if you have a small yard in your house, of course, you can’t make it as a garden fish pond-like in this picture.

In this picture, the fish pond is decor using natural stone then the location of the fish pond is parallel with the garden.

This fish pond is designed with beautiful flowers and several small trees so that this fish pond is like being in the middle of a garden.

If you want to relax in this garden fish pond, you can put chairs and tables and discuss it with your family or your friends. Of course, the atmosphere will be more pleasant because you get a nice view of the garden.

We hope that if you have a large garden behind the house, you can create a fish pond in the middle of your gardens, then you can relax with your family or talk about the business with your friends.

The fish pond behind your house    

Having a garden behind the house is everyone’s dream. But if you can’t take advantage of the garden,  then the garden behind your house will be dirty and ugly.

Therefore, the garden behind your house must look beautiful and fun. Of course, you should make a beautiful and fun fish pond so that you can relax behind your houses.

You can see the beautiful fish pond in this picture. The fish pond is making according to the size of the house,  and this fish pond is the decor of natural stones and planted flowers beside this fish pond, so it looks beautiful fish pond like a city garden fish pond.

In this picture, you can see the chairs and a table, and it makes the appearance behind the house looks like a family garden so you can relax and enjoy while feeding the fish.
If you want to make a fish pond like this picture, you must have enough space and money to order it for home decoration. You can try it!

 Fish pond outdoor

For those of you, who like to keep fish, you don’t have to make a fish pond using cement and stone, but you can make a large glass fish pond in front of the house by using glass. That way you can see the fish swimming.

You can see, the large glassfish pond looks like an aquarium, and you are free to see your favorite fish playing in the large glassfish pond.
To decorate a glass fish pond, you can install beautiful aquarium accessories according to your wishes so that even fish can play in the pond and make you are happy to stay in this place.

In this picture, you can see, the large glassfish pond is decor with aquatic plants, so it looks beautiful and fun.

The appearance of koi fish in this aquarium will look attractive with the presence of water plants. Of course, if you want to relax with your family and feed your fish, you can bring a chair and sit in front of this glassfish pond, and you can see the fish swim in the large glass fish pond.

If you want to make a large glass fish pond like this picture, of course., you have to choose the right place and home decoration so that the results match with your dreams.

Round small fish pond

If you have a small yard, of course, you don’t have to worry about this. You can make something special in your home to make your family feel at home. For example,  you can make a small fish pond that can be used for a gathering place with your family and can be a place for you to relax while feeding the fish.

If you want to make a small fish pond in this picture, you do not need a lot of space to decorate this fish pond. You don’t need to prepare a lot of materials to make it. But you must prepare natural stone and then make a round fish pond model.

To add to the beauty of the fish pond, you should install a fountain for fish to play then you give small plants to the fish pond so that your fish pond will look beautiful and fun. We hope, if you make this fish pond behind in your small house, your family will be happy to gather in this place while feeding the fish.

Hopefully, you can make a beautiful fish pond to your liking.

The fish pond is like in the forest

You will be happy if you have a beautiful fish pond design because you can relax and enjoy the view of this place. You can make a lush garden like a forest more beautiful by decorating a fish pond. A touch of nature will give you felt by the presence of a fish pond. Of course, you felt as finding a fish pond in the forest.

For decorating this fish pond, you have to design it as if it were water flowing from a mountain.

In this fish pond picture, you can see that tree plants dominate more than natural stone,  so it looks natural and beautiful.

A small waterfall in this fish pond adds to the beauty of this place.  The water flows from above into the fish pond becomes a place for fish to play. Of course, this view is pleasant for you, and you can bring a mat to this place for recreation with the family while feeding the koi fish.

If you have a garden model like this picture, you can make it. Happy decorating.

The fish pond next to the house

Who has a large garden next to the house, you should make a beautiful garden for your recreation with your family.
Therefore, the fish ponds can make the garden next to your house look beautiful and fun.

That way you don’t have to go out every week for recreation to enjoy the view outside the house.
You can take advantage of the fish pond beside the house for recreation while feeding the fish and watching your favorite fish swim in the pond.

In this picture, you can see a fish pond made of natural stone, then decorated with a fountain that falls from bamboo.
The fish is swim in the fish pond and play under the bamboo shower, is making the view of this fish pond look amazing.

To add to the beautiful appearance of the fish pond, you can add some accessories to this pond, such as placing a tree in the corner of the fish pond and placing iron chairs and tables on the edge of the fish pond.
That way, you can enjoy the atmosphere in this place, and you can release your fatigue, relax while feeding the fish.

If you like the model of a fish pond like this, we hope you can make it like this picture so you can enjoy and relax with your family and your friend.


To design your fish pond to look elegant, beautiful, attractive, you should choose the fish pond model and accessories that are appropriate to your pond decoration are determining.

Therefore, you must put the beautiful design and accessories according to the area of your fish pond.

In this article, we describe some ideas, how to make a fish pond in your house.Of course, you will have to spend a lot of money if your fish pond has to be decorated by a home décor company.

But if you don’t have enough money, you can choose according to the picture we describe. Therefore, we have given some ideas to make your fish pond look beautiful.

Hopefully, this article can be used for you, how to make a fish pond in your house area as your dreams. Happy decorating!


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